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  2. Xproger has made a version of Tomb Raider One playable from your web browser. Link
  3. I am not too familiar with Japanese and Asian actresses except for a few that have made their name in Hollywood who I think are not right for the role. The original Ghost In The Shell Manga and then animated TV series and movies, all made in Japan, featured Major Motoko Kusanagi as the main character and in the movie they decided to CONTAINS SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT DO NOT READ ON reverse it and said that Major Motoko Kusanagi brain was implanted on a White person body hence why the person looks like Scarlett Johansson. Total insult to the Japanese and to a great piece of work.
  4. Life (2017) Scientists are going to be the ones who will doom the human race with their stupidity like the ones in this movie on the ISS. Sure many of them do important life saving research and work but some of them are just idiots who shouldn't be allowed to play Gods. They come across an alien life in the form of an amoeba so to speak and what they do? Oh all the tests shows it's not made of any kind of cellular composition we've ever seen and encoutered on Earth but let's name it and play with it. If you find a container with a liquid and the container is unlabeled, will you stick your finger in it or even get the tip of your finger wet with it and then bring it up to your mouth to taste it? Same if you see a land animal or sea creature you have never encountered in your life before, will you extend your hand and finger to touch it so it may bite it off? No you don't! But the scientist in this movie just sticks his hand into this amoeba which has been for unexplained scientific reasons growing exponentially daily. Well you can imagine the rest of the movie. We seen this premise before haven't we? In other sci fi films and horror films. There is a reason why there is an idiom that says: "Curiousity Killed the Cat!" Sometimes it makes me wonder how many of the uncurable diseases that are afflicting mankind today were the results of stupid scientists tinkling with things they don't understand. I have heard stories that AIDS and HIV is one of them and it was created during the Vietnam War by the CIA looking for a biological weapon to wipe out the North Vietnamese by weakening their immune system after the CIA previous effort with Agent Orange to wipe out their natural growing food supply wasn't working quick enough. 1/5
  5. I liked the movie myself. I see where you are coming from and I think it was about a name at the box office than anything else. If you was to pick who you felt should have played her part who would it have been?
  6. 05. The Accountant 19. Bringing Out The Dead
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  8. Ghost In The Shell (2017) No idea what were the intentions of this whitewashed ( version of the popular Japanese Manga comic series and animated film. Whatever their intentions were, I can assure they were not honorable! I have nothing against Scarlett but this is one movie she should not had agreed to be in. The main character should had been played by a Japanese actress or at the very minimum by an Asian actress. 1/5
  9. #10 is not correct. Good Job, Morphie!
  10. 15. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 26. Pulp Fiction 28. Hacksaw Ridge 50. Jerry Maguire 52. Watchmen
  11. Last week
  12. 6. Sully 10. Event Horizon 16. Castaway
  13. 38: Jackie 42: The Passengers 51: Hoosiers 22: Moonraker 29: Norma Rae 21: Arrival
  14. 20. Dumb and Dumber 24. The Island 35. Doctor Strange 36. Charlie's Angels 40. Just Like Heaven 43. The Dukes of Hazzard
  15. 1. The Breakfast Club 3. The Jerk 7. Puss in Boots 8. King Kong 11. Rain Man 12. Gran Torino 23. Thunderdome 31. Jewel of the Nile 33. Animal House
  16. 39. Small Soldiers 53. The Karate Kid
  17. 9. The House Bunny 18. Django Unchained 30. The 40-Year-Old Virgin 34. Scooby-Doo 41. Wanted 45. How To Train Your Dragon
  18. 44. Coraline 37: Batman (original movie) 54: Star Wars Rogue One
  19. 2. Airplane 4. Fried Green Tomatoes 13. Single White Female 25. Wizard of Oz
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