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  2. John Wick is one of the best action movies I've ever seen. It's extremely underrated.
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  4. I haven't seen The Persuaders, but I've watched The Saint and I still catch it on TV when it's being repeated.
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  6. John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Hot Damn! What a great action filled exciting movie. I didn't want it to end! Total body count: I lost count!! 5/5
  7. I don't remember it. The Saint I didn't really watch either.
  8. Am I the only one who remembers Sir Roger Moore in "The Persuaders!" (1971-1972) after The Saint (1962-1969) and before James Bond (1973)?!
  9. Did you see Star Wars in 1977? What do you remember about it? I was still in Italy and the hype over the movie for months before it was released was mind boggling. I was 12 years old. We went to see it on opening day and I thought that was the most wondrous and amazing thing I'd ever seen in my life. There was absolutely nothing like it before it. Even 2001: A Space Odyssey a few years earlier didn't come close to it. Close Encounters of the Third Kind didn't come out until almost 6 months later. I still have the comic adaptation of the movie and the 45 vinyl record of the Star Wars theme song I bought in Italy at the time. Had them with me when we left Italy later that same year to come to the USA.
  10. On the topic of actors who have played Bond -- RIP Sir Roger Moore. Apparently there has finally been an actor cast to play Nathan Drake in Sony's Uncharted film, and it's Tom Holland. I wasn't too sure about this choice at first, until I read that this film is going to be a prequel to Drake's Fortune. I can see Tom as a younger Drake, if you compare the in-game look of the character in the sequence from Drake's Deception where he is fifteen. I just hope that they keep it within the timeline of the actual game -- so I'm assuming this film will either be based on, or take place during, the sequence in Drake's Deception where Nate meets Sully for the first time in Columbia at the Francis Drake exhibit.
  11. I agree... It's probably my fav Bond Film.
  12. Becoming Bond (2017) I have always wondered where the Bond films will be today if Lazenby did his 7 films, including On Her Majesty's Secret Service (OHMSS), and Sir Roger Moore never did Bond. Moore would had been too old by the time Lazenby finished his 7 pictures run around the early 80's. Will Dalton had more than 2 films if he had taken over the role sooner than 1987 and not end up being compared to Moore? OHMSS is still IMO one of the Best Bond films ever made and I know I am not the only one who think so. At the end, the reason Mr. Lazenby gave for turning down a 7 Bond films deal was not any of the reasons we've heard over the years: he didn't get along with Broccoli and Saltzman or he was fired or his agent advised him wrong and told him to quit the role after only one film (that's written on WIKI) or that he was just a dumb ass or a fool. The reason he gave was he wanted to live his life by his own expectations: not by someone else's and not by how people perceived him. He wanted to live his life as George Lazenby and not as a fictional character named James Bond. Unfortunately the one Bond film was also the cause of him losing out on a life with his first and only one true love: Belinda Fingleton. That part of the movie was bittersweet and sad at the same time. Nevertheless, even if Lazenby did miss out on fame and fortune, he said he was happy with his decision and his life still turned out well: he got married twice, had kids and he didn't have to deal with his life being put under a microscope and the public scrutiny of Becoming Bond. 4/5
  13. He was a great James Bond. He made me laugh too. He'll be missed.
  14. R.I.P. Sir Moore. Thank you for all the great memories you gave us, in both Bond films and non Bond films!
  15. The 360 version is the best one imo.
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  17. me too lol
  18. OOOOH YEAH I am so going to be WATCHING THIS!!
  19. JOIN US on the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN for the STUDIO RECORDING of NATHAN McCREE's INCREDIBLE TOMB RAIDER MUSIC Friday 26th May 2017 THE TOMB RAIDER SUITE When Nathan McCree wrote the extraordinary and iconic music for the first three Tomb Raider games between 1996 and 1998, it was recorded using the synthesizers available at the time. But for 20 years he dreamt of hearing his music performed by a full orchestra and choir and with the 20th Anniversary of the release of Tomb Raider in 2016, the timing was perfect to realise his dream. TOMB RAIDER: LIVE IN CONCERT On Sunday 18th December, 2016, The Tomb Raider Suite received its World Premiere in London. Performed live by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the City of London Choir, it received a standing ovation from the nearly 2,000 fans who attended the concert. It was an unmitigated success and the final event in the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary celebrations. OUR GOAL Our goal is to do a studio recording of The Tomb Raider Suite with one of England's leading orchestras in England's most famous recording studios, Abbey Road in London. Now that Nathan's themes and cues from the first three games have been fully orchestrated for a 76-piece orchestra and 20-voice choir, it is ready to be recorded to the highest standard to release as an album in the Fall of 2017. This is a unique opportunity for all of us Tomb Raider fans to finally own and hear a world-class recording of the music as Nathan McCree had always intended it. THE KICKSTARTER WEBSITE THE KICKSTARTER ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO See website, or here on YouTube: POST-SHOW PROMOTION VIDEO "In The Blood" Kickstarter campaign kicking off Friday 26th May 2017 The Site Is Now Live Here
  20. Hey, Done in WebGL - Good Job, well done Xproger.
  21. Hi All, I been dropping in from time to time just to see whats going on. Hi Hippo, good to see you back.
  22. It looks FREAKING AWESOME!!
  23. Nathan McCree talks to Meagan Marie from Crystal Dynamics about The Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter campaign. Includes previews of 3 tracks from the album.
  24. That looks real good.
  25. Still looks way too clean and sanitized! Plus get rid of the stupid JAWS music in the trailer. Nolan has no respect for the brave young men and women who died at Dunkirk.
  26. Wall Street and Working Girl were very good. At least they showed in the end you get caught lol. I agree Greed is not good and I think by creating jobs and educating people for jobs in demand is the way to go. When everyone is working it's a good thing for everyone and the country.
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