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  2. Tobii Gaming Eye Tracker for Rise of the Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb Raider Your natural gaze enhances the fluidity of your gameplay. Let your eyes take aim, throw incendiary objects to enemies and extend the borders of your screen. As Lara Croft, your life obsession will be to find the divine source that grants eternal life before the sectarian group Trinity does – while coming to terms with a rather troublesome past. Without Eye Tracking You interact with the world of Rise of the Tomb Raider using only your controller. With Eye Tracking The camera will automatically snap and lock your aim to the target you are looking at – adding target acquisition speed and accuracy to the gameplay. This feature is especially effective when combined with “Gaze Split Shot” (Double or Triple shot skill) and the “True Shot” skill (auto-headshot). More Info Here
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  4. The 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Demo is now available here to try before you buy!
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  6. Rhianna Pratchett to Pursue New Adventures Separate from the Tomb Raider Franchise Crystal Dynamics and Rhianna Pratchett are announcing today that Rhianna is off to pursue new adventures separate from the Tomb Raider franchise. Rhianna was instrumental in helping us find Lara’s voice in the 2013 origin story, and through Rise of the Tomb Raider she shaped Lara into the evolving heroine we know today. The entire team thanks Rhianna for her dedication and tireless efforts on the games. Please join us in wishing Rhianna the absolute best in her next adventure.
  7. You're Welcome and good luck!
  8. Thank you both. Now I'll just try to ignore them lol
  9. I try. I'm following the ROTTR board, but you can always ping me if someone has a walkthrough-type question.
  10. Thanks again Stella! Every time someone posts for Tomb Raider help I think to myself... Stella where are you! Happy New Year!
  11. Tom is correct (as usual ). Just thought I'd add that if you can see items on the other side of the thorn barriers (and I don't remember cases where this happens, but it may be so), you should be able to get at them from the other side. AFAIK, the thorn barriers are just there to hide spawn points for enemies like wolves. Lara can't get in there, so there won't be anything crucial behind them.
  12. As far as I know they are just barriers and you cannot get through them.
  13. But what clears the thorns! It's driving me crazy! Lol
  14. You just reminded me... I need continue with the ps4 version! Welcome to the Forum
  15. Mostly in Siberia, in the caves there are thorns blocking what appears to be paths. I can see, or think I see collectables behind. However, nothing I had so far, and I have quite a bit, will get the thorns out of the way. Playing on Xbox one
  16. I said I wasn't going to get anymore but the Rock Candy one I have to have lol.
  17. They look so good! Two more for the collection! Haha!
  18. Assassin's Creed vs Tomb Raider - Rap Battle - Legends of Gaming - TopBuzz Original
  19. Coming Soon: Lara Croft Pop! and Rock Candy, Fallout 4 Pop!s! Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, is joining the Funko family! Lara has explored the world, weathered the elements, and survived the unimaginable, and now the famed archaeologist is coming as a Pop! vinyl, and also as a Rock Candy figure! Add Lara Croft to your collection this winter!
  20. If you didn't get to go see the Live Tomb Raider Suite on December 18th 2016 You can view some clips on YouTube Here.
  21. Former Angel Of Darkness Lara Croft Official Model Jill De Jong for Peloton Commercial: This is Peloton 2016
  22. Welcome Kitty Kat or Lara Croft Baby lol to the LCO Forum!
  23. HI so I am new here, I don't know how many of y'all visit other websites but y'all might know me as Lara Croft Baby from other forums. I just decided to stop by an say hello.
  24. Tomb Raider Suite - World Tour Appeal Nathan McCree appeals to the Tomb Raider community to help make "Tomb Raider: Live In Concert" a World Tour!
  25. Yep... They look like Converse Sneakers/Trainers to me. Link Here if you want a pair.
  26. ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Casts Walton Goggins as Villain Opposite Alicia Vikander Walton Goggins is in final negotiations to join Warner Bros, MGM and GK Films reboot of “Tomb Raider,” the latest adaptation of the popular video game starring Alicia Vikander as the iconic character Lara Croft. WB recently announced the pic would be released on March 16, 2018 with Norwegian director Roar Uthaug helming. Goggins would play the antagonist in the film. MGM joined the project in 2013, acquiring rights to the popular video game to develop the feature in partnership with Graham King’s GK Films. King, who acquired “Tomb Raider” in 2011 from Square Enix, will serve as producer. Link
  27. LARA CROFT GO FOR PS4, PS VITA and PC/Steam Q&A Why bring Lara Croft GO to PS4, PS Vita and PC? In celebration of Tomb Raider’s 20th anniversary, we’re giving Lara Croft fans a new way to celebrate the franchise by allowing them to rediscover classic Lara and releasing new content on these platforms. Is Lara Croft GO for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC/Steam a port of the mobile game? Why should I get this game again when I already have the mobile version -- what’s new? We’ve developed the game in collaboration with Montreal indie studio KO_OP, the developer behind award-winning puzzler GNOG, to bring our very own award-winning puzzle game Lara Croft GO to PlayStation and PC/Steam players alike. In addition to the core game, we’re releasing a brand new story chapter, “Mirror of Spirits” that will include 25 new puzzles, new mechanics, new artifact, new costume and new achievements. What is the content that is available for Sony platforms right now? The “Mirror of Spirits” will first be available on Lara Croft GO for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita players. This new story chapter includes 25 new puzzles, new mechanics, one new artifact, one new costume and new achievements. Additionally, PlayStation players who purchase and play the game on both platforms can save their progress on both devices. Why is the “Mirror of Spirits” only on PS4 and PS Vita? We partnered with Sony to make the “Mirror of Spirits” story chapter available to PlayStation players first, then we will make it available three months later on March 3, 2017 for Steam/PC. What is the new “Mirror of Spirits” story chapter about? After accidentally unleashing the powers of the Mirror of Spirits in her trophy room, Lara embarks on a journey through a shattered Croft Manor, torn between the real world, and the realm of spirits. In this whole new chapter, players will face new tricky puzzle mechanics, explore surreal broken environments, and solve the mystery that lies beneath it all, with multiple nods to the classic games as an homage to the franchise. When is the launch date for each platform, and how much will it cost? Lara Croft GO is now available (released December 3, 2016) for PS4, PS Vita for $9.99 and & $7.99 for PS Plus members. The game will be available for Steam/PC on December 5, 2016 for $9.99, $7.99 at launch. PlayStation players will be the to first experience the new “Mirror of Spirits” story chapter, including 25 new puzzles, new mechanics, artifact, costume and achievements. We will then make this new chapter available for PC and mobile players in three months on March 3, 2017. Why is the game not available for Xbox One -- will it eventually release for the console? Additional platforms will be discussed at a future date Are there plans to release Lara Croft GO for PS4 Pro? Lara Croft GO is fully compatible with PS4 Pro. While the game won’t run in native 4K, Lara Croft game will run in 1080p with the same smooth and consistent 60 FPS as it runs on PlayStation 4. HQ SCREENS HERE.
  28. Virtual Lara Tomb Raider Encyclopedia PDF Amazingly huge comprehensive mega book for everything Tomb Raider check it out and get it here. Great work that took 4 years.
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