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    Good news for Linux users! For those playing on PlayStation 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider is the current 'Deal of the Week' with 71% off.
  3. April 19th 2018 Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to Linux. More Info here. I use Linux a lot and if it wasn't for a few programs I need for web pages I'd use it exclusively. My only gripe is it doesn't have great support for Blu-Ray disks lol. My favorite Linux Distros are Linux Lite and Chalet OS If you have an old computer lying around try it and it will bring new life to an old pc. In work we had an all in one with a celeron cpu and 2 gigs of ram running windows 10. It was so slow and we put Chalet OS on it and now it's like to new pc. Linux also has a program called Wine which creates a Windows Emulator and installs almost any Windows Application. I found Linux Lite to be easier installing Windows apps and Chalet OS is more Windows Like for newbies to the OS. Either though isn't a far reach to figure out. Best of all it finds your hardware without having to install a bunch of drivers. Occasionally after install it may need to install a driver for the wifi adapter and upgrade the video card.
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  5. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Still watching The Terror, on episode 9 of 10. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2708480/ They had to abandon their ships after both ships been stuck in the ice for 4 years and the ice closing in cm by cm slowly crushing the hull of the ships and listing them at an angle. So they abandon their ships and start walking across the ice. which technically is the frozen ocean, 100s of miles south to where land starts and once they reach land, 100s of more miles until they reach the nearest civilized settlements: the total trip is over 800 miles and it's not a straight direct point A to point B journey. So they gather whatever supply they have: canned goods, rum and gin and whisky (there was no water on the ships, no machines on the ships at the time to make clean drinkable water), cured meats, biscuits, medicines and other things which I don't think they need but were shown packing up: a trumpet, silverware and chinaware in heavy wooden boxes with interior satin lining, wooden framed photos, and many other things that are not edible and usable for survival - mostly sentimental items each crew member didn't want to part with: keep in mind for every item they decide to bring, not only does it takes up room in the lifeboat, it also adds weight to it. Then they put everything into lifeboats which they have to pull and push for 800 miles. Can you imagine doing that? Plus the ice and the land they have to travel on is not 800 miles of flat surface. If they reach anything that is higher than flat surface, they have to take everything out of those lifeboats, use oars and wooden beams and ropes to raise them and heave them over whatever ice or rock obstacles are in their way, move all the items over the obstacles too, and then put them back in the lifeboats. This show is based on a true expedition that was lost and it was one of many that were lost going to the Arctic or to Antarctica. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin's_lost_expedition I can't even imagine being on the ice for 4 years, most of them ill and almost death (the cans for the canned goods at the time were made with lead), and to have to walk 800 miles while dragging and pushing wooden lifeboats which empty weight must be a couple of ton each and add everything else that's thrown in them making them heavier across very rugged terrain. Also the wives of one of the ship's Captain pleaded with the Royal Navy admiralty after her husband and his men on both ships have not been heard of for 2 years and the answer was: it hasn't been that long. We wait 3 more years and then we'll send out a search party. Problem is a search party takes months to organize and then it takes many months to reach the area in the Arctic they think the 2 ships are: even their fastest ships only reached about 5 knots of top speed. Back then there were no radars or satellites or drones or airplanes or any type of radio communication. You can be searching in the wrong spot for months. I am still amazed by this: the expedition to Antarctica by Shackleton and how incredibly with pretty much nothing left they were able to survive and find their way back: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Trans-Antarctic_Expedition Those men and women back then were tough. Only the wealthy have creature comforts like indoor plumbing and hot water coming out of faucets and sanitary facilities and good indoor heating and good medical care. Nowadays we complain if we have to walk a mile somewhere or ride the bus instead of driving our own vehicles. I watch the western movies and see them folks ride horses for 100 of miles, averaging maybe 20 miles a day, riding for weeks without any daily bathing and even when they do reach a town in the west, if they don't have any money, they still don't get a hot bath. All those folks to traveled from the East to go to the West to settle those territories that are now western US states, many of them walked. Not everyone had a horse or a horse drawn wagon or carriage.Also many who walked didn't even have decent footwear. Plus it was over rough dangerous terrain with wild animals and snakes and other poisonous creatures that can kill you in an instant or what if you fall and break a leg or an arm or seriously injure yourself? You are done for. You will die from a infection and blood loss and shock. There is no rescue helicopter or off road vehicle to come pick you up and take you to the nearest hospital. I can't even imagine living in the middle of nowhere back then in those western territories, no AC, no running water, some areas are so rugged you can't hardly grow anything or raise any animals for food; then you have to worry about Indians or Bandits come and attack your home and there is no one for miles to help you.
  6. Last Revelation Group Play

    Yay! I had a long day too and probably won't have a chance to play tonight, but I'm glad you were able to get up and running. Have fun!
  7. LEGO Tomb Raider Croft Manor

    Lego Croft Manor! I love it!!
  8. Last Revelation Group Play

    It's working! I have TR4!!! @Stellalune I tried my cd and the patch from chronicles, but I just got a mostly black screen and had to force a shut down. I decided to spend a few pennies and got TR1 though to AOD from Gog. So far I have just used the keyboard. Hopefully I can get my gamepad working later in the week. I'd forgotten how annoying and creepy Von Croy is in the training level. Makes me chuckle though, because my young cousin and I used to laugh at this bit. He was also scared of the...spoiler alert: This has made me smile after a rubbish day
  9. Last Revelation Group Play

    Thanks @Stellalune!
  10. Last Revelation Group Play

    @RunLararun Excellent timing! Congratulations on the new computer and welcome to the group. If you need any help setting up your old games, just give a shout. It's been ages since I played last Revelation as well, and I'm really enjoying it. TR1 is probably my favorite of the classics, but I forgot how much I like this game.
  11. Desktop Lara...

    Oops when I re designed the site to HTML5 last year I had a few Boo Boo's. Fixed now and thanks. PS: Not an installer it is an executable. It launches when you double click on it. Let me know how it works for you.
  12. Desktop Lara...

    Thanks I'll give it a try ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The link on the page doesn't point at the correct download anymore. Instead it opens a video for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Tried it twice. Mike
  13. Last Revelation Group Play

    Hi Everyone, I came across this thread last night and it seems like great timing - I just bought a new laptop last week and was determined to get one powerful enough to play my old TR games - and the new ones (2013 onwards) that my previous laptop could no longer handle! I first discovered TR with a free demo of TR 3, but I think TLR is one of my faves. I'm not much good at them though, I'm embarrassed to say I never actually finished TLR! Perhaps I can do that now if I can get it to work with Windows 10! I see Stella has managed it so that gives me hope. Looking forward to some nostalgia
  14. Last Revelation Group Play

    Thanks, yeah I'm going, I'm really excited haha That's a shame, I can understand that, I know there's one in San Francisco, not sure how far that is from you both - my geography is notoriously awful lol. I just feel sorry for my long suffering husband who is joining me without complaint despite having no interest in tomb raider at all! 😂 Edited as I've just seen you said halfway between the two receptions, so no good then
  15. Last Revelation Group Play

    I thought about going because I like to meet everyone but even if they paid for it for me to go it's the same as Stella says. I'm on the East Coast too and it's a lot of fun but for one night it's kind of crazy. I went to E3 for Tomb Raider in 2012 and that was for 3 days and was worth it and a lot of fun.
  16. Desktop Lara...

    Download This Version here. It installs and works but there is no internet link to anything anymore.
  17. I finally got around to updating. March was a blur as I got a nice cold and just didn't feel up to doing web work or anything lol. So finally I've added all the available content pictures and Video for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. New Landing Page Here. Direct Links to Shadow of the Tomb Raider and other games are also on our home page here. Rise of the Tomb Raider is now available for Mac OS here. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reveal Event is on April 27th 2018. More Info Here.
  18. Last Revelation Group Play

    Good luck with it. Just save a lot and reload if necessary. And no to the reception, unfortunately. I'm on the east coast of the US, so halfway between the two receptions and no time/$ for travel. Are you going? If so, I hope you have a blast!
  19. Last Revelation Group Play

    So far, so good! I got through the bit with the scarabs with about a quarter life lost which I was quite happy with. I'm starting to get nervous about the bit with the guardian, and I've just remembered those awful circular blade traps too - pretty sure I always got through a few medi-pack going through them lol. Out of interest is anyone here going to the composer buffet reception on the 28th April?
  20. Last Revelation Group Play

    Thank you for all the help Stella, I will def try that, but alas, it will have to be next week sometime as I'm drowning in work. Happy raiding all! Will join you guys again soon xxx
  21. Hi I have the old Desktop Lara install files and I have had the program working in Windows 10. Now I am trying to reinstall it on the same computer and it keeps popping up a window that says a Internet Connection is required, I do of course have an internet connection but I can't get past that point. I believe that I had this same thing years ago, but don't remember how I got around it. I wondered if anyone else has an answer for this? I didn't use it all that much but I liked to turn it on once in a while when I had company who were interested in games. Mike Hawthorne... I played Tomb Raider since the first week of TR1, believe that I was the first person in the world to figure out the easy way across the burning pillars. I've played all the TR games up through TR4 without using any aid kits, and played TR1 all the way through without saving or restarting in any level. Posted on the original forum back in the 90s as Nohjekim.
  22. Last Revelation Group Play

    So how is everybody doing? I finished my taxes, so I'll have more time for gaming now. Yay! I uploaded revised walkthroughs for the second visits to Temple of Karnak, Hypostyle Hall, and Sacred Lake. There are still some rough edges, and I haven't proofread anything yet, but I'm making progress. It's definitely bringing back some fond memories. Heading into Tomb of Semerkhet now. It was never one of my favorite levels--despite being a "tomb raider," I prefer the sunny outdoors--but I'm looking forward to trying out some shortcuts and other suggestions people have sent in. I'll keep you guys posted.
  23. Last Revelation Group Play

    Cool. Same here. That should make it easier to solve. I wrote the original instructions using the GOG version, but I have not seen the pop-up about Optimal Resolution that you got. FWIW, I have not tinkered with the compatibility settings at all. Maybe try downloading my patched tomb4.exe file and using it to replace your original. I have it set for 1920x1080, 1050 camera distance, 350 fov. If that works but you want different settings, just let me know and I'll re-run the patch and send you the updated program file. If it doesn't work, we'll get Ed, the guy who created the patch, to come in and help.
  24. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Hostiles (2017) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5478478/ In 1892, in an army fort in New Mexico, U.S. Army captain Blocker (Christian Bale) just weeks from retirement is given one last assignment: to safely escort a dying Cheyenne War Chief (Wes Studi) and his family of 4 from New Mexico to his tribal land in Montana where he will be allowed to live out his remaining days there. Blocker refuses the assignment because many years earlier during the war between the Cheyenne and the White Man, that same War Chief was responsible for the deaths of many of his friends and fellow Army troopers. Blocker is told by his superior if he doesn't perform this last assignment, which comes down from the President of the United States and it's also been widely covered in the newspapers, his pension and retirement will be forfeited and he will face a court martial. Blocker reluctantly takes the assignment and during the many days long horse ride journey to Montana, he and the War Chief and the soldiers in their armed escort detail come across murderous Comanche indians, armed criminals and a woman (Rosamund Pike) who is recently widowed. This is a powerful film with an intellectually poignant story containing deep and rich human characters who are smartly given intelligent dialogue. Beautifully photographed in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado and accompanied throughout by a melancholy musical soundtrack, this is an Oscar worthy movie with the following message: no matter who we are, what race we are, what higher power we worship to, we all have the same destination at the end of this arduous journey of ours that we call life: Death. But before that time comes for every one of us, what we do in the time that is given to us, how we grow and learn during it and how we are remembered by those we meet along the way and those we leave behind will always be what defines us. This is a movie worthy of: Best Picture Best Director and Best Screenplay (Scott Cooper - who also directed and wrote Crazy Heart and Out Of The Furnace) Best Photography (Masanobu Takayanagi - The Grey) Best Editing (Tom Cross - nominated for La La Land and won for Whiplash) Best Actor (Christian Bale) Best Actress (Rosamund Pike - Die Another Day and Gone Girl) Best Supporting Actor (Wes Studi) Best Supporting Actor (Rory Cochrane - Master Sgt. Thomas Metz who has served with Captain Blocker for over 20 years) Even the young actor, Xavier Horsechief https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9214428/ who plays the War Chief's grandson Little Bear, does an excellent acting job considering the very few lines of dialogues he had. So why was this film snubbed this year at the Academy Awards nomination? Is it because it portrays American Indians as human beings and not as the savages that Hollywood and the history books have done so for so long and continues to do so? Is it also because it portrays the White man as the murderer of many Native Americans and the cause of the suffering that still exists nowadays for many of them? This movie is easily 10 times better than that stupid The Shape Of Water which should never have been nominated for Best Picture, much less won. Even the other films that were nominated for Best Picture, The Finest Hour and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri were much much better than The Shape Of Water. Just the final 60 seconds of this movie before it starts to fade out into the directorial credits frame will make you cry and think about your journey of life. 5/5
  25. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I can't
  26. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    How can anyone say no to this family movie?!?
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