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  1. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I took my allergy pill after watching that clip.
  2. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I watched the Baby Sitter and it was entertaining. Since you have Netflix watch What Happened To Monday this was a sleeper for sure. If it was in the theater if would have done well IMO.
  3. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Have to check it out
  4. Thanks Again! I didn't know any of the remaining films.
  5. If you have an Xbox One you'll get the upgrades in an update for free. You will need a 4k tv to get the benefit of the 4k enhancements. Great Article on the value to get or not to get an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro here If you play on PC then you will need a graphics card and monitor than can play at 4k Here are some pc benchmarks to play Rise of The Tomb Raider at 4k Here is a link to the specs you'll need to play at 4k on PC Video 4k PC 4k gameplay Xbox One X 4k gameplay PS4 Pro
  6. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I like it a lot and watched it twice. I felt the main character Valerian might have been cast better but I like Sci-Fi and this was a pretty good story. If Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich teamed up again for this it would have been a huge hit. It was a classic tale of the bad guys doing the wrong thing, covering it up and the good guys trying to get to the truth and making things right.
  7. The dumb part was posting it. If she filmed it for personal use no one would be the wiser.
  8. The phone is the only thing that is smart.
  9. Tomb Raider Extra Life Community Events November 4th and 5th Stella's TR Extra Life Community Link The official Extra Life charity gaming marathon takes place the weekend of November 4-5, but the raffle will be open through Saturday, November 18, and we will continue collecting donations through the end of the year. Check out the team roster to see what we're up to and learn more about Extra Life. Thank you for your support! Crystal Dynamics TR Extra Life Event Link Mark your calendars and tune in Saturday November 4 for our first-ever Extra Life marathon! We'll be playing classic Crystal titles for 24-hours straight, celebrating the studio's 25th anniversary and raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Crystal Dynamics' Meagan Marie and Morrigan Johnan will be joined by four streamers also championing Extra Life's cause - Melonie Mac, Awesome Joey, Cira Corellia, and DJ Tech Live. The stream will also feature appearances from the Crystal Dynamics development team throughout the marathon. Festivities will kick off at 12:00 PM PST Saturday November 4th and feature short and long plays from our library, including Gex, Legacy of Kain, and Tomb Raider. Tune in for a chance at big-ticket giveaways from our partners at Prima Games, Titan Books, Razer, Gaming Heads, and Fan Kicks. Donations milestones will be rewarded with spins on our "Wheel of Misfortune", providing viewers with hours of entertainment as hosts receive permanent marker mustaches, take the cinnamon challenge, or perform a live interpretive dance routine. Donors to Team Crystal Dynamics can receive goodies, ranging from digital to physical depending on the tier. Keep an eye on our Crystal Dynamics channels for more information and the full schedule next week! Remember - your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. To make a safe and easy online donation to a member of our team, click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page. Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!
  10. YouTube

    lol no but 2 others might be from New Jersey. Depending on how close you are to New York you can sound the same.
  11. YouTube

    Nothing compares to Homemade lol. The lady with the New York Accent sounds just like someone I know lol.
  12. Tomb Raider Suite Recording has begun at Abbey Road Studio and you can catch a few clips of behind the scenes stuff and backers getting to attend the studio with Meagan Maria and Nathan McCree Here .
  13. Made a new landing page for the movie. You can now find links to all the goodies so far and download and view the video clips and trailers here.
  14. Thanks! Whoever signed off on that picture makes me scratch my head because it just looked so unprofessional. It's obvious that her head was placed onto her body instead of making a genuine pose for that picture. Even though I fixed the neck best I could, the angle of her head to her body couldn't be fixed IMO.