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  1. Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    So, back to Core Design Lara again. I must say that City of Vilcabamba is one of my favorite levels both in TR1 and Anniversary. I did like TR1 level more because it is longer and because it showed this city as a stone city and not like Anniversary with 3 regular-village houses. I gotta be honest, I love bears very much and I feel sorry for them in TR1 because they look so cute and I know that they only tried to protect what is theirs, but you know Lara she can't pass anything without a kill because for her it is not an adventure without at least few kills. This is what I like about this level, the fact that you can see the old things like this because it gives that feeling of "Tomb Raider", I do hope Lara will bring some to her home it will be cool to have them in collection. I don't know if you guys can see it but there are some shotgun sheels up there and wow glitchy :P you gotta love these " good " glitches. Yeah I prefer this level to the one in the Anniversary it is longer and since it showed a stone city I love it even more, because in my city Visoko they discovered walls od the old city of Visoki.
  2. Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    Hello Crystal Dynamic Lara! How are you my dear? What, I can't hear you Lara what did you say!? Its cold Eldin!! Oh, really I didn't noticed, what the hell were you thinking it is a mountain Lara not jungle! >.< Ah, well I guess there is no need to comment more Lara, do it your way you won't listen to me after all. I swear if you jump from here she will die, but it seems she won't die in the cutscene, hmm I wounder what she is trying to tell us with that? Ha.... Ok can someone please tell me, how is it there there is so much snow in this room? I don't see any holes where it can go through, so how is this possible? Anyone? This I understand there is a hole here and snow can get through, but back there no way...still don't understand. I just took a moment to take a shoot of this, because this I really like. So it seems that Crystal Dynamic decided to cut off my favorite area from TR1, area with wolfs and a looottt of green plants, they turned it into a " hole " Yeah, I can say that this level is long as much as TR1 level was, here they added area before caves and they cut-off my favorite area and in TR1 there was no area before caves, but there was area with wolfs and a lot of green plants/grass so I guess TR1 level and this level are the same now.
  3. Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    Ok, so I decided to get back to past once more, wait this is not a past, this is Lara's present yeah every time when I play any TR game I know that it happening to Lara in this moment. So for the beginning Lara in the action: I was always thinking what was supposed to be here, since it is black I guess something was supposed to be here, but they never finished it. When I played this game for the first time I was a kid and believe it or now, this used to scare the hell out of me. This room was always beautiful for me, this green color looks so inviting. I love this level and it was a very good begining for adventure and it seems that I still remember where all the secrets are, hmm I wounder if I will remember in later levels...
  4. Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    Do you mean, Tomb Raider Anniversary Retold? I know that game was never finished, there is only Peru available. Can you please give us the link, maybe the one you have in your mind is different than the one I am thinking about...
  5. Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    Sounds like a great idea Stella, but I have one so everyone can choose the one that is better. We can split in two, so for example: Stella is playing TR1 level and once she post about it, I play Anniversary level and we compare, so if you guys like we can do this one on one. But everything is fine with me!
  6. Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    Thank Jessica, I was looking forward to this, so we can choose if we want to play Tomb Raider 1 or Anniversary? I will use this to say hello to all my online friends, its bean so long!
  7. Tombraider 3 Group Play

    The River Ganges, one of the levels that I really like. Well the only annoying thing is shooting at birds, but I found this level quite enjoyable. I was thinking about the challenge, before the end of the level, that glitch where you can get to the other side without bike, but I realize that I won't be able to back because I was unable to do that the last time. Anyway I found this interesting, why is this here, is there a purpose for it? And my statistics for this level
  8. Tombraider 3 Group Play

    I am done with Temple Ruins. Now, I know this is rude but for me this level was a pain in the ass :/ I really enjoy non linear levels, but this one is not for my taste. I like fighting statues with the sword, but its not so realistic when Lara needs golden swords and somehow they can fit her backpack.. WHAT?.. Anyway, Lara didn't find anything in that ruin? Tony was faster, or artifact was on a different location? Can someone tell me that? Here are some pictures of Lara fighting with the statues My statistics for this level
  9. Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Nice pictures Stefy. I love coke scene as well, I somehow feel happy for Lara, because Nevada is so hot but I don't think that coke is cold, it was in that trunk and I bet it is very hot in there as well.
  10. Tombraider 3 Group Play

    I am done with first level. This level was always my favorite level, I am big fan of Jungle levels in Tomb Raider and I prefer exploration more than action. This level is non linear and that is the one of the many things I like about TR3, this level somehow reminds me of Thailand in TRU, runs and tigers as well. I love this view One more thing, I prefer to play TR3 on gamma level 3, game looks realistic on gamma level 3 don't you think? Yes, my statistics for this level, I know very long, but I was searching for all secrets and I didn't play TR3 very long, so yeah.
  11. Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Great, my friend Luka will join us as well, so you won't be alone. even though we need to start from the beginning and it will take some time to reach your location, but we are here to have fun first right?
  12. Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Hello guys! Its me Eldin with a new profile, I really can't remember my password or e-mail on my last one so I decided to create a new one. I can still remember the good time on Lara Croft Online Forum, TR2 was a blast and that summer was really special to me, hanging out here and sharing our love for Tomb Raider and Lara was really fun. I am very exited to do TR3, its been long since I last played it, but I am sure that I won't have big problems fitting in again. Hope to see you all soon.