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  1. 13 Police Academy 14 Platoon 17 Dreamgirls 22 Angels in the outfield 46 Dick Tracy
  2. 21 The Mask 33. Million dollar baby 40 Necessary roughness 59 The Natural
  3. So the local news programs here in NC have been asking Panthers fans who'd they cheer for in Super Bowl 51. Even though they;re division rivals, I have to pick the Falcons. I don't want to hear anything about the Patriots winning another SB. Tom Brady has never lost a game to the Falcons in his career, but this could be the first for him and i want it to happen. Although should the Falcons win it, that would leave the Panthers as the only team in the NFC south to not have won a SB.
  4. Cam Newton is ruled out (concussion) for tonight's game against the Buccaneers. It will be up to Derek Anderson to right the ship, and get the Panthers back on the winning track. After last weeks loss to Atlanta, the defense went through some changes. Its the secondary that must perform better.
  5. Looks good boss. The new layout on the page is great.I'll have to look around each section
  6. Well i should've known better than to take a job with a company that is moving to a new location. Today was the "end of the road", as i was told after i had clocked out and asking whether i would be kept on to work. So i'm not going back to Taco Bell just yet, i'm going out tomorrow to put in applications. I'm looking into Target, Sam's Club..pretty much any retail store. My dad gave me a bit of advice when i do put in applications.He said i should ask for the store manager, and i should introduce myself and tell the manager i put in an application and that i hope they will consider hiring me. So i do know i'll get a paycheck from bed bath and beyond, they will mail it to me.
  7. Football season has officially started tonight. Panthers at Broncos on NBC at 8:30pm/7:30pm central time. I am not looking at this game as a rematch, as Cam put it the Broncos are "our next opponent" Broncos have a rookie QB starting i do believe, gonna be interesting how he performs against the Panthers defense. Likewise i want to see the Panthers offense light up the scoreboard like they did last season, with Kelvin Benjamin back at WR, the Broncos D will have their work cut out for them. I'm not going to predict a score, i know how that can go. I'm looking forward to tonight, its been a long off season
  8. This really isn't a rant. But i wanted to say something on here instead of facebook. So most of you know i've been working at Taco Bell most of my life. Yesterday i got a call from a representative of Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were having a job fair, to hire in new associates for their new store. I went to said job fair. i filled out an application there, and after a short interview, i was filling out paperwork as a newly hired associate. I go to the new hire orientation on September 1 from 10am-12pm. Then on September 19th i officially start working at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I'm getting out of the fast food business, its time i learned something new.
  9. Today i finally finished a classic game from the PS2, it was remastered along with ICO in a two game collection for the PS3, Shadow of the Colossus. I didn't have this game on PS2, but this was one epic adventure
  10. I finished Sleeping Dogs last night, the ending was really intense. When i was playing the game, and i suppose its just me, i thought Wei sounded like Nathan Drake when he talked. Probably not the same voice actor, but again just my observation. Now i'm just going around trying to find the remaining health shrines, lock boxes, red envelopes and returning jade statues.
  11. I found another great bargain in the playstation store, This time i got Sleeping Dogs. Its like Grand Theft Auto set in Hong Kong. I just may stick with this game and try to play it through, i really like the fights and using things around the area to take out enemies..
  12. I bought a game last night from the playstation store, they're having a flash sale, the game is called Remember Me. Has anyone else heard of or played this game. SO far i like it, i don't want to spoil it too much. But it takes place in the future from what i can tell.
  13. I saw it not too long ago, Ryan Reynolds is great as the anti-hero.
  14. Sports media in general been killing Cam. How he left a post game interview, it had nothing to do with the questions asked.Cam was hearing the Broncos' Chris Harris jr. shouting about how they shut Cam down. Both teams should not have been interviewed in the same room, I watched the same game as you did James, and it made no sense that Cam didn't get down to get that fumble that he lost. At that time it was only 16-10, recovery of that fumble would've kept the Broncos out of the end zone. Despite the turnovers the game didn't turn into a blowout. It was really about which team had the better defense, and the Broncos had it.
  15. Well i have something to rant about. My day at work is one i'd rather forget about. To start off my boss didn't bother to call and let her opening manager know that she had a doctor appointment. It wasn't until after the opening manager was supposed to get off work at 2pm that she found out from another manager at another store that our GM was told by her doctor to not work the entire week. Pretty bad example of communication, right? On top of that there were 3 people out, one didn't know she had to work today and she had no one to watch her kids. A GM from another store had to come to our store just to let the opening manager go home. I