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  1. Last Revelation Group Play

    Haha! Awesome! I was hoping you'd show up, @Shrensh. Great to see you--and your videos--as always.
  2. Last Revelation Group Play

    Yay! I had a long day too and probably won't have a chance to play tonight, but I'm glad you were able to get up and running. Have fun!
  3. Last Revelation Group Play

    @RunLararun Excellent timing! Congratulations on the new computer and welcome to the group. If you need any help setting up your old games, just give a shout. It's been ages since I played last Revelation as well, and I'm really enjoying it. TR1 is probably my favorite of the classics, but I forgot how much I like this game.
  4. Last Revelation Group Play

    Good luck with it. Just save a lot and reload if necessary. And no to the reception, unfortunately. I'm on the east coast of the US, so halfway between the two receptions and no time/$ for travel. Are you going? If so, I hope you have a blast!
  5. Last Revelation Group Play

    So how is everybody doing? I finished my taxes, so I'll have more time for gaming now. Yay! I uploaded revised walkthroughs for the second visits to Temple of Karnak, Hypostyle Hall, and Sacred Lake. There are still some rough edges, and I haven't proofread anything yet, but I'm making progress. It's definitely bringing back some fond memories. Heading into Tomb of Semerkhet now. It was never one of my favorite levels--despite being a "tomb raider," I prefer the sunny outdoors--but I'm looking forward to trying out some shortcuts and other suggestions people have sent in. I'll keep you guys posted.
  6. Last Revelation Group Play

    Cool. Same here. That should make it easier to solve. I wrote the original instructions using the GOG version, but I have not seen the pop-up about Optimal Resolution that you got. FWIW, I have not tinkered with the compatibility settings at all. Maybe try downloading my patched tomb4.exe file and using it to replace your original. I have it set for 1920x1080, 1050 camera distance, 350 fov. If that works but you want different settings, just let me know and I'll re-run the patch and send you the updated program file. If it doesn't work, we'll get Ed, the guy who created the patch, to come in and help.
  7. Last Revelation Group Play

    Hi, @Lara_Croft. I'm not sure why that's happening but I'll see what I can find out. I am in touch with the guy who made the original patch, and he may be able to help. Just so I have all the info, are you playing with the CD version of the game and what version of Windows do you have?
  8. Last Revelation Group Play

    Nice! Now don't forget to reload and lose so you can get that third secret. EDIT: Make that the next several secrets. Replaying Semerkhet now, and I forgot how much you miss if you win.
  9. Last Revelation Group Play

    Welcome, @Mick! I hope you got some sleep. I couldn't resist squeezing in a little gameplay after listening to a bit of the Tomb Raider Suite on the PAX East Twitch Stream. Did anybody else catch it? I'll post a link tomorrow once the video is archived. So, yeah. Experimenting with a shortcut in the Great Hyposytle Hall when this happened....
  10. Last Revelation Group Play

    Welcome to everybody who's joined in the last few days! I probably won't have a chance to play much this weekend. I'll be streaming Rise of the Tomb Raider Endurance co-op with a friend on Saturday afternoon, then watching some other friends' TR 2013 multiplayer stream for Extra Life from 10pm EDT. You're all invited if that's something you're interested in. Then on Sunday I really need to work on my taxes. Sigh! Last night I made some progress in Karnak/Hypostyle Hall/Sacred Lake and discovered one notable new thing, thanks to a tip from a player called CMB1988. When you return to the Sacred Lake to activate the electric obelisks that @CaityFM screencapped, you can go back through the crawlspace in the northeast corner to the main area with the big pool. If you do that, another crocodile appears near the entrance from the Great Hypostyle Hall. In all the times I've played this game, I never thought to try that. I haven't added screenshots to the walkthrough revision but I will do that soon. Have a great weekend, everybody, and keep me posted on your progress.
  11. Last Revelation Group Play

    It's the Nightmare In Vegas level from the TR2 Golden Mask expansion. If you haven't played it, it's a free download, but you need the full TR2 game for PC to play, since it uses files from the main game.
  12. Last Revelation Group Play

    Haha! Because the designers didn't get enough in the Golden Mask expansion!
  13. Last Revelation Group Play

    @Lara_Croft The widescreen patch doesn't affect your save files, so you won't have to start over. If you do have any trouble, I can always send you a save. In case anyone wants to try it, here are basic INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PC WIDESCREEN PATCH: There are three versions of Ed K's widescreen patch on my site. These instructions cover the MIDDLE one, labeled "Tomb Raider 2, 3, 4 Widescreen Patch - Advanced Version." This version includes the option to adjust the camera distance and field of view but doesn't require a separate program to open .rar files, like the others do. After downloading the patch program (TombRaider234_Patch.exe) move it into the folder where the game is installed. This will be in a different location depending on whether you have the Steam, GOG, or CD version. If you're not sure where it is, search your hard drive for the game program (tomb4.exe). When you find it, right-click it in the search results and choose "open containing folder" or "open file location". Now move the Old_Games_Widescreen_Patch.exe program into the same folder where tomb4.exe is. BEFORE YOU RUN THE PATCH copy your original tomb4.exe file into a new folder. Then if anything goes wrong, or you don't like how the patch looks, you can just copy/paste it back into the original location without having to uninstall/reinstall the game. When you're ready to patch, double-click Old_Games_Widescreen_Patch.exe to run it. A small program window will pop up. Check Widescreen Fix and either tick "Select Aspect Ratio" and choose the ratio that matches your monitor (e.g., 16:9); or tick "Enter Arbitrary Aspect Ratio" and enter the exact value for your monitor (e.g., 1920x1080). If you like you can also tweak the Camera Distance and Field of View by checking the options on the left and entering values in the boxes for each. I have included a few examples below, but you may want to experiment and see what works for you. Once you have made your selections, click the "Go!" button. Then, in the next window, select the tomb4.exe file and choose Open. The program will then patch your game. It should only take a few seconds, longer if you're patching all three variables. When it's done, you'll see a message: "Status: Patched Successfully!" Now click the "Exit" button. You can re-run the patch to tweak the settings. But if you want to revert to your original installation, just delete the tomb4.exe file and move your original tomb4.exe back into the game folder. Original installation (no patch) at 1920x1080 (a.k.a., "Thik Lara" ): Widescreen patch at 1920x1080 with no change to Camera/FOV: Widescreen patch at 1920x1080, Camera Distance: 1050, FOV: 350:
  14. Last Revelation Group Play

    Excellent boob angle! Thanks for sharing. XD Not sure why F12 doesn't work, but I don't think it's just you. I've seen other Steam players complaining about it. I've been using Bandicam to take screenshots at 1-second intervals. Not sure how well the free version performs, or if it puts a logo on the screenshots, but there are other free programs out there.
  15. Last Revelation Group Play

    Yay! So excited to see people joining in. I'm a bit pressed for time this week, so I'm not sure how much progress I'll make, but I will at least try and post some impressions from the levels I've finished before starting the group. As far as the walkthrough update goes, it's a bit mortifying to read through the old version and compare it to some of my more recent projects, like TR 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. But I'm working on it. I've added about 700 screenshots so far and I'm only up to the Karnak levels. I've also decided to break out the second and subsequent visits to various levels so the walkthrough is more linear. So, for example, there will be separate pages for Temple Karnak (1st visit), Great Hypostyle Hall (1st visit), Sacred Lake (1st visit), Karnak (2nd visit), Hypostyle (2nd visit), etc., and the same in the later levels. Some of those pages will turn out to be very short, but hopefully the sequence will be easier to follow. I also want to add an overview page for each of those, similar to the one I have now for Cairo. It can be really confusing if you come to a locked door or artifact receptacle only to realize you've missed the key or artifact. Goals!