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  1. I try. I'm following the ROTTR board, but you can always ping me if someone has a walkthrough-type question.
  2. Tom is correct (as usual ). Just thought I'd add that if you can see items on the other side of the thorn barriers (and I don't remember cases where this happens, but it may be so), you should be able to get at them from the other side. AFAIK, the thorn barriers are just there to hide spawn points for enemies like wolves. Lara can't get in there, so there won't be anything crucial behind them.
  3. Apparently the contest is only open to players in the US and Canada, but wouldn't that be a letdown? Maybe they could fly the winners to Crystal HQ. ;D
  4. Hi Kimberly. Sorry for leaving you hanging. Just noticed this post. What Tom said normally works fine, but apparently some PC players experience a glitch here. According to this post on the Steam forum, pausing a moment before hitting middle mouse (or whatever button you've assigned to alternate fire) should help. I don't understand exactly why the QTEs are so temperamental, but you're not alone.
  5. I probably should have added more cans first, but I figured I'd see if the lantern would also stick. It didn't.
  6. Sharing this mostly for Shrensh, the undisputed queen of TR bugs, but I hope others will enjoy it.
  7. Hi, Liz. That sounds like a nasty bug. You have my sympathy. If you're playing the PC version, you can download a save file from my site. Files and instructions are at have If you're playing on the Xbox, you should be able to reload a backup save by following the instructions here: Hope that helps. Good luck!
  8. Hi, Jrose. You can download a save for any level in the game here: That page includes a link to step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing, but if you have any questions/problems we're happy to help here. Good luck!
  9. You're very welcome. Sorry it didn't work out, but I guess that's one of the pitfalls of PC gaming. Still, it'll be worth it when you see how beautiful this game is.
  10. Hi, Apocryphile. I'm no tech expert, but I've heard from a few people whose systems could run TR 2013 but had trouble with Rise. Some were able to proceed by turning down the graphics settings. A few are still struggling or had to make hardware upgrades. One unexpected problem is that it won't run on 32-bit versions of Windows, as far as I know, only 64-bit. There's a tool you can download from that will scan your PC and compare it to the specs for Rise (or any of a long list of other games) then spit out a report telling you whether your system is strong enough or where you might need to make upgrades. I've used it many times. It will show you some ads but doesn't install spyware or make changes to your system. I found it very helpful.
  11. TBH, I've only ever played the game with a controller, but I do have PC save files you can download if you want to skip that section.
  12. My walkthrough with screenshots is here: I can't recommend a specific video, but there are several on YouTube: Good luck!
  13. Awesome! Glad it helped. Good luck!
  14. Here's a quick video I just made showing the path to the top of the room. I hope that helps. If it is some kind of bug, it's not one I've heard of before. If you're playing on the PC, you can download a save for that area here: The Cliffside Bunker collection includes one after the combat (you'd still need to climb up but hopefully there would be no problems) and another at the next base camp. That page also includes a link to instructions for downloading and installing save files in case you've never done it before. Good luck.
  15. If you climb up through the inside of the building you'll eventually reach a dangling platform that you can jump onto. From there, you can climb up onto the roof. Complete walkthrough with screenshots here: Good luck!