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  1. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Still watching The Terror, on episode 9 of 10. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2708480/ They had to abandon their ships after both ships been stuck in the ice for 4 years and the ice closing in cm by cm slowly crushing the hull of the ships and listing them at an angle. So they abandon their ships and start walking across the ice. which technically is the frozen ocean, 100s of miles south to where land starts and once they reach land, 100s of more miles until they reach the nearest civilized settlements: the total trip is over 800 miles and it's not a straight direct point A to point B journey. So they gather whatever supply they have: canned goods, rum and gin and whisky (there was no water on the ships, no machines on the ships at the time to make clean drinkable water), cured meats, biscuits, medicines and other things which I don't think they need but were shown packing up: a trumpet, silverware and chinaware in heavy wooden boxes with interior satin lining, wooden framed photos, and many other things that are not edible and usable for survival - mostly sentimental items each crew member didn't want to part with: keep in mind for every item they decide to bring, not only does it takes up room in the lifeboat, it also adds weight to it. Then they put everything into lifeboats which they have to pull and push for 800 miles. Can you imagine doing that? Plus the ice and the land they have to travel on is not 800 miles of flat surface. If they reach anything that is higher than flat surface, they have to take everything out of those lifeboats, use oars and wooden beams and ropes to raise them and heave them over whatever ice or rock obstacles are in their way, move all the items over the obstacles too, and then put them back in the lifeboats. This show is based on a true expedition that was lost and it was one of many that were lost going to the Arctic or to Antarctica. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin's_lost_expedition I can't even imagine being on the ice for 4 years, most of them ill and almost death (the cans for the canned goods at the time were made with lead), and to have to walk 800 miles while dragging and pushing wooden lifeboats which empty weight must be a couple of ton each and add everything else that's thrown in them making them heavier across very rugged terrain. Also the wives of one of the ship's Captain pleaded with the Royal Navy admiralty after her husband and his men on both ships have not been heard of for 2 years and the answer was: it hasn't been that long. We wait 3 more years and then we'll send out a search party. Problem is a search party takes months to organize and then it takes many months to reach the area in the Arctic they think the 2 ships are: even their fastest ships only reached about 5 knots of top speed. Back then there were no radars or satellites or drones or airplanes or any type of radio communication. You can be searching in the wrong spot for months. I am still amazed by this: the expedition to Antarctica by Shackleton and how incredibly with pretty much nothing left they were able to survive and find their way back: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Trans-Antarctic_Expedition Those men and women back then were tough. Only the wealthy have creature comforts like indoor plumbing and hot water coming out of faucets and sanitary facilities and good indoor heating and good medical care. Nowadays we complain if we have to walk a mile somewhere or ride the bus instead of driving our own vehicles. I watch the western movies and see them folks ride horses for 100 of miles, averaging maybe 20 miles a day, riding for weeks without any daily bathing and even when they do reach a town in the west, if they don't have any money, they still don't get a hot bath. All those folks to traveled from the East to go to the West to settle those territories that are now western US states, many of them walked. Not everyone had a horse or a horse drawn wagon or carriage.Also many who walked didn't even have decent footwear. Plus it was over rough dangerous terrain with wild animals and snakes and other poisonous creatures that can kill you in an instant or what if you fall and break a leg or an arm or seriously injure yourself? You are done for. You will die from a infection and blood loss and shock. There is no rescue helicopter or off road vehicle to come pick you up and take you to the nearest hospital. I can't even imagine living in the middle of nowhere back then in those western territories, no AC, no running water, some areas are so rugged you can't hardly grow anything or raise any animals for food; then you have to worry about Indians or Bandits come and attack your home and there is no one for miles to help you.
  2. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Hostiles (2017) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5478478/ In 1892, in an army fort in New Mexico, U.S. Army captain Blocker (Christian Bale) just weeks from retirement is given one last assignment: to safely escort a dying Cheyenne War Chief (Wes Studi) and his family of 4 from New Mexico to his tribal land in Montana where he will be allowed to live out his remaining days there. Blocker refuses the assignment because many years earlier during the war between the Cheyenne and the White Man, that same War Chief was responsible for the deaths of many of his friends and fellow Army troopers. Blocker is told by his superior if he doesn't perform this last assignment, which comes down from the President of the United States and it's also been widely covered in the newspapers, his pension and retirement will be forfeited and he will face a court martial. Blocker reluctantly takes the assignment and during the many days long horse ride journey to Montana, he and the War Chief and the soldiers in their armed escort detail come across murderous Comanche indians, armed criminals and a woman (Rosamund Pike) who is recently widowed. This is a powerful film with an intellectually poignant story containing deep and rich human characters who are smartly given intelligent dialogue. Beautifully photographed in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado and accompanied throughout by a melancholy musical soundtrack, this is an Oscar worthy movie with the following message: no matter who we are, what race we are, what higher power we worship to, we all have the same destination at the end of this arduous journey of ours that we call life: Death. But before that time comes for every one of us, what we do in the time that is given to us, how we grow and learn during it and how we are remembered by those we meet along the way and those we leave behind will always be what defines us. This is a movie worthy of: Best Picture Best Director and Best Screenplay (Scott Cooper - who also directed and wrote Crazy Heart and Out Of The Furnace) Best Photography (Masanobu Takayanagi - The Grey) Best Editing (Tom Cross - nominated for La La Land and won for Whiplash) Best Actor (Christian Bale) Best Actress (Rosamund Pike - Die Another Day and Gone Girl) Best Supporting Actor (Wes Studi) Best Supporting Actor (Rory Cochrane - Master Sgt. Thomas Metz who has served with Captain Blocker for over 20 years) Even the young actor, Xavier Horsechief https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9214428/ who plays the War Chief's grandson Little Bear, does an excellent acting job considering the very few lines of dialogues he had. So why was this film snubbed this year at the Academy Awards nomination? Is it because it portrays American Indians as human beings and not as the savages that Hollywood and the history books have done so for so long and continues to do so? Is it also because it portrays the White man as the murderer of many Native Americans and the cause of the suffering that still exists nowadays for many of them? This movie is easily 10 times better than that stupid The Shape Of Water which should never have been nominated for Best Picture, much less won. Even the other films that were nominated for Best Picture, The Finest Hour and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri were much much better than The Shape Of Water. Just the final 60 seconds of this movie before it starts to fade out into the directorial credits frame will make you cry and think about your journey of life. 5/5
  3. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    How can anyone say no to this family movie?!?
  4. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Den Of Thieves (2018) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1259528/ This is a by the number bank heist movie that just doesn't live up to its own ambition due to several inherently mistakes and faults with it: 1. at 2 hours and 20 minutes including ending credits, it's too long; 2. there are subplots in it that don't bring anything to the story, don't develop the characters, that appear here and there and then disappear without continuation and/or closure which could had been left out and would not had affected the story one bit while making the running time more bearable; 3. the good guys are a bunch of Los Angeles Sheriff Department Major Crimes cops lead by a drunken, rude and not very honest cop played by Gerard Butler, who comes across as a creep that makes you not care if he catches the bad guys or not. You'll almost wish him dead. Well, I did. I was hoping for him to catch a couple of bullets before the movie's halfway mark and die; and 4. we've seen this movie before!! It's called Michael Mann's Heat Same story: a criminal crew out to make a big bank heist score and a law enforcement crew out to catch them. But unlike the 1995 movie where the bad guy is played by Robert De Niro and the good guy is played by Al Pacino and they are both likable characters that you would find yourself rooting for both of them: you wanted the good guy to catch the bad guy but at the same time you also wanted the bad guy to get away. in this movie you don't care about either characters. They are both not likable and the actors who played them are forgettable with weak screen presence. Then there are several scenes that are like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle that conveniently fall into their places on their own. Like the one scene where the cops are driving down the streets of Los Angeles and they see a black SUV with all blacked out side and back windows about a quarter mile ahead driving at normal speed and following traffic laws as to not draw attention to itself. The only information the cops have is that the bad guys are somewhere in the area and from that distance they knew the SUV contained the bad guys??? Geee... Do all criminals in Los Angeles drive black SUVs or is there some kind of SUV profiling going on in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department? That is just poor and lazy script writing. Is that a plot device by definition? I am not sure but it sure it's absurd and it insults my usually open minded sense of disbelief. Oh by the way, there is a sequel confirmed in the works. Please don't!! 1/5
  5. What with the Empire's fascination of the deep dark abyss? Poor design, lazy engineers and architects, or both ?!? Star Wars 1977: The Return Of The Jedi: The Force Awakens: Rogue ONE: Also who is the moron that came up with the smart idea to built a long narrow gangway perched across a wide opening over-looking a drop into the deep abyss below and then not put any protective railings on both sides of it nor afford it with enough lightning for safety? These are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head and I didn't even go look for anything similar in the prequel trilogy. I didn't include the abyss Luke dropped into, after losing his fight to Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, because that was Cloud City and it was not built by the Empire.
  6. Ron Howard directed this? He ruined the Dan Brown Robert Langdon books when he made 3 of them into movies: The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Inferno. They were awful.
  7. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Came across this trailer for a movie I've never heard about until today: Stupidest movie of the century!! Who is the idiot at the studio that greenlighted this project and spent $35 million plus marketing costs to make this? Seriously! Look at it! There is a hurricane coming behind them and they are still chasing each other in vehicles? Over money? What good will that money do if you are not alive to spend it! Check out some of the critics negative reviews from Rotten Tomatoes:
  8. 2001: is 50 years old today.

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/apr/02/50-years-of-2001-a-space-odyssey-stanley-kubrick And to all those who over the past 50 years have said this movie sucked or it didn't make sense or that they didn't understand it or it's slow and boring or they didn't like it because it didn't have any laser battles like in Star Wars and Star Trek, I will say this: They are all a bunch of ignorant narrow minded morons!
  9. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Ready Player One (2018) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1677720/ Steven Spielberg. When you hear that name, you think of who he is and how much he has given to the world. A director, producer and writer whom for over the last 4 decades has been synonymous with some the best escapism on the silver screen and on the TV screen. His early work Duel on TV in 1971 and The Sugarland Express on the big screen in 1974 proved that even back then as a first time director, he had range and potential and he was destined for something bigger than himself. His next big screen work Jaws invented and coined the word Blockbuster and started the cultural phenomenon of the Summer Blockbuster movies. Jaws was followed by the science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind which made the world ask "are we really alone in the Universe?" Then Spielberg made his two biggest blockbusters to date: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Raiders Of The Lost Ark. 2 movies which made movie studios take notice and realize that to make money in Hollywood, you have to give the audience what they want: multi-million dollars budget, quality scripts, lots of action and excellent special effects. Spielberg followed those 2 hits with more hits: 2 Gremlins movies, 3 Back To The Future films, 2 sequels to Raiders Of The Lost Ark, 2 Jurassic Park movies and two science fiction films named Minority Report and Artificial Intelligence; plus several very successful TV series while at the same time trying his director's skills at more serious grown up oriented films including winning two Best Director Academy Awards for Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List. By the early 2000's Spielberg decided to do more serious films. Ready Player One is Spielberg's first forage into escapism and fantasy films since his 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which wasn't very good. This is his first film in 10 years aimed at the same audience E.T., Back To The Future, Jurassic Park were made for: the pre-teen and teenage movie audiences. This movie has over 100 cultural and visual references to films, television shows, toys, and video games from the 1970's to 2010's. It's visually impressive, the cultural references are nice to look at if you can spot them out. Some are obvious, some are not and they go by so quick on the screen, most of them in a quick flash, you will need to wait for the DVD and replay the movie in slow motion to spot them all. Also not all of them are in visual form. Many of them are embedded in the dialogue that you have to pay attention to. Now on to the story which is very simple: in the year 2045, when they are not sleeping, eating, working and taking bathroom breaks, almost everyone is living in a virtual reality world named OASIS accessible only while wearing virtual reality goggles - not much different than today where almost everyone is on a tablet or smart phone posting selfies on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and other social network. The creator of OASIS has left an Easter Egg in this constant changing never the same virtual world twice. The person who finds this Easter Egg through a quest that need to be complete will become the sole owner and controller of OASIS. That is all I can tell you about the story but the problem with this film, as visually stunning as it is, there is not much substance to it. There were many times I didn't really care if the main character finds the Easter Egg or not. The character has not been developed enough for me to care about him. Unlike in E.T. where we really cared that Elliott stayed one step ahead of the Feds so he can make sure his little out of the world buddy goes home safe; or in Raiders Of The Lost Ark where we cheered for Indiana Jones to find the Lost Ark before those pesky Nazis do so the world can stay free; or in Back To The Future where we really want Marty to get to his parents in time back in 1955 to make them kiss each other so he and his sibling won't disappear into thin air in the future; or in Jurassic Park where we were actually rooting for the 2 annoyingly spoiled kids to run fast and hide quick enough so they don't become a snack for the T-Rex; or finally in Minority Report where we really wanted that crazy guy to get caught by the Pre-Crime Police and put away for good for a murder he hasn't committed. In those films we truly cared about the fate of the main characters. In Ready Player One, I could care less. Even the bad people in this did not feel at all menacing to me unlike the Nazis in Raiders or the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Let me put it in another way that everyone can understand: Who cares who control OASIS as long as when I put my VR goggles on every day, it's there ready for me to play in it. Same as today who cares who controls Apple or Google or the internet as long as it's there every time I get online. Sorry Steven, you and I have been buddies for a long time, but better luck next time: next time being 2020 when you bring us the next Indiana Jones movie and I surely do hope it will be better than the last one. 2/5
  10. Happy Easter Everyone!!

    Happy Easter, Shrenshy? I didn't know the Britons celebrated Easter.
  11. Happy Easter Everyone!!

    Geeee... I thought I was the only one here who is an imsomniac. Happy Easter, Sir T!
  12. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    This review contains SPOILERS if you have not seen this movie!! The Commuter (2018) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1590193/ A guy (Liam Neeson) rides a commuter train in NY/NJ for 10 years. One day during the afternoon commute home, a woman stranger sits down across from him and offers his $100,000 to find someone on a train - someone with a bag that she said doesn't belong to that person. He has until the train makes the final stop in the early evening to find that man. Then the woman gets up and steps off the train. The train is 6 passenger car long with each car able to hold about 60 passengers. I am only 34 min into the movie and well we have a problem: it's absurd!! The woman is no longer on the train but she seems to have enough people on there to see everything that Liam Neeson character is doing including hearing what he said to any other person on that train, regardless of whether that person is another passenger or a train ticket taker or a conductor. She also has the resources and power to be able to call up the cell phone belonging to anyone on the train and tell them: "hey, I need to speak to that guy that looks like Llam Neeson character, please pass him the phone" so she can give him further instructions or warn him that he is breaking the rules by calling the police when he made a cell phone call to the police. Yes I understand movies are make believe and I am aware we sometimes have to suspend our sense of disbeliefs to enjoy a movie: i.e. the hero can outrun machine gun fire and not get hit once or survive being in a car being engulfed by a fiery explosion while plunging down the side of a 300 foot cliff or jump out an airplane without a parachute and not die. But this is just too ridiculously far fetched and idiotic for me. So instead of me continuing to watch so I may find out 1. why the woman wants Liam Neeson character to find the person with the bag and 2. what is in that bag and 3. how is she able to be able to keep tab on him and call every cell phone belonging to anyone and everyone on the train, while the train is stil making stops every few minutes with existing passengers leaving the train and new passengers getting on the train, I am not watching this anymore. Now if they'd only worked as hard in polishing the script and not making it so cliche' and full of annoying nuisances as in the effort they put in in making some very nice posters for this film, maybe it would had been more watchable:
  13. Everything about Movies and DVDs

    This review contains SPOILERS if you have not seen this movie!! Stand By Me (1986) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092005/ This movie based on a Stephen King's novella was released in 1986 and I have never seen it. But for the last 31+ years, I have constantly heard about how it's one of the best Stephen King's movies ever. Seems like each time there is a new movie based on a Stephen King's novel, the reviews will always find ways to compare it to Stand By Me. Now that I have seen it, I have to disagree. What is so good about it? It's about 4 kids in a small town whom on the last day of Summer, [in the USA that day is always] Labor Day weekend in 1959, decide to walk 30 or so miles, following the railroad tracks that lead out of town, to go see the dead body of a kid that went missing. Along the way they talk about stuff that kids talk about: cartoons, comics, food, school, teachers, parents, girls, etc. The movie is 1 hour and 29 minutes long including credits. For over an hour they walk and walk while they talk and bicker and argue and fight: the usual things 12 years old kids do together back in the days before electronic entertainment devices kept kids indoors and they get into some shenanigans like climbing the chain link fence to enter a junkyard where they just sit around and throw rocks at an aluminum can. When they finally arrive at their destination and find the missing kid's dead body that has been decomposing in the woods for days, that part was pretty tame as in "oh so that's what a dead body looks like!" I am not trying to be morbid but being this is a Stephen King's movie, that scene should not have been so tame. If it was just any movie not based on any Stephen King's novel, sure let it be tame and boring. There is a subplot involving the town bully (played by a very young Kiefer Sutherland) and his gang of hooligans, one of them just so happen to be the brother of one of the 4 kids and they also have some sort of a connection to the missing kid's dead body. The 4 kids are played by River Phoenix (R.I.P.), Corey Feldman (probably best knowns for The Goonies, Gremlins and The Lost Boys), Wil Wheaton (Will Crusher on Star Trek The Next Generation) and Jerry O'Connell (who has been in just about every TV series and movies imaginable in the past 31 years). They do a very good job in their roles being such young and inexperienced actors at the time and I give them kudos for their performances but not only does the movie pretty much doesn't go anywhere and furthermore it leaves an issue that arises from the final dramatic scene unresolved. I did some research. Since 1976, starting with Carrie, there has been 68 movies, TV series, TV mini-series and short based on works by Stephen King plus 2 more that are currently in the works. Sure some of them were pretty bad and not even worth watching if you haven't seen them or worth a second viewing if you'd already seen them. But even if you took the worst Stephen King's movies like Thinner, Sleepwalkers, Riding the Bullet, The Mangler and Children of the Corn, their stories are still more interesting and eventful than the one in Stand By Me. 2/5