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  1. Thank you once again for your help and making these excellent guides of course. I got them all now. Will likely finish the game tomorrow and hopefully get a 100% rate while I'm at it <3 (except Syria maybe).
  2. Awesome thank you! I made an error earlier, losing ~2 hours of progress so when I re-did the Pit of Judgement I rushed it and may have overseen it. I thought the two missing caches were near the Infirmary but I didn't see them at first glance, I'll take another look.
  3. Got it! Thank you I didn't think you could return there, considering the arrows only point in one direction... I have another question but about a different area, should I make a new thread or is it OK here? If the latter: I'm missing *one* relic and *one* document, but I'm not sure where to look. It seems your map is missing the one I need as well! Thank you!
  4. Ahh! I just mistook that icon for a survival cache... So that simply means I'm missing a explorer satchel. I guess my question then remains the same, but instead of a survival cache a explorer satchel Thank you for your fast and elaborate response!
  5. Hey all, I'm missing a survival cache in the Acropolis area, and it seems that you are unable to get it when revisiting... Unless I'm mistaken, which I hopefully am Could anyone enlighten me how I can get this last survival cache? It should be at the + in according to Thanks!