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    Last Revelation Group Play

    I am now playing Tomb Of Semerkhet level. :-)
  2. Hello, friends! I developed Tomb Raider screensaver on Natla Technologies theme, you can download and test this masterpiece by link below. I tested screensaver using OS Win7 and WinXP, for run screensaver need DirectX June 2010, for more info see ReadMe.txt in rar archive. Enjoy screensavering! :-) http://tr-widescreen.ho.ua/black4.rar
  3. black4

    Last Revelation Group Play

    This is one from my favorite episodes TR4, nice levels are Alexnadria and Coastal Ruins very cheerful colorful scenes.
  4. black4

    Last Revelation Group Play

    I continued to play Tomb Raider 4, recently started, now got Temple Of Karnak level.