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  1. LEGO Tomb Raider Croft Manor

    Lego Croft Manor! I love it!!
  2. Last Revelation Group Play

    It's working! I have TR4!!! @Stellalune I tried my cd and the patch from chronicles, but I just got a mostly black screen and had to force a shut down. I decided to spend a few pennies and got TR1 though to AOD from Gog. So far I have just used the keyboard. Hopefully I can get my gamepad working later in the week. I'd forgotten how annoying and creepy Von Croy is in the training level. Makes me chuckle though, because my young cousin and I used to laugh at this bit. He was also scared of the...spoiler alert: This has made me smile after a rubbish day
  3. Last Revelation Group Play

    Thanks @Stellalune!
  4. Last Revelation Group Play

    Hi Everyone, I came across this thread last night and it seems like great timing - I just bought a new laptop last week and was determined to get one powerful enough to play my old TR games - and the new ones (2013 onwards) that my previous laptop could no longer handle! I first discovered TR with a free demo of TR 3, but I think TLR is one of my faves. I'm not much good at them though, I'm embarrassed to say I never actually finished TLR! Perhaps I can do that now if I can get it to work with Windows 10! I see Stella has managed it so that gives me hope. Looking forward to some nostalgia