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  1. 2. The Terminal 3. Bend It Like Beckham 18. Get Out 54. The Girl on the Train
  2. 18. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 29. A Beautiful Mind
  3. Need TB help

    There were a couple of dinosaurs in the first level of Tomb Raider 2 (two T-rexes). Tomb Raider 3 also had dinosaurs, in the second level of the South Pacific section (velociraptors, a T-rex and some little compies), and the South Pacific section also has some treehouses.
  4. 11. Out of Africa 17. Hidden Figures 24. The Fugitive 41. The Truman Show
  5. I haven't seen The Persuaders, but I've watched The Saint and I still catch it on TV when it's being repeated.
  6. Happy birthday girls!
  7. 47. The Sound of Music 66. Skyfall
  8. 2. There's Something About Mary 23. Brave 50. Kill Bill Vol 1
  9. Happy Birthday Lara Croft and LCO!

    Awesome, happy birthday to Lara and LCO!
  10. Yes, very nice! I'm going to check out all those old TR videos that I haven't seen in years
  11. The Rant Thread

    Great news! Congrats on the new job
  12. Can Man - ROTTR Glitch

    Love it, especially the big explosion at the end when all the bombs apparently decided to go off at once
  13. The weather's been really rainy this summer so far, but this weekend it's been sunny and warm so that's good 14. The Ring
  14. 18. Pinocchio 24. Bedknobs and Broomsticks 26. My Girl 29. Batman