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  1. Happy Birthday j7

    Nice meal! Happy birthday!
  2. Merry Christmas-Happy Holiday & Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
  3. I'm going to avoid the crowds too and go in the week after Christmas I think.
  4. 2. The Terminal 3. Bend It Like Beckham 18. Get Out 54. The Girl on the Train
  5. 18. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 29. A Beautiful Mind
  6. Need TB help

    There were a couple of dinosaurs in the first level of Tomb Raider 2 (two T-rexes). Tomb Raider 3 also had dinosaurs, in the second level of the South Pacific section (velociraptors, a T-rex and some little compies), and the South Pacific section also has some treehouses.
  7. 11. Out of Africa 17. Hidden Figures 24. The Fugitive 41. The Truman Show
  8. I haven't seen The Persuaders, but I've watched The Saint and I still catch it on TV when it's being repeated.
  9. 47. The Sound of Music 66. Skyfall
  10. 2. There's Something About Mary 23. Brave 50. Kill Bill Vol 1
  11. Happy Birthday Lara Croft and LCO!

    Awesome, happy birthday to Lara and LCO!
  12. Yes, very nice! I'm going to check out all those old TR videos that I haven't seen in years
  13. The Rant Thread

    Great news! Congrats on the new job
  14. Can Man - ROTTR Glitch

    Love it, especially the big explosion at the end when all the bombs apparently decided to go off at once