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  1. Awesome, happy birthday to Lara and LCO!
  2. Yes, very nice! I'm going to check out all those old TR videos that I haven't seen in years
  3. Great news! Congrats on the new job
  4. Love it, especially the big explosion at the end when all the bombs apparently decided to go off at once
  5. The weather's been really rainy this summer so far, but this weekend it's been sunny and warm so that's good 14. The Ring
  6. 18. Pinocchio 24. Bedknobs and Broomsticks 26. My Girl 29. Batman
  7. 4. Atonement 29. The Golden Compass 34. The Blair Witch Project 39. Saw
  8. Ha ha, on London Underground I wouldn't be surprised if they did!
  9. That's the one, although when I'm going through there it's a lot more crammed with grumpy commuters
  10. Yup They've covered up the escalators, signs and benches, but I still recognise it!
  11. That's the Tube station near my work at 1:11 (Canary Wharf). I catch the train in the Death Star, awesome!