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Just bought the 360 version

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I had this post in the group play but every time I go there to update my post it takes ages to load up with all the pix, so here I am.

I bought the PS2 version when it came out for $29, recently a friend gave me his 360 for free and yesterday (Feb 24 2012) my 360 game arrived, only cost me $10 (Canadian). So far I'm at the big octopus creature.

I think the big difference in game versions is the lighting and detail plus the soundtrack.

I played my PS2 game up to the same game spot as the 360 and it was similar but different in ways. In the Mediterranean there's no fish or sharks, all is quiet. Controlling Lara is much harder on PS2, trying to make her go where you want her to and when it comes to the balance beams, she's hopeless, as soon as I step on the beam she bends 90 degrees sideways. You don't get the flashlight in PS2, no dark shadowy areas.

Got some achievements for the Mediterranean, including master grenade thrower and master climber. 16 out of 26 treasures and 1 of 1 relic.

Onto Coastal Thailand. Style choice: Jungle long pants, second weapon: assault rifle. The PS2 version didn't have any spiders if I remember correct and not as many tigers.

At the statues of Shiva and Kali I got a bit confused trying to figure area out and ended up going down the one way square hole with grapple, figuring maybe I shouldn't of done that I reloaded a save that took me to the start of unhooking the lift down. The auto saves on the 360 game are screwy, and not updated so I can't load a auto because they go way back to the Mediterranean areas, would have been handy to reload to just before dropping down the hole, but it seems I have to do that anyway (had to look it up).

Didn't do too well with the completion of Coastal Thailand, zero relics and 19 treasures out of 30. The PS2 version didn't have that many creatures to defend against.

Feb 29. A quick play this morning got me to underneath Croft Manor. Style choice: Croft casual and assault rifle again. I ended up getting loaded into Mexico and not see how many treasures found, I didn't get the relic but saw it out of reach. The auto saves on my 360 game seem to have some early game events like at the Mediterranean and haven't changed, there are 8 save slots but I can only save on 2 and 8 the others are auto saves but like I sez, haven't changed so can't reload a recent auto save. Mexico style choice is heavy jungle, would be good if I could change my mind, once picked there's no reload to change my choice, to see what the other outfits look like. By evening I made it as far as the motorbike time trial before the entrance closes and have to reset the calendar. I notice I have more auto save slots now, up to 13. Not sure how it works with the replay because I can't do replay's on my PS2 game, I must have deleted something. PS2 saves are on a little cartridge so I have to make room for more games, I accidentally erased my TR Anniversary when I cleaned my sons saves off, I was 1/2 way through and haven't restarted again yet.

March 1st. Did the time trail and made the jump, took about 5 tries, once when I did make it I didn't clear the jump another time I got off the bike, other times I bumped into something to screw me up.

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