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Happy Birthday Lara Croft and LCO!

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Happy Birthday Lara! I think if we went by the old timeline Lara would be 49 or 50 today.

I think she turned 25 today in the current timeline today.

LCO turned 16 today. I remember buying the domain name in December of 2000 buy I launched the flash site page on February 14th 2001.

I recall launching it and saying hey it's Lara Croft Birthday and maybe it was a lucky omen.

This past October I re-launched LCO in HTML5 format do to the slow demise of flash support on most web devices other than PC.

It took me about 2 years to complete the change because it's a ton of stuff to compile now, When I first started LCO Chronicles was out

and it was a lot easier. However when I re-launched my flash version in 2012 it also  took two years. To be honest as much as I loved the

challenge of doing HTML5 from flash I'm not sure I would want to re-do everything again lol.  If you haven't seen the new version of LCO

the HTML5 version is here and the now Archived flash version is here.

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Happy 25th and 49th Birthday, Lara! And Happy 16th Birthday LCO!

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