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  3. It sounds like a bug, though it's not one I've heard of before. Maybe try fast traveling to a different area, then back to that location to see if forcing the game to reload the level helps. Loading an earlier save can sometimes also squash random bugs. If you don't have a convenient recent save, the XO version stores hidden backup saves. Open the Load Game screen and hold both trigger buttons to show the hidden saves. Good luck and if you have time, let us know how it works out.
  4. Hi guys I am on xbox one and I have just found the campsite where the climbing arrows are and I have got them but when I try to climb up the wall it says that I don’t have them yet and when I climb up there is now strongbox. Is this a glitch? alex
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  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! 😀
  7. I agree Sir T. They both look fantastic. I can't make the connection between Eternals and the previous MCU movies. It's too complicated and too many million things to remember.
  8. Academy Award Winner Lady Gaga + Academy Award Nominee Adam Driver + Academy Award Winner Jared Leto + Academy Award Nominee Salma Hayek + Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons + 8 times Academy Award Nominated and Academy Award Winner Al Pacino + 4 times Academy Award Nominated Director Ridley Scott = BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR 2021 Angelina = I WILL WATCH
  9. Very nice. The only press kit I ever received from Core Design was Angel Of Darkness.
  10. I am a bit of a dinosaur. Just worked out how to share some photos. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dWoSU5L38is9NGYg6
  11. Hi I have one of these. Addressed to myself and unopened. I found it last week after a clear out.
  12. I bought a mac recently and i think it has Mojave on it. I tried to install older versions of Mac software on it and forget about it. I bought parallels for mac and installed linux and windows on it and installed all my favorite apps on it no problem. So if you get Parallels and install Windows even linux (mint in my case) and then steam you'll probably be better off. I know they say Macs are so wonderful but I think they are only good for certain things. Steam Links
  13. Hi there! I'd like to play TR:A on MAC, but here's the thing I don't know if the game on MAC it's like a STEAM game that uses a key for activation of it or it's like a regular PC released of the game that you can install it without need a key. So Can I buy a used copy of the game or I need to buy a new copy because of the key need it for activate the game. Thank you!
  14. The Music industry had growing pains when the mp3 and digital download came to be and streaming services. The Movie industry is going through the same thing right now with new films being available to be seen from home.
  15. https://www.newsweek.com/disney-brutal-response-scarlett-johansson-black-widow-legal-fight-streaming-box-office-1614589 https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/scarlett-johansson-sues-disney-black-widow-release-theaters-disney-plus-marvel-cinematic-universe-breach-of-contract-184307567.html I think ScarJo will win. Her contract with Marvel was signed in 2017 before movies were getting released on Streaming and Theaters at same time and before Disney+ launched November 2019. But I also can't help thinking ScarJo was paid $25 million for the movie and her % from the movie tickets sale so far is 20 million. That's $45 million. I am aware if the movie was not released to Disney+ streaming there would be more movie tickets sold and ScarJo's paycheck would be bigger but how much more money does she need? From a Google search, ScarJo's net worth is already $165 million then add the $45 million (before taxes) she earn from Black Widow. No one need that much money to live on. How many big houses and fancy cars and Euro clothes does she need? Both ScarJo and the Mouse company are guilty of greed.
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  17. From Crystal Dynamics Did you know that August 2 is National Coloring Book Day? We sure did, and are celebrating with #TR25 style! The uber-talented Virginia Berrocal has created fifteen unique tributes to Lara Croft from her adventures on console & mobile for you to download, color, & share! Each illustration is full of detail, showcasing both Virginia's Tomb Raider fandom and immense talent. Download all of the illustrations. Tag us in your finished #NationalColoringBookDay work so we can share next Monday! 4 png's here Download PDF
  18. Hi, I’m looking for people to play multiplayer with me to get all multi trophies If you are interested leave your psn nick (I’m from Poland)
  19. Yes! Yes! Finally! This IS Ghostbusters. Not that feminist woke man hating stuff that was made 5 years ago.
  20. I think this video is what you are looking for.
  21. On PS4Tomb Raider Definitive Edition , @ hours into the game, when Lara reaches the helicopter to get medical supplies for her wounds, she has to first shoot at the ropes on the copter to open the back ramp. I am not able to that, has anyone had that problem where you shoot an arrow into the rope and nothing happens? And if so how can I correct it?
  22. Look at this one!! https://blog.grunt.com/blog/1918-statue-of-liberty-2/ and it's real https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/human-statue-of-liberty/ https://www.radioiowa.com/2007/11/13/human-statue-of-liberty-photo-still-draws-questions/
  23. Dam them for doing that!
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