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  2. I wonder if he says I feel the need for speed.
  3. Cruise learned to fly real jet fighters to make this film. So the scenes of him in the cockpit flying the jet fighter are real with Cruise in full control of the aircrafts: they were not made by putting him in a cockpit mock up and using CGI to make it look like he is flying. In Mission Impossible Fallout, he also learned to fly a helicopter. The helicopter chase scene at the end of that film, Cruise was really flying a helicopter. Cruise claims he does so because he demands realism in his movies but I think the true reason is because he is very arrogant, he wants to be in every scene and he will not allow CGI and stunt crew to create a scene when he can do it himself. So according to this trailer, Maverick has been in the Navy for 30 years as a Naval Aviator. Does the U.S. Navy really allows someone in his mid to late 50's to still fly Jet Fighters?
  4. That's why I pay money for very good VPN and get a lot of this shows you have to pay to stream and watch - for free. In the past 9 years, I have watched over 3 dozens very good TV series and Mini-Series made in other countries that will never see broadcast here in the USA, not even on Netflix or on Amazon Prime, all thanks to the free download system. I have also watched countless numbers (at least a couple of 100) of very good movies made in other countries that will never see the inside of a U.S. movie theater or a Region 1 DVD. Most of what Hollywood puts on TV and on the big screen nowadays is TRASH!
  5. He could had seriously injured his 6 years old daughter. I see he is as bad as a father as he is a football player. The only thing he is good at is cheating in football. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/07/22/americas/tom-brady-cliff-dive-criticism-trnd/index.htm Does she wants to be an Olympic champion? I hate parents that make their kids become something they do not want to be! p.s. I am a way better Dad than he is. The only things you will find this Dad to Dad-Shame on is giving his kids too many ice cream and donuts.
  6. 39. Premonition 45. Drive Angry 89. Saving Private Ryan 93. Heathers 99. Cold Pursuit
  7. 08. Glass 19. Clueless 13. A Knight's Tale 32. Captain Marvel 36. Ex Machina 43. Cinderella 48. Groundhog Day 55. Pan's Labyrinth
  8. Last week
  9. CLUES to the remaining unsolved images 1. Based on that book all the women love to read 3. 2 strangers in a masterpiece from the Master 4. Crazy Taxi Rider 6. Early 70's ground breaking sci-fi film 8. Recent superhero film 12. First of a supernatural horror movies franchise series 13. Medieval peasant changes his life to court fair maiden 19. Mid 90's rich girl coming of age film 23. Classic 1980's teen comedy 24. Famous Horror film 29. Recent Oscar nominated film 30. The true story behind that iconic war photo 32. Comics movie 33. Cold war masterpiece  36. She is the beast, he is the beauty 39. Her husband keeps dying 40. There is a bomb on the train 43. Recent live action remake of a classic cartoon 45. She will help a stranger rescue a baby 48. He is stuck doing the same thing over 53. Recent Oscar nominated remake of the remake of a classic film 55. One of 2000's Best Foreign Language nominated film 59. Same person who made #3 and #24 made this Masterpiece 69. Same person who made #3 and #24 and #59 also made this Masterpiece 74. Recent Western Comedy Musical 77. If you could leave your entire life behind for true love, will you? 84. He was part of a recent's anniversary milestone 87. Recent political drama 89. Award winning World War 2 film 93. The original Mean Girls 94. Classic comedy about 2 roommates 99. Recent inferior Hollywood remake of a great Norwegian thriller
  10. Yeah this streaming service thing sucks. Even the Orville which I like is going to Hulu next season. If you subscribe to every streaming service you'll go broke and if all the good shows are to be on streaming services then what is the point of having cable anymore to have a 1000 channels of mediocre television.
  11. 10 more Marvel Comics Universe movies. It will never end!
  12. Yeah it was the VPN. Even the direct link didn't work via VPN. Once I logged out of the VPN network (and I was using a VPN server in Switzerland) and connected directly using my ISP, it worked. USING 7 of 9 to get people to watch. Per IMDB, she will only be in 1 episode, and most likely a quick short appearance. I don't even watch Star Trek Discovery. It was stupid plus you had to pay CBS All Access to watch it.
  13. Angelina Jolie at Comic-Con 2019 for The Eternals
  14. Try a direct link and see what happens.
  15. Must be the new paid VPN I started using a month ago.
  16. Tom@LCO

    July 20th, 1969.

    Yeah you're right and Amazon will deliver there through Blue Origin.
  17. j7wild

    July 20th, 1969.

    Malls are dying. Starbucks!
  18. Tom@LCO

    July 20th, 1969.

    Good thing we haven't colonized the Moon there would be malls everywhere by now.
  19. Today is the 50th Anniversary of humans reaching the moon, landing on it and Astronaut Neil Armstrong taking One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind p.s. if you are one of those who think it never happens, please keep it to yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae6VJ6YU8uo
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