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  2. Thanks! I promise not to abuse the privilege by posting links to sketchy sites or too many pics of my ducks.
  3. The final DLC pack, The Path Home, is set following the end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider after the dust has settled and the battle is over. It is only available to Season Pass holders. Follow this link for a chance to win a Season Pass download code for the platform of your choice. Winners will be announced Monday, April 22. The Path Home launches on April 23. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PathHome P.S. @Tom@LCO I hope it's OK to post this here. Feel free to move, delete, etc.
  4. Last week
  5. I'm so out of practice playing with mouse and keyboard, lol. Going to use the X Box controller when I continue this later today.
  6. Ok, so I've played a bit and it runs smoothly. Lots of nostalgia! Lots of old game play elements where you're not led by the hand by the absence white markings that jot the scene showing you where to go next in later TR games..
  7. Guys, check this out! This is a remake of a gameplay in Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian using the Unreal Engine 4. Link for Gameplay Demo here: http://tombraider-dox.com/downloads/
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  9. The Lost City - From the Third Trebuchet Back to the Gate Hi πŸ™‚ I'm following Stella's walkthrough. Stella says create a zip line but I cannot find an anchor post. I've tried blowing this up in case one is hidden - nope! I've tried alternative routes - died more times than I can count 😐 Anyone got any more ideas?!! Thank You Grump616
  10. MGM & Warner Bros Starts Climb Toward β€˜Tomb Raider 2,’ Amy Jump To Write Script Get ready for another Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander. MGM and Warner Bros have hired Amy Jump to write the script for the sequel. FULL ARTICLE HERE
  11. Yeah I totally agree. You think they would get the hint by now.
  12. Looks great, but an actual classic outfit would have been fantastic.
  13. Check out the work of Dannie Carlone Senior Environment Artist at Crystal Dynamics LINK
  14. I'd like options to make Lara from a classic set of outfits and hair to something new and different or make your own. Also the dual pistols need to come back.
  15. I'd like to see a more global aspect to the next game and for Lara to be a bit more grown up and not so soft. She needs to mature and be grittier and tougher. And perhaps ditch the ponytail.
  16. Tougher stories and a grittier Lara would do it for me. She's not a kid any more, but still behaves like a 14 year old. And yes, ditch Jonah.
  17. Omg I almost took this game and throw it right in the trash lol been stuck in this level for 2 days now.. Didn't know I can select the bow thing I thought they took it away from me.. Omg.... Thanks a lot for the answers up in here.... πŸ˜‚
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