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  2. Dora and the Lost City of Gold - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures August 2nd 2018 Make believe it's young Lara lol
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  4. Thing I don't get is that the menu still indicates there is one more tomb "coming soon" and the way this one ended is clearly "mid-sentence", so to speak. There has to be something else, surely. Any ideas or news?
  5. Tomb Raider Trilogy will be coming to Google Stadia on launch in November! LINK
  6. Hey better late than never! I'm sure I'll play again in the next month or two. Thanks very much.
  7. Hello. I realise an answer 439 days later is not likely to be very helpful for you but if I remember correctly it means the thing is below Lara so find a ladder/cave entrance/whatever.
  8. What Stella wrote. I find combat in this game quite difficult so any sort of help in the final battle is a good idea. In terms of timelines, just the one DLC level occurs after the final battle but I don't think the game lets you play that until you've done the final level. One DLC features the bad guy, albeit briefly, so for story continuity should be played before the end of the game and I think that is probably true for all of them. My intention is the replay the game (again, once or twice) after all DLC has been released (and it looks like there's one left at present), partly to see how all the tombs fit in with the story given the bit of extra background. But of course it's entirely up to you! Enjoy!
  9. It's really just a matter of personal preference. Many people finished the game when it came out then played the DLC packs as they were released. Story-wise, the DLCs are all mixed up. Most take place before the game ending, so if you care about continuity, it makes more sense to play them before finishing the main story. But practically speaking, playing the DLC will earn some gear and skills that might be useful in the endgame. Wish I had a definitive answer, but I don't think it matters that much. If you're unsure whether you're ready for the final level, you could always make a new save (or change save slots if you're playing on PS4/XO). Then if you're not happy with your loadout, you can reload that earlier save, maybe try some DLC, and continue with the final level later. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the game.
  10. I’m in the Paititi cave. Etzli is waiting for me to speak to him. If I do, I have been told that 'Fast Travel' will be disabled. So I guess this means I am coming to the end of the game. So, do I play all the DLC Tombs and such now, or would it be better if I wait until the end of the next level/the game?
  11. I remember that series, particularly the theme tune. I believe that it was showing at about the same time as Knight Rider if I recall correctly. Pity. 74 is no age these days. I wonder what he has been up to since Airwolf. I don’t recall him being in anything else. Anyone remember Manimal?
  12. I bought it when it came out and it weighs ton! Nice book.
  13. This kind of flew under the radar, but Forbidden Planet recently reissued the 2010 Art of Tomb Raider 2-volume set from Dreams and Visions Press. Here's the order page in case anyone's interested: https://forbiddenplanet.com/126203-the-art-of-tomb-raider-box-set-hardcover/
  14. Stella,

    Can you please send me a save for getting through the Outrun the Mudslide? I am using pc version with Windows 10


  15. Guys, you are so wrong if you think that Steam games aren't protected. Some games have SecuROM and "Steam Stub Protection" and most of them have only "Steam Stub Protection" - yeah, yeah - you heard right!!!! Steam is protecting their games, so if you think you're buying original game code - you're wrong. Just throw a Steam executable in IDA (Interactive DisAssembler by Ilfak Guilfanov) and EXE Protection ID. TADA: SURPRISE!!! ))) This is why i deleted my account from Steam. I said to them - NO MORE F*CKING MONEY FOR DRMs. ONLY ORIGINAL CODE.
  16. Tomb Raider Omnibus Volume 1 Paperback – August 6, 2019 TOMB RAIDER OMNIBUS VOLUME 1 TPB Collected in a softcover omnibus for the very first time, and with over 450 pages of material, this is a must-have for all Tomb Raider fans! This collection fully compiles issues #1-#18 of Dark Horse's 2014 Tomb Raider series, as well as a bonus prequel issue to Crystal Dynamics' highly successful 2013 reboot of the franchise, Tomb Raider: The Beginning. CREATORS Writer: Gail Simone, Rhianna Pratchett Penciller: Derlis Santacruz, Nicolas Daniel Selm, Andrea Mutti Artist: Nicolas Daniel Selma, Derlis Santacruz Inker: Juan Gedeon, Andy Owens, Pierluigi Baldassini Cover Artist: Michael Atiyeh Genre: Action/Adventure, Video Game Publication Date: July 24, 2019 Format: FC, 472 pages; TPB; 6 5/8" x 10 3/16" Price: $29.99 Age range: 14 ISBN-10: 1-50671-421-8 ISBN-13: 978-1-50671-421-9 LINKS DARHORSE AND AMAZON
  17. I have heard from a few people having trouble in that area, but unfortunately, most of them never replied more than once, so I'm not sure if the problem is due to a bug or not. One player mentioned there was no lever, but he also mentioned a nearby campsite, which led me to believe he had fast traveled back to that area after completing it. If that's the case, there is no lever because the puzzle can only be solved once. In order to leave the area, you need to use the base camp to fast travel. If you're playing through the game the first time and there's no lever, I'm not sure what to do. Are you playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox? If PC, maybe try verifying the game files. (Right-click Shadow in the Steam Library, choose Properties, Local Files, then Verify Integrity of Game Files.) Or, if that doesn't help, download a save from my site. (Instructions are linked from that page.) If Xbox, try reloading an earlier save or backup save. (To load a backup save, go to the Load Game screen and hold both trigger buttons for a few seconds. That will show all available hidden saves.) For PS4, the only thing I can think of is to reload an earlier save or leave the area and come back to see if anything has changed. That's hit-or-miss, I know, but afaik, PS4 doesn't store backup saves automatically. Also, make sure you have downloaded and installed all the latest updates regardless of which system you're using. If it is a bug, it may already have been patched.
  18. Has anybody else had trouble with the missing switch to release the oil in the Head of the Serpent?
  19. Oh, right! Super-secret! Croft manor again . . . maybe. The impression I got from the exchange about what Lara was going to do and the expression on her face was something more light-hearted, there's not been a lot of humour! Those historically have been at Croft Manor, like locking the butler in the freezer (BTW this gets a nod in Hitman 2 if you didn't know). The last visits to Croft Manor have hardly been pleasant, too.
  20. I noticed that too, but I have no idea what they have planned. I know a lot of fans are hoping for Croft Manor. Guess we'll see.
  21. Hey, Stella, the last tomb - do you know what's happening there? What I mean is there's still one thing listed as "coming soon" and right at the end there's a conversation between Lara and . . . someone else which clearly indicates something more.
  22. That's wild that it performs the drop sequence before it's pulled off by Lara's crow bar.
  23. So this is new.... Northern Shaft Key or rogue starfish? You decide! XD
  24. Square Enix to expand Montreal studios, create 100 new gaming jobs Square Enix will be creating of more than 100 game development jobs in 2019 in its Montréal-based studios, Eidos-Montréal, and Square Enix Montréal. With nearly 700 employees, Square Enix’s Canadian workforce represents the group’s largest development units outside of Japan. For the last decade, the Square Enix group has massively invested in Quebec and is dedicated to continuing its investments in the coming years. In addition to the opening of more than 100 new positions, Square Enix is financing the expansion (adding 10,000 square feet to the 55,000 square-foot office space) and renovation of its Eidos-Montréal facility and equipping the studio with cutting-edge technologies such as full performance motion capture and photogrammetry studios, a user research laboratory, and a mixing and voice recording studio. As for Square Enix Montréal, the studio plans to more than double in size over the course of 2019. Square Enix's investment reflects the confidence placed in the pool of Canadian and Quebec talent. ARTICLE LINK
  25. this was probably the trickiest bit in the game as it's consistently difficult and is the one that really put me off trying Deadly Obsession, I pictured myself getting more and more and more annoyed and breaking 3000 worth of console and TV and thought . . . I can live without a few Xbox gamer points
  26. Hi Stella, thanks very much. I will test it tomorrow. -> Tested and it is working. Game drives me sometimes nuts. I am on easy level....
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