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  2. MGM Sets ‘Lovecraft Country’s Misha Green To Write/Direct Next ‘Tomb Raider’ With Alicia Vikander Reprising As Lara Croft MGM has set Misha Green to write and make her feature directorial debut on the next Tomb Raider, which has Alicia Vikander set to reprise her role as Lara Croft. Green steps up here after creating and directing Lovecraft Country, the breakout HBO series that stars Jurnee Smollett, Jonathan Majors, and Michael Kenneth Williams. Tomb Raider will be produced by Graham King via his GK Films banner, and Elizabeth Cantillon via The Cantillon Company. Click the link
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  4. How to Craft Arrows in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider is back at it again with the tomb raiding action. Lara Croft returns with her signature weapons, among them, a bow and its arrows! You’re going to be going through these arrows a lot, trust me. Especially if you’re planning on playing with an inclination towards stealth. As such, you’re probably wondering how the heck you can make more arrows. Here’s how to craft arrows in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The game makes this incredibly easy to do, you just need to have the crafting materials to do so. If you don’t, by
  5. I'm also stuck at the same point but with the ps4, any advice? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm using the ps4 and I can't craft fire arrows as I've not got the fat how can I get out of the tomb?
  7. Holy balls, this changed my life. I didn’t know there was an accessibility option to do that! I’m a slow masher.
  8. Hi Tom. Followed your advice and got the red diamond. Was able to fire at multiple enemies at once. Thanks for your help!
  9. I am playing through again to get platinum and I cant believe I spent the last 15 minutes of my life running around like WTF HOW DO I LEAVE. Thanks M!
  10. Thanks - I'll give it a shot and report back
  11. You have to hold your aim on someone with the RT held in and after the circle closes in, they'll get tagged with a red diamond. Repeat.
  12. Hi Tom, Thanks for the detailed response. I've tried your suggested method. I draw the bow with L2, aim with the right analog stick, zoom in with R3, and hold R2 to draw the bow. When I do that, I get the red decreasing bulls-eye indicating the bow has been drawn to full strength. But I never get the red dot/diamond. When I use the right analog stick to select my second target, the first one doesn't stay locked. The red bulls-eye dot just moves to the second target. This means I can only target one person at a time. What am I doing wrong? Any further suggestions. Again - I a
  13. Disney and Marvel, HARD PASS! Instead of wasting time and money on this trash, release another Mandalorian season this year and not next year!
  14. Now I know why I didn't get the rest of them lol. Thanks again!
  15. ANSWERS to the remaining unsolved images 2 CLUE: 2 drifters during the Great Depression ANSWER: Of Mice And Men 8 CLUE: Girls buddies movie ANSWER: Sex And The City 26 CLUE: Save the whales ANSWER: Big Miracle 27 CLUE: 1980's telepathic horror classic ANSWER: Scanners 34 CLUE: Mobster goes to Hollywood ANSWER: Get Shorty 42 CLUE: Filing clerk enters man's mind ANSWER: Being John Malkovich 43 CLUE: 2000's Oscar winning Civil War drama
  16. That's the way I feel about cable. All the good shows are on streaming services now.
  17. Hi everyone, I just came across something that I want to say is a bug - I am trying to do the challenge tomb in San Juan Mission and for some reason I realized that I cannot select the fire arrows anymore. I know how to craft special arrows and how to cycle through them but for some weird reason they don't even appear in the menu. I think this has to do with crafting the lure arrows but I am not entirely sure. The last few upgrades I did was to get the skill for lure arrows. Also, at a previous save-game (in Porvenir Oil Fields, during the main quest) I checked and I saw that I can s
  18. FYI mash the square button on the PS4
  19. PS4 Controls Every control option on the PS4 version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Left Stick – Movement L3 – Sprint / Change Camera Angle Right Stick – Aim Down Sights / Look Around R3 – Toggle survival Instinct Touchpad – Show Map Circle – Dodge or jump to the side / Drop down / Dive Square – Interaction / Use climbing axe Triangle – Melee attack / Takedown X – Jump / Climb / Swim to the surface (hold) L1 – Crafting herb mixtures L2 – Aim / Sprint R1- Fire using special ammo / Craft special arrows R2 – Fire selected weapon / Throw D-Pad Buttons – Weapon Selec
  20. I've unlocked Howlers Troop I and II, but am having difficulty getting it to work in the game. I can sight the first target, but I can't get the diamond/lock. This means that when I move the right analog stick, I just change targets instead of having one locked, and moving on to the second. I'm using a PS4. Can anyone help advise me please? How do these controls work?
  21. I will post the answers this weekend unless Sir T and Gia guess them all by then.
  22. 10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 11. Dreamgirls 17. Message in a Bottle 20. The Grinch 38. Platoon 40. A Christmas Carol 46. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets 48. There's Something About Mary 52. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 60. Love Actually 61. Friday The 13th
  23. I could see it now, just all "take the wheel, sweetheart...I'm building a jigsaw in the back".
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