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  2. 09. Notting Hill 26. The Cell 33. The Untouchables 44. Sliver 45. Wild Things 77. Lady Bird 74. Isle of Dogs
  3. Just picked one of these up actually! What a steal for that price!
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  6. I am happy they return to Earth safely but... 1. SpaceX and NASA don't have a better feed than this LO-RES? 2. I thought SpaceX Dragon was reusable and I expected the landing was back on the drone ship like this
  7. capsule 3500 degrees on entry. that's hot stuff!
  8. 2 hours to landing: estimated 2:48 pm Eastern. It's now 12:48 pm Eastern. Like driving your Dad's car when you first got your permit. https://www.spacex.com/static/images/backgrounds/issgraphic_desktop.jpg
  9. Update on my post above about the rescued kitty. My sister's friend nursed him back to health and gave him up for adoption about 3 weeks ago to a very loving new owner. These were taken about 3 weeks ago, on his first day at his new home: These were taken today, about 21 days later. He is getting big.
  10. Schedule changed. Undock live from the ISS at around 7:34 pm EDT today and splashing down in Florida tomorrow at around 2:42 pm EDT. Use the same NASA live feed above to watch. Go here for more info and schedule updates and changes. https://www.spacex.com/launches/
  11. 08. American Beauty 16. Me, Myself & Irene 22. The Fly 23. Time Bandits 41. Risky Business 46. The Naked Gun 56. Trainspotting 82. Raising Arizona
  12. TOMB RAIDER LEGENDS: THE BOARD GAME [TABLETOP] 50% off $30.00 US Embark on an unknown journey in search of a hidden Artifact as the legendary archaeologist Lara Croft. The path ahead is filled with many perils, but her greatest foe is… none other than herself!? Prove you are the “True” Lara Croft by exploring mysterious ruins, fending off threats, using your wits, your ever-growing arsenal, and skills to beat the competition! Players start with the simple task of getting to the goal and acquiring the Artifact, all while attempting to avoid the constant threat of wounds, delays, and misdirection caused by other players and creatures. Each player will have to overcome these and other environmental obstacles to achieve this task. With over a dozen possible areas to uncover and a widely varied amount of combinations, each game will send you and your friends on a fun and unique journey into the unknown. Package Size: W 12.2" x D 8.9" x H 3" tall Release Date: April 2019 LINK
  13. Remaining unsolved images with clues!! 9 CLUE: Bookstore love 26 CLUE: Hunt for serial killer 28 CLUE: Evacuation 31 CLUE: A.I. goes live 33 CLUE: The Chicago way 42 CLUE: Angelina crossed his path 44 CLUE: Building peeper 45 CLUE: She's Wild 47 CLUE: 80's Playboy 50 CLUE: Oscar winning war on drugs film 51 CLUE: Bogie 60 CLUE: Girl Power reboot 65 CLUE: Women vs. Boss 68 CLUE: Behind the scenes of a movie studio dark comedy 72 CLUE: Recent acclaimed Swedish cult movie 74 CLUE: Boy searches for his lost dog 77 CLUE: Best Picture nominated teenage girl coming of age story 78 CLUE: Angelina's ex was in this 90's Oscar nominated crime thriller 82
  14. They are returning this weekend on Sunday at 2:42 pm Eastern https://blogs.nasa.gov/commercialcrew/2020/07/30/nasa-astronauts-to-discuss-upcoming-splashdown-in-friday-news-conference/ here's the NASA live feed again
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  16. I knew there was a dupe when I posted it. Both Gia and I looked and we couldn't see it. It pays to be younger.
  17. 12. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 27 & 48: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
  18. 01. Rounders 02. House of Flying Daggers 07. Goodfellas 10. Throw Momma from the Train 11. Bumblebee 18. Artificial Intelligence: A.I. 20. The Lost Boys 29. Beverly Hills Ninja 43. Dazed and Confused 49. Scream 55. Con Air 67. The Amazing Spider-Man 70. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker
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