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  2. Jill De Jong Models Do Eat Cookbook Out Now from Former Lara Croft Model for Angel Of Darkness Getting fit and the body you want doesn't mean giving up delicious food. “Fit” and “healthy” have become some of the most popular tags on social media, it’s sexy to take excellent care of our bodies and minds That’s why Jill de Jong, fitness model and personal trainer who provided the real-life body for video game adventure icon Lara Croft, along with nine of her fellow models have come together to share their food philosophies, expertise, and favorite recipes—their secrets to feeling healthy and looking great. Models Do Eat is more than a simple cookbook—it invites you to think critically about nutrition and make better choices for yourself. If you’ve tried to drop some pounds by depriving yourself of food, you know how miserable and harmful it can be. This team of inspiring women is dedicated to help you make the healthiest possible choices for your body. These models love to eat and they eat a lot. With approaches from paleo and gluten-free eating to vegetarianism and veganism, and everything in-between, Models Do Eat is proof that there’s not just one “correct” way to eat well and feel beautiful. Inside discover more than 100 delicious, healthful recipes that promote energy, glowing skin, shiny hair, and weight loss, including Mediterranean Breakfast Cups, Gluten-Free Endless Energy Matcha Muffins, Wholesome Mushroom Tacos, Coconut Basil Sweet Potato Fries, Bison Stew and Bone Broth, Charred Cauliflower with Peppers & Egg, Raw Vegan Cheesecake Bars, and more. These meals will jumpstart your own unique path to looking and feeling like your best self. In addition to their recipe recommendations, you’ll get personal stories and insights from: Taylor Walker Sinning (Under Armour model with a Master's in physical education) Courtney James (certified health coach and the face of Aerie and American Eagle) Lauren Williams (Personal trainer & fitness model for Nike, Athleta, Target, and Women's Health) Colleen Baxter (functional medicine practitioner who's walked for Oscar de la Renta and posed for Vogue) Adela Capova (integrative nutritionist featured in Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and GQ) Liana Werner-Gray (Miss Earth Australia and bestselling author of The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes) Summer Rayne Oakes (certified holistic nutritionist featured in the elite Pirelli Calendar) Nikki Sharp (naturopath, raw foods expert, and frequent face on Access Hollywood and Extra! TV) Sarah DeAnna (bestselling author of Supermodel You) Anyone can eat like a model and reap the benefits, inside and out. Models Do Eat shows you how. From Her Tomb Raider Days Buy The Book Here
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  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - RTX Experience Shadow of the Tomb Raider with the high-fidelity graphical update that comes with RTX: Ray tracing, which has long been used for non-real-time rendering, provides realistic lighting by simulating the physical behavior of light. Ray tracing calculates the color of pixels by tracing the path that light would take if it were to travel from the eye of the viewer through the virtual 3D scene. As it traverses the scene, the light may reflect from one object to another (causing reflections), be blocked by objects (causing shadows), or pass through transparent or semi-transparent objects (causing refractions). All of these interactions are combined to produce the final color of a pixel that then displayed on the screen. RTX-capable GPUs include dedicated ray tracing acceleration hardware, use an advanced acceleration structure and implement an entirely new GPU rendering pipeline to enable real-time ray tracing in games and other graphics applications. Ray tracing acceleration is leveraged by developers through NVIDIA OptiX, Microsoft DXR enhanced with NVIDIA ray tracing libraries, and the upcoming Vulkan ray tracing API. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO
  6. WITNESS THE MAKING OF A TOMB RAIDER Lara Croft’s Most Iconic Action Moments Brought to Life LOS ANGELES, CA (March 19, 2019) – Square Enix® is proud to present the feature length film, “The Making of a Tomb Raider.” Previously debuted as a unique in-cinema event, the Lara Croft® inspired movie follows renowned BASE jumper Clair Marie as she recreates iconic action sequences from Tomb Raider®. Relive memorable scenes from the 2013 release of Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider™, and the recently released Shadow of the Tomb Raider™. Watch as Clair scales up jagged rock faces and performs exciting moves like the classic Lara Leap. Coinciding with the film’s release, players can enjoy a weeklong digital sale of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. For U.S. customers only, the game is receiving a 50% discount off the base game on Xbox, while the Season Pass will see a 33% discount. The sale will run from March 19 through March 25. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO HERE
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  8. https://www.vulture.com/2019/03/college-cheating-scam-scandal-felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin.html https://www.justice.gov/file/1142871/download
  9. Olivia was going to USC for a Liberal Arts degree. How does a liberal arts degree gets these jobs? http://www.collegeranker.com/liberal-arts-degree-jobs/
  10. That video posted by Olivia Loughlin (post #2 above) where she talks about how she just want to go to college to party has been removed by her. Her YouTube channel with the rest of her videos talking about clothing, makeup, shopping, girls stuff is still up. By the way, Olivia had endorsement contracts with several companies as an advertising spokesmodel. Those companies include Sephora and Tresemmé and both company have now dropped her and deleted any trace of her from their websites. The Hallmark Channel has also dropped her mother's movie contract. Here comes the lawsuits including one filed by the parents of a young man (who looks Asian and we know Asians with a 4.2 GPA do not get deny admission into colleges) asking for $500 billion, Yes! Billions, not millions, in damages!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6809747/Lawsuits-filed-500b-wake-college-cheating-scandal.html https://paloaltoonline.com/news/2019/03/14/stanford-students-file-class-action-lawsuit-in-admissions-scandal The only ones who end up making any real money from all these lawsuits will be lawyers. I should had been a lawyer!!
  11. QUOTE: " Lori Loughlin‘s daughters are dropping out of the University of Southern California — because they’re afraid of being bullied over the massive college admissions scam that has left them feeling like “a mess,” a report said Thursday. Olivia Jade, 19, and her sister, 20-year-old Isabella Rose, have decided to withdraw from USC days after their parents, “Fuller House” star Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were charged for allegedly paying the girls’ way into the school. " That's alright. They don't need college: their mommy and daddy have plenty of money if they can manage to stay out of prison.
  12. I remember one year when I was in high school they didn't turn the clocks back to conserve oil i think and I saw the sun coming up in first period in school. It's not fun going to school in the dark lol or work for that matter. It was cool watching the sun come up though instead of paying attention to the teacher.
  13. In order to use a rope arrow to make a line, you need to stand close to the wooden post at the end of the path (since that's where Lara will anchor the end of the line), aim at the rope-wrapped beam down below, and press Alternate Fire on the controller (I think that's R2 on PS3, R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox) or Space on the keyboard to fire a rope arrow.
  14. Lara has a speech with the man at the village overlook base camp and I am stuck from here. When you run down from there, there is a huge drop and a rope at the bottom. I have looked on youtube and it shows Lara firing at the rope and climbing down. I have tried firing my arrows at the rope but nothing happens and I am running out of arrows. Do I need a special arrow and if so where do I get it? I have been stuck here for ages.
  15. Now trying to get into college even if you have good grades and a good academic record in High School and high SAT sores, it's like getting a job. I've seen first hand what my brother's kids went through to get into the colleges of their choice. It's no longer just get a good score on the SAT and apply with several colleges and see which one will accept you. Regarding Olivia Loughlin, you would think with as much money as her parents have...I heard their house is worth $25 million, so their net worth must be considerably more ...they could've just bought the little brat a fancy clothing boutique or something to make her feel like she's a "success" in life. Supposedly she makes $50,000 a year posting selfies on Instagram. How the heck do you make money posting selfies and talking about yourself on Instagram? No wonder so many of these young kids have no reality regarding what work and earning money is about. It takes no effort to post a photo on social media and type a few words.
  16. I had a thought yesterday. Instead of 1 hour Spring forward and 1 hour Fall back, why not just meet halfway and have 30 minutes Spring forward and 30 minutes Fall back. That will be easier on everyone's natural internal body clock.
  17. Yes, there will. In the article above, coaches and admission counselors and even SAT test monitors who took bribes to allow others to impersonate the rich kids and take the SAT in their place are being arrested. You are correct Morph, for each one of these rich kids whose parents bought them a spot into a college, there is a kid who worked hard grades K-12, made good grades, did every extra academic activities they could (sports, math club, chess club, yearbook, etc) during school hours and after, their parents also had to spent a great deal of time driving them to and from, prepared for the SAT and made high scores, gone to several college admission interviews and wrote letters to Deans stating why they should be allowed to attend a particular college, etc etc only to lose their spot to one of these rich kids who if they are like Loughlin's daughter in her YouTube channel video, who doesn't care if she goes to college or not.
  18. I agree with you J7! It's completely unfair to the kids who have worked hard to get in to good colleges, worked their butts off for scholarships, or they and their families scrape up the tuition fees! 100% unfair that these people throw bribe money at people to get their kids what they want and make their problems go away! Will there be action against whoever accepted these bribes too? I hope so!
  19. This Daylight Savings still kicking my butt. Every Day since Sunday, I go to sleep around 11 pm, wake up about 5 am: 6 hours sleep average each of those nights. But by 11 am I'm ready for a nap but I can't take one because I am at work.
  20. Watching The Dam Busters. The story about this for those who are not World War II experts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Chastise George Lucas admitted he used this movie as inspiration for the Star Wars Death Star Trench run. He is an unoriginal hack. He even stole the dialogue from it.
  21. Looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg, it goes much bigger than 50 people charged. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/13/us/what-we-know-college-admissions-cheating-scandal/index.html
  22. The kids come from wealthy families. I am sure since school grade K and all the way to 12, they were sent to the best schools. Their parents shouldn't have to bribe anyone for these kids to be admitted into the best colleges. If they have applied themselves from grade school to high school, they will make good scores on the SAT and have the SAT scores and their high school activities and ranking enough to get them into the finest college. Now since they couldn't get into the finest colleges without their parents bribing someone, it meant they had lousy grades from grade 1-12. Well, whose fault is that? It's not just the kids' fault! It's also their parents! For not paying attention to how well their kids are doing in school and for not catching it early enough to establish discipline and a school work regiment. So if the kids got into colleges because of bribes, will they be allowed to continue their education? I think they should be kicked out. If some of them have already earned a degree, should that degree be invalidated?
  23. "I do want the experiences of game days, partying. I don't really care about school; as you guys all know." -Lori Loughlin's daughter, on her YouTube channel last August! She can go work at McDonald's if she doesn't want to go to college. Can't believe her parents paid $500,000 in bribes to get her spoiled dumb butt and her sister into college.
  24. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2019/03/12/felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin-indicted-admissions-bribery-case-reports/3139204002/ https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/college-admissions-cheating-felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin/index.html Lori Loughlin? One of my favorite actresses from the 80's. She was in Full House and Secret Admirer. What the HECK she gone and do that for??? Read the articles! Some of the money they paid in bribes to get their kids into these prominent colleges is more than the money they would pay for 4 years of college education.
  25. j7wild

    The Rant Thread

    There isn't a week that goes by that I don't run into stupid clueless lack of common sense people whether it's people that come to my business or people I come across when I deal with a business that I give my money to. Did these people had poor parenting? Poor schooling? Or were they dropped on their heads when they were babies or just born dumb? What is this world coming to?
  26. Morph

    The Rant Thread

    That is just appalling service, and I'm glad you took it further. Some people just don't deserve the positions they have.
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