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  1. Tom@LCO

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I guess this was a sequel to the single man.
  2. Tom@LCO

    LCO NFL Fantalk 2008

    How about the jet player throwing 2 touchdown balls into the stand, I heard it's a 5000 dollar fine.
  3. Tom@LCO

    The Rant Thread

    We don't have that drink in my neck of the woods lol.
  4. Wow that might be the spiders world wide web.
  5. Hello Tom. Saw a thing about Signatures but don't see anywhere on how to make/change one.  Or have they been disabled?  Please and thank you :)

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    2. Tom@LCO


      Glad to hear it. I never had a signature and it might have been an option years ago. This forum was converted many years ago from Yabb to Invision in 2006 so it could have been from back then. The forum is 17 years old I think. I started LCO in early 2001.

      the main site is https://www.laracroftonline.com  we began as a flash site which is archived now. at https://www.laracroftonline.com/flash  Today we are html5 to fit all devices. Lastly the forum had a major update last year and became partly cloud based so I think features were added and some removed.

    3. Big Tyler 08

      Big Tyler 08

      Nice!  I hope it continues to succeed and I enjoyed the backstory :)

    4. Tom@LCO
  6. Welcome back and hope you're enjoying the game!
  7. Welcome to the forum rufinoman2. Have fun enjoy!
  8. Tom@LCO

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I wish they had a tv package where you just paid for the channels you want to watch.
  9. Tom@LCO

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Yeah same happened when i was watching Defiance.
  10. Tom@LCO

    The Rant Thread

    That clip was really visually informative.
  11. Tom@LCO

    Jaguar glitch

    Not there yet. Playing on PS4. I know for pc there were graphic drivers updated for the game.
  12. Tom@LCO

    graphics suddenly got poor?

    Keep us updated if you find a resolution. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Tom@LCO

    graphics suddenly got poor?

    Not yet no. I wonder if you need high speed HDMI cables.
  14. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenges with Ant Middleton – Challenge 5 – In the Deep End LINK
  15. Tom@LCO

    100% completion - Prima guide is wrong

    I started it last night and all I kept thinking was I wish I had a 55 inch 4k tv.