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  1. If you go to Stella's Tomb Raider Site and read her walkthroughs whatever dialogue is there she usually describes it.
  2. If they could make it better but they rarely ever do. Look at Total Recall what they did to that remake.
  3. Yeah that the 4k specs for the disks but i wonder in 2001 what was the film specs resolution then. Because if it was lower than 4k when they filmed it then they had to enhance it to get to 4k.
  4. I bought the blu-ray set awhile back. Believe it or not I prefer how dvd's play rather than these big file disks. I wonder what resolution they filmed this in or did they enhance it to make it 4k.
  5. Good thing for someone to have if they lose a bet. 😄
  6. Classic Content - Tomb Raider: A Brief History TR 25 celebration.
  7. Too much Salt is not good for you!
  8. To me it was like a B movie that would be fine if it was made for tv. It wasn't great but was ok.
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