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  1. Tom@LCO

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Wow. I felt she didn't love the other guy after all and found love with someone else regardless of how much money he had. She didn't care she'd marry into wealth nor did she try to sell the jewelry. All she cared about was the time she spent with the person she loved. It's ok to call off a wedding if it doesn't feel right than making a commitment for the wrong reasons.
  2. Tom@LCO

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    She was in the second one as she was part of a set that included Woody. All are good IMO. In the 3rd they found a new home with a young girl I believe.
  3. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider The Forge Trailer LINK
  4. I don't see any aliens wanting to contact us lol.
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Co-op Video LINK Sharing An Adventure
  6. Tom@LCO

    Help Stella For Extra Life for Kids

    Woohoo! I'm glad we did our part to help!
  7. Tom@LCO

    Help Stella For Extra Life for Kids

    I'm a slow player it wouldn't look as savvy as some professionals If you can support Stella she helps out a great deal on our forum and it's for a good cause. I did
  8. Tom@LCO

    Help Stella For Extra Life for Kids

    Stella isn't familiar?
  9. Tomb Raider fans on a mission to help sick and injured kids. You've heard of fund-raising marathons, walk-a-thons, fun runs, and such. We're doing the same thing only with video games, and we need your help! Link
  10. Tom@LCO

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I liked it a lot but I felt the 1st was better.
  11. New Accolades Trailer : Link to Download New DLC Spectre Outfit. Link
  12. The 1st try did not make the goal so they started a new campaign again. link
  13. I felt like Ruby Rose was closer but that's just my opinion. She loves the tattoo thing also.
  14. Tom@LCO

    Over 100K Gamerscore

    Congratulations. I hope they send you a gift. 😎