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  1. Royal Mail Tomb Raider Collector Stamp Sheets Coming January 21st 2020 The world’s favorite video game heroine stars in stunning scenes from adventures spanning 17 years. This Tomb Raider souvenir includes 10 Miniature Sheet stamps featuring Lara Croft. Description This Tomb Raider souvenir includes 10 Miniature Sheet stamps alongside labels featuring Lara Croft in action across various locations. The stamps are set against a dramatic image from 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider – the 18th game in this iconic series. LINK LINK
  2. Yeah lol How about enemies that just keep on coming and coming. I was playing a survivor is born and was shooting forever and was disgusted. It wasn't how many you bad guys you decaffeinated but how many in a short period of time. First time I ran into that and really frustrating. I can understand why some people give up sometimes but it just means 50 times you didn't figure it out. I YouTube it sometimes and go oh yeah lol.
  3. Tomb Raider Origin Trilogy App Bundle $89.99 Purchased Separately: $114.97 MAC APP STORE
  4. They should bring the most interesting man in the world back lol.
  5. Yeah it covers you for any faith that celebrates a holiday during that time.
  6. TOMB RAIDER LIVE Symphonic Suite Liver October 24th 2020 8.15pm Grand Rex, 1, Bd Poissonnière 75002 Paris Tickets
  7. I thought it was ok. I mean 8 episodes for a season is nuts anyway. It's best a mini-series.
  8. I don't think he's doing a French accent but he might be from the south, maybe Louisiana.
  9. WooHoo! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year Everyone! Here's a picture from Eidos Montreal
  10. Yes we have them here also on our site. I don't use YouTube I support my own Tomb Raider video lol
  11. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Mac App Store Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Deluxe Double Vinyl Tomb Raider 4,5, and 6 re-mastered by Composer Peter Connelly Tomb Raider Suite Double Deluxe Tin CD By Nathan McCree
  12. I hate to say it but I have to agree. I did like the end of the movie though.
  13. My least favorite episode. I understand though but i don't have to like it.
  14. Yeah No one has ever had a problem that I am aware of, and this forum is almost 19 years old.
  15. Maybe he needed cereal. He thinks they're great!
  16. Tom@LCO


    I knew the Honey Badger was going to win.
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