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  1. Not getting over the moon vibes from it. When I saw the bad guy it looked like it switched to Bohemian Rhapsody lol.
  2. Good question. Yoda was 900. They don't say it is Yoda. People just call him Baby Yoda.
  3. Yes. Though I've seen some up a week or more before Thanksgiving which is insane.
  4. Tom@LCO


    Not me I love my Amazon Prime lol
  5. Tom@LCO


    Beat you to it for a change lol
  6. Tom@LCO


    E.T. Is Back! They really should make a sequel.
  7. TOMB RAIDER™: LARA CROFT TEMPLE OF OSIRIS REGULAR EDITION STATUE $339.99 ESTIMATED SHIPPING DATE Q2 2020 Gaming Heads is proud to announce the return of our favorite archaeologist, Lara Croft. This is our third 1:6 scale Lara Croft statue and is based on Lara Croft as shown in Tomb Raider™: Temple of Osiris. In Temple of Osiris, Lara Croft travels to the deserts of Egypt where she joins forces with rival treasure hunter Carter Bell and imprisoned gods Isis and Horus to reclaim the lost staff of Osiris and to defeat the evil deity Set. Wearing her famous turquoise tank-top and cargo shorts, the Tomb Raider™: Temple of Osiris - Lara Croft (Regular edition) 1:6 scale statue shows Lara Croft effortlessly vaulting over rocky steps with 1 hand while holding a flaming torch in her other hand. Standing approximately 16" tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the staff used by Horus, the Tomb Raider™: Temple of Osiris - Lara Croft (Regular edition) statue is made using polystone resin and is skillfully hand-crafted and painted. The Tomb Raider™: Temple of Osiris - Lara Croft (Regular edition) statue includes Lara's right arm holding a flaming torch (yes, the torch can light up)* and the staff used by Horus. The Tomb Raider™: Temple of Osiris - Lara Croft statue is also available as an Exclusive edition statue and as a Collective edition statue The Tomb Raider™: Temple of Osiris - Lara Croft (Regular edition) statue includes deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand-numbered base and a validation card that allows you to validate your purchase and get the same statue edition number of future statues in the Lara Croft 1:6 scale statue series if you place your order during the pre-order period. Temple of Osiris - Lara Croft (Regular edition) statue measurements: Height: 41cm (16") Length: 19cm (7.5") Width: 38cm (15") Weight: 3.61kg (8lbs) Limited to 1500 statues worldwide. Gaming Heads
  8. I shake my head at people that leave their wreaths up all year round. Lite FM near me they've been playing Christmas songs since the first of the month! Speaking of Xmas... Remember this Christmas song flash player I use to have? I found it take a look lol. The close button doesn't work because it was meant for a popup. I don't put out my decorations until Santa comes and waves at Macy's at the end of the parade. HO! HO! HO! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  9. He was suspended indefinitely.
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    I missed 2 and I would have shared also. How many people know the names of the four Ninja Turtles lol
  11. Very cool! I have both versions and I like them either way. I can watch A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi and call it day.
  12. I didn't bother either. The last batman movie with the joker was disturbing not entertaining.
  13. What do you call that? Creative Licence? I guess he didn't want to make Han to be a scoundrel after all and edited for the alien to shoot first.
  14. I like Star Wars but I'm mostly a Trekkie so I really don't care if I see it or not. I do want to see the movie coming out though.
  15. Lara Croft Go is different than pc controls or console. It's more simplified but still fun because you need to figure out a puzzle for each level.
  16. They keep re-making movies and re-boots and sequels and prequels etc etc. Something new would be nice for a change.
  17. I got up super early to buy a tv once but I wouldn't do it again lol.
  18. I'd as a last resort re - install the game something might be corrupt somewhere.
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