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  1. They are awesome! I agree with the others in saying that the Bat one is def my fav!
  2. Thats really no bad thing. But I don't think she looks anything like AOD Lara... Huge Huge improvement Legend Lara!
  3. I havent seen National treasure, but I didn't enjoy the Golden Compass. I thought it was just generally bad.
  4. Well its three books so its very likely there will be a sequel.
  5. You should be fine on a commercial. On our flight back from Cyprus there was a baby who was very young and he seemed fine. Apart from giving me a headache... XD
  6. Hello everybody Got back from Cyprus this afternoon... Had a great time apart from going there XD Plane broke down when we were about to taxi Delayed for 5 and a half hours... otherwise had an awesome time
  7. Have fun Twingo and AngelR! I won't be around for 2 weeks either I'm off to Cyprus for two weeks. Can't wait for some heat.
  8. Something I started and am hoping to continue. “ That’s eight quid please mate.” “ Keep the change.” Kurtis said handing him a ten-pound note. He watched the lights of the taxi disappear down the over grown drive way and turned around to face Croft Manor. It was silent. No welcoming lights beamed through the crystal shaped panes. Kurtis shivered, the air was cool and damp for a summer night. He shuffled towards the large oak doors supporting the rucksack on his bag with his arm. Lifting the large doorknocker he let it fall, and paused to hear the thud echo through the house. Nobody answered. Kurtis shivered in the moonlight. It was unusual for Lara to not be home, especially when he knew she was expecting him. He tried opening the door. It rattled, but didn’t open. Concerned of where she could be, he made his way round to the back of the house, knowing that there were some patio doors he could have a look through. The gardens were eerie in the dark, owls hooting over the distant buzz of a motorway. The doors looked pretty on the manor. Ivy grew wildly around them making them seem part of a small cottage. They looked onto a small patio, where there was a small relaxing fountain and pond, which was the home to a couple of fish. Kurtis stared at them as they effortlessly cruised round near the surface. They looked so calm, in the contrast to his worry. Tiredness was starting to take its effect on his eyes, and he rubbed them gently, and then made his way to the Patio doors and peered through. It seemed normal, just like how it had been when he had last visited at Christmas. It was a happy time, which made him feel warm inside. It soon faded as he was brought back to reality. He could make out the odd shapes of the furniture, specifically the writing desk in the corner, which seemed to have piles of books on top of it. There wasn’t much else to see, he knew Lara didn’t use some of the rooms in the house often, this being one of them. He knew she often thought about moving to a smaller place nearer London, but for now Kurtis had persuaded her not too. He had fallen in love the manor ever since he set his eyes on it, and it almost seemed like a second home. Lara was quick to remind him that it was her house. Seeing no other alternative but to break in, Kurtis put his backpack on the ground, and started rummaging around in it. He pulled out a small box which when he opened revealed four or five small different shaped tools. He picked up the pick that he thought would be right, and inserted it into the lock. After a few minutes there was a loud click and the doors swung open. “Lara really needs to get new doors if they are that easy to unlock.” Kurtis muttered to himself as he packed the small tools back into his bag. He made his way into the room and the shut the doors behind him. He turned on a small lamp that sat on the writing desk in the corner. The room was full of antiques. There were precious Vases that stood on small tables, and an expensive looking coffee table sat in the middle of the room in front of a very comfy looking sofa. A grand looking fireplace was situated opposite packed with logs waiting to be lit on a freezing winters night. Feeling no urgency to find his bedroom in the dark, he closed the curtains and pulled the blinds together in front of the patio doors. He got out a blanket he had packed into his rucksack and snuggled up onto the sofa. He thought for a few minutes about where Lara could be. Was she lost? Worse… dead? It was worryingly unusual. Shutting those thoughts out of his mind for the moment, he rolled over and fell peacefully to sleep. Any Critisms very welcome.
  9. Laraman asked me to post that he may not be around for a bit as he is having computer trouble at the moment. Hes been advised by Currys to not use the computer, but he shall be back as soon as possible.
  10. TR252

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    LOL cool XD Thanks
  11. I got to the first level of eygpt today.
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