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  1. Which would you say Lara Croft is? Hot or not? Send in pictures to prove what you think. Here's mine- i say both!
  2. Easy just pick a pic from the browse button or if your signiture is what you mean it appears when you post at the end anyway!
  3. Kurtis Trench totally moved me in angel of darkness because of his feelings for lara! Im glad he will return!
  4. please could you all post pictures of lara croft's best outfits and i will see which are the top 10! here is a start of from me- i made it!
  5. this is moi! what you think?
  6. I am new to this website and only started today and i nthought it would be such a good reason joining as i am such a tomb raider fan and i would like to take this chance to meet new friends.
  7. I definetly thought that Kurtis is everything i want and he is soo good looking! My boyfriend is weirdly called Kurtis Trench too!He looks quite similar like him only in my age and 13! I love contrlling him too and i think thta he and Lara would make a great couple!
  8. Lara Croft is my hero!

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