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  1. 03 - Cliffy ( happy birthday darlin!) 07 - Katie_Tomb_Raider, Nina
  2. Updated. Again, folks - as BP said in the post, post here or PM us to get your name on the list. This list is NOT attached to the calendar! The calendar is what will get your birthday on the bottom of the main page.
  3. SH4 was AWFUL. I really liked 1, 2, and 3. I wouldn't say 3 was slow. I can see why you'd say 2 is slow, but I loved all the storylines and inferences to look for so I didn't mind.
  4. Did you try looking through the living room window? Let me know if that still doesn't work. SH3 endings: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Hill_3#Endings
  5. I pray for another tomb raider game ;D ;D
  6. Here is the link to the site.. http://www.skincaf.org/custpage.cfm?frm=2385&sec_id=2385 hehe they have the truck in the pic now... http://www.awn.com/news/lara-croft-new-spokesmodel-skin-cancer-awareness
  7. As posted by Trinity34 For twelve years now, gaming professionals and geeks alike have gathered for a week of electronic entertainment frenzy. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo has hosted giants and small players alike as companies present their latest game titles and hardware to media, retailers, and colleagues. The event crammed the Los Angeles Convention Center with blazing lights, blaring speakers, bustling crowds, and endless activity -- before spilling into flashy press conferences and notoriously decadent after-hours parties. Now, E3 as we've known it is a thing of the past. The Entertainment Software Assocation, which hosts E3 each year, announced today that going forward the Expo will be an "intimate event" rather than a massive trade show, hosting press events and small meetings with media, retailers, and developers. According to Electronic Arts, the redesigned E3 will now take place in July. READ MORE.. Here is another good article I saw... http://ps2.ign.com/articles/722/722125p1.html
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