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  1. Has anyone here ever tried the remake that is available on trle.net? Maybe we could try that version out as well. I have both TR1 and Anniversary for PS2, but I haven't played the TR1 remake that was made with the Level Editor. I have played some of the Level Editor games and they are outstanding . To say the the least. The Jerusalem Project was awesome, so perhaps I'll try the TR1 remake. Viva my fellow raiders!
  2. I'm not exactly sure if anyone from the TR design teams read anything on this forum or not (I would certainly hope so, it is a GREAT site), but I would pose the question to fellow TR fans...what would we like to see and hear in TR Anniversary? Personally, I would be thrilled to hear a kind of updated version of the old soundtrack which really was magnificent to say the least. Not just this, but perhaps the finding of secrets could lead to unlocking the old PC Gold levels such as Unfinished Buisness, etc. I really hope TR Anniversary is successful enough to be able to recreate, refine, and revitalize the original sequels as well. Man, I couldn't wait until a revamped version of the Last Revelation which was my personal favorite before Legend. Also, did anyone else notice the boxes on the Bolivia Redux level of Legend? Natla? Hmmm...
  3. I am a wee bit ecstatic hearing about Tomb Raider Anniversary and especially the story being based on the first Tomb Raider. I wish the design team the best of luck in refining a great game which, like Legend, when accomplished, there will be no suitable adjectives to describe so gloriously rendered a work of art. I am quite sure, and it is obvious when you see how much attention online that this game series gets, that it will be exceptionally successful and I am hoping that Eidos and Crystal Dynamics will be able to recreate all of the orginal Tomb Raider games if at all possible. The old stories, especially TR I, II, III, The Last Revelation, and Chronicles are just too good to leave untouched. Admirably enough, fans can see how the designers are indeed true artists just as you look at the masters who painted all of the frescos and filled the museums of today always started out with rough sketches that eventually led to the completed work. As stated, best of luck to the design team, programming team, and everyone else who has made this series so great. I would ask that anyone else please feel free to reply and give your feedback on what you would like to see in the refined Tomb Raider Anniversary (please say SERIES!) Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to anyone reading this rambling of mine.
  4. 'ello all you lovely birds and handsome blokes! And that, coming from an American no less! HA! Anywhoo, would it not be great to have either a twelfth or thirteenth Tomb Raider Anniversary edition of the Tomb Raider series that is, as someone who works with metals and ores would say, refined and made that much more closer to perfection? Refinement of the classic stories (Tomb Raider Gold, Tomb Raider II Gold, Tomb Raider III Gold, the Last Revelation and the London Times, Chronicles, and the Angel of Darkness) in keeping with Legend, and having the graphics of Legend, but still retain the overall foreboding creepiness that made the original trilogy as well as the Last Revelation, Chronicles, and (to Hades with the criticism, full speed ahead) the Angel of Darkness? For the Xbox 360, the PS 3, and Nintendo? uh, well, they will think of something more realistic and physically involving. So many good ideas out there amigos. I think it would be cool in the future to see Tomb Raider reach its zenith with a tenth installment, as many ancients (those who went before us as my Catholic+Christian and Buddhist friends would say) had more time to explore the practice of observing numbers as having a sacred significance, 10 would mean a completed work. Hmm...just the idea of a goal I would suppose. There will always be a Tomb Raider franchise thankfully and may all who enjoy Lara's adventures be blessed in everyway everyday! By the way, as any good artist will tell you, you start with a rough sketch, then that rough sketch takes more and more shape, until finally a finished product with a bit o' polish completes the work. Just ideas amigos...anyone game for it?
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