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  1. Alive!Chirugai moved. felt live energy of its owner and... Gosh, like I am writing a fan fiction, not a post! :D
  2. This figure is rather unproportinal to mu mind. And what happened to her lips?? Looks like plastic surgery did a mistake. From the good points I have to admit they had paid a lot attention to body curves and hair.Very detailed.
  3. Very attractive its weak description for him.He is ridicously HOT!!!!
  4. Blah, I managed to do only the very first hit on the left shoulder, then he runs to left and then boss grabbs me and throws me on the ground. maybe there are some hints?
  5. Actually hose hints I successfully missed... Never suspected ANYTHING.
  6. Welcome to the forum. And not that Cleaner got on my nerves but to pass those alarm sensors that idiot put there!
  7. Nah, I think the material of the dress is called ''wet silk''. Hmm.. maybe they didn't forget underwear. maybe she wears strings or smth so not to spoil the picture.
  8. had to choose between Crash Bandicoot and Dino Crisis. Have chosen crash. It brings sweet memories from gone childhood...
  9. You mean being Darth Revan or Bastila being dark for a while? About being ex - Dark Lord my jaw dropped open till the floor from surprise. And returning Bastila to light side was also rather cool. First time I managed, second time when re-playing - not. had to kill her. Hmm.. Not such tragedy actually. But being Darth Revan.. oh boy that rocked my socks! And I was tired to tell everyone that I am NOT Revan anymore. :D
  10. I also just Started to play TTT. On PS2 luckly. Hmm.. Not counting that the screen of the TV set is ridiculously small and some levels is very hard to pass. Like right now I am stucked at Klompa level because can't do a speedkill. Screen is so small that I can't see the Dagger flashing!
  11. Heels are cool, that I have to admit. But her dress... OH THE HORROR!!!
  12. Well, I will explain why I do not like that dress so much here. look at the lower part of it. Looks like it is stuffed with cotton or something. Dress in the game is very light and this one looks like...Oh I don't know.. Like it is made of plastic
  13. AoD all the time. This game brought me on this forum and because of it I fell in love with the series. Also can mention TR2 because I just adore Marco Bartoli. Such sophisticated madman...
  14. Oh god the dress looks so ugly and fake here! Why can't Eidos, who gains so much profit from TR games and stuff create NORMAl outfits for their models??
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