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  1. OK - here is a progress report on Antarctica. It's so long since I last did this level that I've pretty much forgotten the routes and the moves through it. I am seriously thinking of doing the level once to re-learn it and then re-doing it for the record. One tip I can give you right away (Stella - you might like to consider this if you plan to update the walkthrough): to get the Desert Eagle clips from the water right at the beginning, don't go into the water from the level's start point. Instead, jump to the ice floe first, stand Lara at the mid point of the edge of the left section, line her up so that she's looking straight at the clips, then swan-dive (Walk+Jump+Forward). A couple of strokes will then put her right on top of them quickly.
  2. City now achieved and with it London zone now done and the full tally of artifacts has now been gathered. City is different in style from the other two boss battles. Basically the entire level is the fight (apart from the short side trip to collect the level's sole secret). The other difference fundamental difference is that Sophia, unlike Tony and Puna, is invulnerable to Lara's weapons. This might have made her totally invincible but for the fact that he offence is considerably weaker. If Tony or Puna got a single hit, Lara was toast but she can survive 2-3 hits from Sophia before she succumbs. So basically your strategy is: keep Lara alive until you can get to the fusebox (be prepared to burn a few medipacks - but by now she should be rolling in them). Tactical tips: firstly - keep Lara moving when she's exposed: like Tony and Puna, Sophia is slow to shift her aim. Secondly - use the landscape as a shield: there are lots of places where Lara can hide behind or hang from and the structure will absorb Sophia's lightning bolts. Also - Sophia can't keep up a continuous rate of fire; from time to time she has to stop to recharge. Use those intervals to get Lara moving. Sophia also climbs upward as the Level progresses - take advantage of those intervals, too. Thirdly - keep a close eye on Lara's health; keep her alive and she will get to the fusebox and then you can turn the tables. I don't recommend any save points - it should be possible to do the level all in one stint as long as you can keep Lara alive. Confession time: I didn't actually keep count of how many times I got Lara killed; I wasn't always quick enough with the medipacks and a couple of times I wasn't watching where she was going and ran her over the edge. This is another level that is all but impossible to do without medipacks - even on the PC as there are no crystals. Off to Antarctica now. Level Stats: Time: 00:10:07 Secrets: 1/1 Kills: 0 (Sophia doesn't count as Lara didn't use her weapons) Ammo Used: 15 (When I tried to shoot the fusebox, Sophia was in Lara's targeting arc) Hits: 1 Health Packs Used 1.5 Distance Travelled: 408 m Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 03:34:35 Secrets: 17/17 Kills: 59 Ammo Used: 1005 Hits: 813 Health Packs Used 4.5 Distance Travelled: 13.80 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 10:23:02 Secrets: 51/50 Kills: 324 Ammo Used: 7006 Hits: 5998 Health Packs Used 11.5 Distance Travelled: 42.46 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 34 rounds Desert Eagle + 80 rounds UZIs + 520 rounds MP5 + 1064 rounds Rocket Launcher + 14 rounds Grenade Launcher + 22 rounds Harpoon Gun + 43 rounds 156 x Flares 31 x Large Medipacks 42 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115 Ora Dagger The Eye of Isis
  3. I have now completed Lud's Gate. As I said above, this is my least favourite level of the game. Basically, what I dislike about this level is the long underwater section, and that the level, as a whole, goes on far too long. This is the longest level completed so far in terms of distance and time, distance particularly. I was actually quite pleased with the way I did it; I made no attempt to do it all in one stint but broke it up into sections, taking breaks between them, so I managed not to get a feeling of frustration. There are no easy enemies to deal with in this level; in fact I don't think I used the Pistols at all. I made extensive use of the shotgun (devastating at close range), using the Desert Eagle for the big open area area around Secrets #5 & #6 and the Harpoon Gun for the underwater sections. I do not really like the UPV - far too difficult control. On previous plays of the game, I've sometimes not bothered to use it once I've got Lara to the big Flooded Chamber: the UPV may be faster than swimming by muscle power, but what she gains in speed, she loses in manoeuvreability, so I didn't even bother trying to use it for going to and fro in the Flooded Chamber. This time, I did actually use it for the long sections, once the tasks in the Flooded Chamber were complete. A couple of tips: when the pair of frogmen appear after you operate the third lever, don't try to fight them when you first encounter them, Lara'll be short of air by this time - so head back to the Air Pocket, refill lungs then dive down to fight (if necessary, go back for more air after defeating the first - it's better to lose a bit of health from their spearguns than drown). And if you do succeed in killing the first frogman before he can close off the second UPV, plunder the Secret Area and bring the UPV out into the open and temporarily abandon it before plundering the open area. I recommend no less than TEN save points: 1) Once you've completed the climb after collecting Secret #2 2) Just before sliding down to make the jump to the Embalming Fluid ledge 3) Once you reach the head of the Sphinx 4) Just before dropping down the shaft to the first UPV 5) Just after abandoning the first UPV 6) Just before heading to the Flooded Chamber: after getting the final Secret/second UPV, you don't want to have to through that rigmarole again if you don't get past frogman and croc first time. 7) Upon arrival at the Air Pocket - getting past the second frogman and crocodile can be a bit tricky (I didn't manage it first time) and it will probably take more than one attempt to complete the Flooded Chamber tasks, so give yourself a fallback point so you can separate the trip here from the tasks here 8) Upon arrival at the Boiler Room Area - there's scope for getting killed here and once you've beaten the Flooded Chamber, you don't really want to have to do it again - so give yourself a fallback point just in case you get carelessly complacent (I did) 9) Upon completion of the Boiler Room Area tasks - as I said, there's enough scope for getting killed here so you don't really want to have to do it again if (as is very likely) you mess up your first attempt at the final underwater run 10) Upon completion of the final underwater run - there's still scope for getting killed in the final section of the level, so once again, give yourself a fallback point. Confession time: once again, I didn't keep an accurate count of the times I got Lara killed; basically, just about everywhere it was possible to get Lara killed the first time you made the attempt, I probably did. There were also several times when I abandoned a run and reloaded because I knew I'd messed up. This is a level that is very difficult to complete without using medipacks. On the final underwater run, unless you are very good at handling the UPV and you are very lucky in how you encounter the final croc, you will almost certainly run out of air before you complete it. If you decide to bit the bullet and do that final underwater run as a muscle-swim, you will definitely run out of air. Either way, you will have to burn medipacks to keep Lara alive. And now to battle Ms Sophia Lee for the final artifact on the rooftops of the City. Level Stats: Time: 01:14:22 Secrets: 6/6 Kills: 15 Ammo Used: 124 Hits: 103 Health Packs Used 3.0 Distance Travelled: 5.26 km Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 03:24:28 Secrets: 16/16 Kills: 59 Ammo Used: 990 Hits: 812 Health Packs Used 3.0 Distance Travelled: 13.39 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 10:12:55 Secrets: 50/49 Kills: 324 Ammo Used: 6991 Hits: 5994 Health Packs Used 10.0 Distance Travelled: 42.05 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 34 rounds Desert Eagle + 80 rounds UZIs + 520 rounds MP5 + 1064 rounds Rocket Launcher + 14 rounds Grenade Launcher + 22 rounds Harpoon Gun + 43 rounds 156 x Flares 30 x Large Medipacks 40 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115 Ora Dagger
  4. Aldwych now done. I would probably rate this one as my second favourite level. It's very challenging (I'd have to say that this was not by best attempt at it). I'd consider the descending drill to be the nastiest of the "perisher puzzles" so far - there are so many move sequences that you have to get pretty well spot-on as regards timing because as well as the primary hazard of the drill, you can get yourself killed by dropping down the shaft. One of the nice things about the level is the enemies aren't too difficult to deal with. With just one exception, Lara shouldn't have to use up her hard gathered ammunition, and you're never all that far away from a crystal, so if you're playing the PC game, an experienced raider should definitely not need to burn any medipacks. And best of all - Lara should have a complete arsenal by the time the level is complete. A couple of tips: when dropping on to the ticket booths in the Booking Hall, don't shoot at the Damned guy from the first booth you drop on to. Lara can kill him from here, but if she does, the guy won't give up the medipack. When killing the Damned guy before opening the door to the Masonic Temple area, use the shotgun rather than the pistols - the quicker you kill him the easier it is to beat the train. I recommend 5 save points: 1) Just before leaping across the pit at the bottom of the right hand set of escalators: it's easy to mess up that jump and land in the lower Tube tunnel; and while you've got the opportunity to delay the side trip to get the Old Penny until after you've got the first Solomon's Key, it can be tedious to wait until then. 2) Just before sliding down into the Drill Shaft - obvious reason: you probably won't beat the drill first time round 3) Just after dropping back to the open area at the above the pit at the bottom of the right hand set of escalators after collecting the first Solomon's Key 4) Just before re-emerging into the Booking Hall after collecting the second Solomon's Key 5) Just after emerging from the crawl space after completing the first Tube Train ride Confession time: I'm not sure how many times I got Lara killed. Both the occasions where you've got to duck into a side passage to beat the Tube Trains were difficult to beat. It took more than one attempt to beat the Descending Drill most of the times I faced it because on at least 4 occasions after beating it, I got Lara killed soon after. I even abandoned runs on more than one occasion because I realised that I'd made mistakes and didn't want to backtrack (most embarrassing being the time I arrived at the Ticket Barrier having forgotten to use the Old Penny in the Booking Hall to get the ticket). On to Lud's Gate now - my least favourite level of the whole game. Level Stats: Time: 01:11:29 Secrets: 5/5 Kills: 28 Ammo Used: 609 Hits: 547 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 3.13 km Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 02:10:06 Secrets: 10/10 Kills: 44 Ammo Used: 866 Hits: 709 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 8.13 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 08:58:33 Secrets: 44/43 Kills: 309 Ammo Used: 6867 Hits: 5891 Health Packs Used 7.0 Distance Travelled: 36.79 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 39 rounds Desert Eagle + 65 rounds UZIs + 400 rounds MP5 + 1064 rounds Rocket Launcher + 9 rounds Grenade Launcher + 22 rounds Harpoon Gun + 27 rounds 126 x Flares 24 x Large Medipacks 35 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115 Ora Dagger
  5. And so we arrive in cold, gloomy, rainy London for a nocturnal adventure among the roof-tops and abandoned warehouses of Thames Wharf. This, in spite of the pervasive gloomy atmosphere is a level that I actually quite like. It's very challenging - some of the moves can be a bit tricky but once you know what you're doing Lara will be all right. The human enemies are pretty nasty - I leanded pretty heavily on the Desert Eagle and the MP5 but the non-humans aren't too bad. The robot welding machine is evil, but at least you're not doing it against the clock. I recommend 4 save points: 1) After collecting Secret #1 2) When you arrive back the start of the Level after the first trip to the opposite building 3) When you arrive at the Pump Control Room 4) When you surface in the flooded Cathedral nave A tip: getting in to the recess where the Cathedral Key/Secret #4 is to be found can be a bit tricky as the slope section is too high and far away to be cleared directly by the jump. The trick is to have to keep the forward button pressed while Lara is in flight, so she hits the ground running; gives her enough momentum to get over the edge. Confession time: I didn't keep an accurate count of how many times I killed Lara - but it was far too many, mostly due to the fact that it's a while since I last did this level, so I was having to relearn as I went along. Most embarrassing death was going for Secret #2 - I forgot to kill the crow first, so Lara got attacked, lost her grip on the wall and plunged to her doom. Level Stats: Time: 00:58:37 Secrets: 5/5 Kills: 26 Ammo Used: 257 Hits: 162 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 3.13 km Cumulative stats (Zone): (First level in zone) Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 07:47:08 Secrets: 39/38 Kills: 281 Ammo Used: 6258 Hits: 5344 Health Packs Used 7.0 Distance Travelled: 31.79 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 27 rounds Desert Eagle + 55 rounds 10 x UZI Clips MP5 + 764 rounds Rocket Launcher + 6 rounds Grenade Launcher + 22 rounds Harpoon Gun + 27 rounds 103 x Flares 19 x Large Medipacks 26 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115 Ora Dagger Cathedral Key
  6. As I said in my High Security Compound review, these guys have serious anger management issues. I'm not sure whether they were tossed in the slammer because of those issues or whether it was being in the slammer that caused them.
  7. Another level (Temple of Puna) achieved, third zone (South Pacific) accomplished and 3 artifacts now in Lara's backpack (which must have been made on Gallifrey ) I was not looking forward to this level and my experience completely lived down to my expectations. This is actually the easiest level to navigate through - there isn't any maze to get lost in or anywhere you can take a wrong turning or where the route ahead isn't clear; but considering its size, no other level has quite so much scope proportionately for finishing in a literal dead end. First you've got a squad of blowdart guys to deal with (use the MP5) then there's the big multiwheel/blade contraption, followed by a descending spike wall (at least somebody at CORE was feeling kind when they decided to give you the option of pulling out the block) and a double boulder trap, with another pair of blowdart guys to waste before you finally get to confront the big boss Puna himself, and hardly any time to catch your breath between each traumatic event. Another reason I dislike this level so much is that the very first time I played the game, the blade/wheel thing was a major frustration point for me. The battle with boss-man Puna is a bitch-and-a-half, too - I rate it the most difficult of all the boss fights. What makes it so difficult is that it is just so complicated. His defence is better than Tony's - it takes a lot more hits to put paid to him thanks to his shield contraption. His offence is just as formidable - again one hit and Lara is toast. Luckily, he is just as slow as Tony at shifting his aim once you get Lara into her jump & shoot rhythm. But what makes the fight so difficult is that every so often, he conjures up a halitosisaurus to be an ally. Not only will Lara almost certainly get poisoned at least once, they will try to push her off the platform into the bottomless pit, given half a chance. To top all that off, once you've killed the bugger, you then have to get Lara back into her jump & shoot rhythm before Puna can fry her, having first made sure that she's not in a position and orientation where her first jump will send her sailing into the pit. And all this not only once, but several times over. I recommend 4 save points: 1) Just before you slide down to deal with the blade/wheel thing 2) Just after you've got past it, before facing the descending spike wall (if you're not quick enough with the block, it can still catch you out) 3) Just before you pull the lever to activate the double boulder trap 4) Just before you enter Puna's sanctum sanctorum Confession time: I didn't keep a count of how many times I got Lara killed, but it was far too many. Embarassing to relate - the first time Lara reached the descending spike wall, I got her killed as I was too slow with the block. I hadn't saved before dropping down - so of course it took me two attempts to get past the blade/wheel thing again (that was when I decided to add the save after beating it to the list). Only two bright spots to relate. First - I had only one failed attempt at the double boulder trap and secondly, I didn't have the embarrasment of getting so into the boss fight that I took my eye off the health meter when Lara got poisoned. The very first time I played the game (many years ago, soon after it first came out) - I killed Puna after the Flying Spaghetti Monster only knows how many attempts, getting Lara poisoned on the final succesful attempt but didn't notice that I mis-hit the button when trying to burn a medipack, so it didn't work and then ran out of health before I could grab the artifact - so I had it all to do again. On to London next - which, with the exception of the Lud's Gate underwater section, I actually quite like - in spite of the fact that all the levels are pretty challenging. Level Stats: Time: 00:11:28 Secrets: 1/1 Kills: 13 Ammo Used: 687 Hits: 678 Health Packs Used 3.5 Distance Travelled: 955 m Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 02:23:47 Secrets: 11/10 Kills: 130 Ammo Used: 3460 Hits: 3028 Health Packs Used 7.0 Distance Travelled: 9.90 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 06:48:31 Secrets: 34/33 Kills: 255 Ammo Used: 6001 Hits: 5182 Health Packs Used 7.0 Distance Travelled: 28.66 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 15 rounds Desert Eagle + 67 rounds 6 x UZI Clips MP5 + 808 rounds Rocket Launcher + 4 rounds Grenade Launcher + 22 rounds Harpoon Gun + 21 rounds 79 x Flares 15 x Large Medipacks 17 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115 Ora Dagger
  8. And now Madubu Gorge is done. As I think I mentioned above, this is not one my favourite levels. The only good thing I have to say about it is you get the Rocket Launcher. Firstly, the atmosphere is dull - grey rock and blue/white water do not make for an inspiring colour scheme. Secondly there are far too may long stretches where you have to sustain a very high level of concentration. Jumps need to be made from precisely the right starting point on exactly the right heading. There are several places where Lara can get set on fire - and mostly there isn't any safe water that she can put it out with. The kayak is a beast to control - and there is almost no way you can do the big kayak run without taking significant damage. There is supposed to be a route through where you can largely avoid damage - but I've never managed to achieve it. I just bite the bullet and go for the quickest way, using medipacks as needed. This time I managed the run burning one large medipack and then used the crystal associated with Secret #3 to fully restore Lara's health. And do not talk to me about the halitosisaurs ... I recommend 3 save points: 1) Just before making the return jump from the wooden platform to the stone ledge after collecting Secret #2. The jump's a tricky one - you've got to angle Lara so that she misses the landing point if her trajectory is straight but twist to the right while in flight in order to land safely. You might not manage it first time (as it happens, this time I did) and failure means death for Lara 2) After completing the big kayak run, once you've got Lara safely on to terra firma. 3) After completing the big monkey swing section. Confession time: I'm not sure how many times I got Lara killed. At least twice I messed up the jump to the mid-stream rock at the beginning of the level. At least once I messed up the slide/jump/grab just after Secret #1 and ended up in the firepit. Twice (I think) I messed up the backflip/slide/grab to collect Secret #2 and went sailing into the rapids. At least three times I messed up the return jumps coming back from getting the goodies at Secret #3. At least twice I fell victim to the final fire breathing statue. On two occasions I ended up in the fire pit while trying to avoid triggering the third boulder of the quadruple boulder trap. And finally, when I was returning to the kayak for final run-in, I made the mistake of jumping into the water from behind the kayak: momentum took Lara out of the safe pool and that was that. I reckon this is a level that is almost impossible to do without using medipacks, even if you know where the danger points are. I didn't even try. Temple of Puna next - which I like even less than Madubu gorge .. Level Stats: Time: 00:35:25 Secrets: 3/3 Kills: 11 Ammo Used: 517 Hits: 468 Health Packs Used 3.0 Distance Travelled: 2.64 km Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 02:12:19 Secrets: 10/9 Kills: 117 Ammo Used: 2773 Hits: 2350 Health Packs Used 3.5 Distance Travelled: 8.95 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 06:37:03 Secrets: 33/32 Kills: 242 Ammo Used: 5314 Hits: 4504 Health Packs Used 3.5 Distance Travelled: 27.71 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 17 rounds Desert Eagle + 37 rounds 6 x UZI Clips MP5 + 860 rounds Rocket Launcher + 4 rounds Grenade Launcher + 22 rounds Harpoon Gun + 21 rounds 72 x Flares 14 x Large Medipacks 20 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115
  9. And so we continue our exploration of this lovely tropic isle as we visit the Crash Site. I'd rate this level as my third favourite overall, it's pretty challenging but a veteran raider should be able to get through without hitting any major frustration point. It breaks down quite nicely into sections: crossing the swamp, the compsognathus room, Lieutenant Tuckerman's Key, Commander Bishop's Key, the monkey swing cavern and finally the raptor battle. Two main decisions you need to make: firstly, how do you deal with the soldiers? They won't attack you if you leave them alone, but on the other hand, when dead they cough up MP5 clips (which Lara has great need of). My favoured method is this: don't intervene when they fight the raptors, instead stand by kill whoever survives the fight. That way you'll get the ammo and by letting them fight one another you can cut down on Lara's ammo expenditure. Second big decision: how do you deal with the T-Rex? If you want to preserve your ammo and don't mind getting Lara killed a few times, don't kill the raptors in the upper level and treat the levers as a "perisher puzzle" with the T-Rex as the hazard. Once you've opened the gates back to the upper level, the raptors (plus one more) will come down and fight the T-Rex - but they'll be so busy with each other that Lara can slip past unnoticed. If you don't mind using up ammo but hate re-spawning, go into the big puddle (as long as Lara is between waist and knee deep she'll be able to use her weapon and the T-Rex won't attack. Use the MP5 - it uses up a lot of ammo but you should still end the level with more MP5 rounds than you started. I recommend 4 save points: 1) Once you've successfully crossed the swamp (don't forget Secret #1) 2) Before going for Tuckerman's Key 3) Before going for Bishops's Key 4) After getting Bishop's Key I actually managed to do this level all on one life (sort of: I abandoned one run and reloaded because I didn't like the way it was developing). I used one small medipack mid-way through the raptor battle at the end. With hindsight, it wasn't actually necessary but I wasn't to know that at the time and I alwasy think it's very embarrassing to lose Lara to cumulative damage rather than a single massive blow. Madubu Gorge next - not one of my favourite levels. Level Stats: Time: 00:46:20 Secrets: 3/3 Kills: 84 Ammo Used: 1366 Hits: 1123 Health Packs Used 0.5 Distance Travelled: 2.73 km Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 01:36:54 Secrets: 7/6 Kills: 106 Ammo Used: 2256 Hits: 1882 Health Packs Used 0.5 Distance Travelled: 6.31 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 06:01:38 Secrets: 30/29 Kills: 231 Ammo Used: 4797 Hits: 4036 Health Packs Used 0.5 Distance Travelled: 25.07 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 15 rounds Desert Eagle + 37 rounds 4 x UZI Clips MP5 + 740 rounds 2 x Rockets Grenade Launcher + 20 rounds Harpoon Gun + 21 rounds 65 x Flares 14 x Large Medipacks 20 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115
  10. After the hot dry climate of Nevada with its high tech, fast paced thrills and spills and bad tempered residents who'd shoot you as soon as look at you, we travel next to the hot wet climate of the South Pacific and the laid-back atmosphere (yeah, right) of that charming and peaceful (not) beach resort known as Coastal Village, with its friendly and hospitable inhabitants (pull the other one, it's got bells on) who will give you a welcome you won't soon forget (PTSD, anyone?). This is a middling challenging level. As the game progresses, the levels get tougher and I think you really start notice it here. Be very careful setting up for jumps, particularly standing jumps - there are times when you'll need to step back a pace or two in order not to fatally overshoot - and be prepared to twist while in flight to ensure a safe landing. Another hazard to watch out for is getting poisoned - as well as dart traps, Lara has guys with blowpipes to contend with and unlike the snakes, these lads do not staty rooted in one spot and if you don't have your wits about you, the first you'll know that they're there is when the health meter turns pus-yellow. Watch out particularly for the second guy in the big flooded cavern if you're taking the Smuggler's key route. If your lucky, Lara can kill him from the lower level, but he has a habit of withdrawing out of range and you'll have to make the clim before finishing him off. The big feature of this level is that while it has a Secrets quota of 3, there are actually four Secrets in total and it is possible to collect all of them, which means you can miss one later on in the game and still get to the bonus level. At the beginning of the level, there are two alternative paths to get to the actual village and there is a Secret to be found on each. If you want to overachieve the Secrets, take the Smuggler's Key route first (remember to collect the key before you come ashore) then, instead using the ramp in the temple to slide down to the village, turn around and plunge into the water. The current will take Lara and deposit her on the platform near the second Serpent Stone. You can then gather the Serpent Stones and reach the village that way. Taking this composite route, I recommend 4 save points: 1) When you emerge from the cavern on to the rickety bridge, just before making the side trip to collect Secret #2a 2) When you've slide down the slope just beyond the Serpent Stone gates, before heading for the village proper. 3) Just before making the jump to the platform above the fire to start the final run-in. Confession time: I got Lara killed four times: first after getting the second Serpent Stone, I made the jump back to platfrom from two far forward and fatally overshot; second when coming back from getting the first Serpent Stone (and Secret #2b), I made a running rather than standing jump and fatally overshot; third when climbing the first ladder after getting the first 2 Serpent Stones, I failed to traverse far enough to the right and so missed the floor and kebabed poor Lara on the spikes below and fourth when starting the final run in, I made the stupid fatal mistake of pressing the second button (and set Lara on fire). As far as my official stats are concerned, I've yet to use a single medipack of either size anywhere in the game. However, in a spirit of total honesty and candour, that's not the full story. On one of the failed runs terminated by Lara's demise, I managed to get her hit by a poison dart on the rock pillar in the mud pool when setting up for the jump to get the large medipack from the rocks to the side. On two other occasions, Lara was poisoned by the blowdart men and only managed to avoid using a medipack because I knew a crystal was only a short distance away. Even so, it's pretty scary seeing the health meter turn yellow and drain away. It was touch and go whether or not Lara'd make it to the end of the level without using a medipack because she took enough damage on the final run-in to have the health meter flashing dangerously critical when she reached the exit point. Level Stats: Time: 00:50:34 Secrets: 4/3 Kills: 22 Ammo Used: 890 Hits: 759 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 3.58 km Cumulative stats (Zone): (first level of zone, no point in doing zone cumulative stats) Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 05:15:18 Secrets: 27/26 Kills: 147 Ammo Used: 3431 Hits: 2913 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 22.34 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 20 rounds Desert Eagle + 43 rounds 2 x UZI Clips MP5 + 440 rounds 2 x Rockets Grenade Launcher + 18 rounds Harpoon Gun + 21 rounds 39 x Flares 11 x Large Medipacks 18 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected Infada Stone Element 115 Swamp Map
  11. Another level done (Area 51) and second zone (Nevada) complete. Area 51 is my favourite level - but (oh dear, oh dear) this was not my favourite time playing it. I'm not even sure if I've kept an accurate count of the times I got Lara killed. As I said, I rate Area 51 as my favourite level. It's pretty challenging (especially to the novice) and even a veteran raider needs to keep their wits about them (as I didn't manage to this time ). There's a nice lot of pickups and Lara's arsenal is looking pretty healthy once again by the end. You've even got the luxury of having several weapons to choose from. Playing on the PC, a veteran raider should be able to manage the level without using medipacks (by judicious use of the crystals). A few tips for those who might run into trouble: In order to get Secret #1, you have to kill the armed guard quickly, before he releases the dogs. My (nearly foolproof) method for doing it is this: on the platform where the floor is mase of metal panel sections with a circular rivet pattern, position Lara in the centre of the second section from the left. Draw the Desert Eagle, then cartwheel right. Lara will draw a bead as she alights, so fire 3 times - sorted. I call this method only nearly foolproof because sometime the guard will be waiting - and Lara gets riddled, so save your game before doing this move. In order to get past the triple laser trap series by the UFO hangar this is what you should do. The floor here is made up of the circular rivet pattern plates again. When you reach the middle of the third section, halt and make a forward standing jump. Upon landing, advance to the middle of the next panel (the rivet pattern makes a good guide) and standing jump forward again. Repeat the process for the third trap and you have safely negotiated the trap. Returning, don't advance on to the rivet patterned floor, but make your first jump from the floor section before. The first time you press the each of switches for the double switch sprint puzzle in the room on the far side of the UFO hangar, an armed guard is summoned, so don't attempt to do the puzzle first time round; instead kill the guards - I recommend the MP5 (if you managed to get it). Be very careful about going around with weapons drawn in the vicinity of automatic machine guns - Lara treats them as hostile and will draw a bead. But do not open fire - they are indestructible and shooting at them will only wake them up and Lara will not survive the experience, unless she manages to get right out of the line of fire very quicky. If you're playing the PC game and don't want to expend medipacks unnecessarily, I would recommend not collecting the crystal from the Alien Autopsy room until after you've got Secret #3. Coming back from getting the Secret (spoiler alert !!) will cost about half Lara's health so save it 'til then. I recommend 5 save points: 1) Just before emerging from the crawlspace with the detention cell to the left and the laser traps to the right. It can be tricky to kill the guard before he activates the lasers and you might not manage it first time. 2) Just before killing the armed guard who protects Secret #1, as detailed above. 3) Just before descending to floor level in the room where you use the first Code Clearance Disk. 4) Just before launching the ICBM - this is a "perisher puzzle" and you might not succeed first time. 5) Just after completing the double switch sprint puzzle - if you get Lara killed between here and the end of the level, you do not want to have to do it again (even if you do get it right first time, as I actually managed to do this time for the first time ever) Confession time: I'm not entirely sure how many times I got Lara killed. I distinctly remember that it took four goes to do the rocket launch sucessfully; at least three times I messed up the monkey swing over the monorail, at least twice I managed to trigger the automatic machine guns in the first Code Clearance Disk room. I even made the foolish mistake of shooting at the autoguns in the sprint puzzle room (only once, honest, I'm sure of it). On the bright side - still haven't used a single medipack, though the health meter was flashing critical when going into the Orca tank and again when I dropped back to the hangar floor (had to keep my fingers crossed when coming back through the double rolling lasers). All in all, Nevada in general is actually not a difficult zone. There are only three levels, and there's no boss fight. The only fly in the ointment is losing all the supplies and equipment when Lara gets tossed in the slammer, which is why it is recommended to do it first of the intermediate zones. Level Stats: Time: 00:51:14 Secrets: 3/3 Kills: 19 Ammo Used: 435 Hits: 397 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 3.94 km Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 02:26:44 Secrets: 8/8 Kills: 55 Ammo Used: 1105 Hits: 990 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 11.17 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 04:24:44 Secrets: 23/23 Kills: 125 Ammo Used: 2541 Hits: 2154 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 18.76 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 14 rounds Desert Eagle + 33 rounds 2 x UZI Clips MP5 + 260 rounds 1 x Rocket Grenade Launcher + 14 rounds 6 x Harpoons 31 x Flares 8 x Large Medipacks 15 x Small Medipacks Artifacts collected (Should really have included this in my Caves of Kaliya report as well) Infada Stone Element 115
  12. ... and another level is under my belt - High Security Compound has been achieved. This is a challenging level, though not overall an excessively difficult one. The challenge is contained in that for most of the level, Lara has no weapons - so you can't rely on Lara's basic tactical ploy of shoot first, shoot fast and keep shooting . You're forced to use stealth and guile here - and rely on your friends. Yes, friends - because when Lara recovers consciouness to to discover she's been tossed in the slammer with only a single medipack in her backpack ( - all those supplies and equipment you spent 4 whole levels building up: gone), realise that she's not alone - and her fellow inmates have very serious anger-management issues concerning their guards. And don't worry - Lara does get her chance for some personal payback before the level is complete. Since I was playing the PC version, I decided to take the shortcut of dropping down to the bottom of the satellite dish tower rather than mess around with the moving the satellite dish, dealing with the pool when the turbine was still exposed and then sneaking past the armed guard. I recommend 2 save points: 1) Just before jumoing over the deadly laser beams on the way to the satellite dish tower - it's difficult to set up correctly for the jump, and if you mess up, Lara's toast. 2) Just before heading up the conveyor belt tunnel for the big gun battle with the guards and dogs. Confession time: I got Lara killed twice - first was the first time I tried to leap over the deadly lasers and second was coming back for Secret #2, I got Lara caught by the current back in the pig pool, so missed the tunnel on the way to confront the armed guard and couldn't get to the surface before Lara drowned. Once again - no medipacks used, though Lara's health was critical by the end of the level: to preserve the Desert Eagel ammo, I used the Pistols for dealing with the last two armed guard, relying on the miraculous inter-level full health restore feature; only just paid off. Level Stats: Time: 00:44:13 Secrets: 2/2 Kills: 12 Ammo Used: 173 Hits: 154 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 3.47 km Cumulative stats (Zone): Time: 01:35:30 Secrets: 5/5 Kills: 36 Ammo Used: 670 Hits: 593 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 7.23 km Cumulative stats (Game): Time: 03:33:30 Secrets: 20/20 Kills: 106 Ammo Used: 2106 Hits: 1757 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 14.82 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun shells x 2 Desert Eagle + 26 rounds 2 x UZI Clips Grenade Launcher + 8 rounds 16 x Flares 2 x Large Medipacks 9 x Small Medipacks
  13. It can be done. First - make sure you don't land right on top it. Second - back up against the wall before you start shooting.
  14. And on we go - ever upwards, ever onwards. Nevada Desert is now done. This I consider to be one of the easier levels in the game: I'd rate it as second easiest overall. A veteran raider should be able to do it should be able to do it without getting Lara killed once and, certainly on the PC anyway, without using medipacks. Save points are only included because if you end up back in the flooded canyon because you mess up a jump, it's easier to abandon and re-load than lose time backtracking. One piece of advice for the novices: if you see a bush ahead of you and there's no safe way around, walk up to it slowly with pistols drawn - there's probably a rattlesnake lurking. I recommend 3 save points: 1) When you arrive at the top of the flooded canyon. 2) In the waterwheel cavern, just after collecting Secret #3 3) When making your way back to the waterwheel cavern, just before making the jump to the alcove with the rocket. As I said, I managed to do the level on all one life - wa-hey !!! Level Stats: Time: 00:51:17 Secrets: 3/3 Kills: 24 Ammo Used: 497 Hits: 439 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 3.76 km Cumulative stats (Game): (I'll also be putting up cumulative stats for the zone in subsequent levels) Time: 02:49:17 Secrets: 18/18 Kills: 94 Ammo Used: 1933 Hits: 1603 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 11.35 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 20 rounds 18 x Desert Eagle Clips UZI + 324 Rounds 16 x MP5 Clips 3 x Rockets Grenade Launcher + 12 rounds 24 x Harpoons 146 x Flares 7 x Large Medipacks 28 x Small Medipacks
  15. (I really am a sad person without a life, aren't I ) Caves of Kaliya now complete - so India is now done and dusted. As I said in my previous post, I think that this level would have worked better if it was included with the previous. With no Secrets to gain, there isn't really much point in taking the (right-hand) longer route - two shotgun shells and a small medipack aren't worth the grief of beating the two boulder traps. So short (left-hand) route it was, then. If you take the short route, this isn't really a difficult level until you get to the boss fight. The one boulder trap you face isn't that difficult to beat and the 10 cobras are really just target practice (if you want to set yourself a challenge on a replay, see if you can get past the cobras without either killing any or getting bitten). The only problem a novice raider is likely to face taking this route is getting lost in the maze - and Stella's walkthrough is a very good guide if you get stuck. Once again, you should be able to manage the level without medipacks, even on Playstation. The only challenging bit in this level is the boss fight - and even then I rate this one as the easiest in the game. Here are my tips for the boss fight. Tony is all offense and no defense - one hit from him and Lara's toast, but while he can dish it out, he can't take it; furthermore, once you get Lara into a good jumping rhythm, he can't shift his aim quickly enough to get that hit he needs, while all Lara needs to do is to "fire 'til he is done in" (as Steely Dan might have put it). My tactics: draw pistols before sliding down the slope and open fire as soon as Lara draws a bead so you get a few free hits in. Then turn half left and jump to the long platform and run to the far end of the rear section. Then turn right and get yourself into a rhythm of two cartwheels right/two cartwheels left, firing all the while until victory is yours - in the words of Aleksandr the Meerkat: "Simples". Your main points of vulnerability are not getting into your jump rhythm quickly enough or jumping into the deadly sludge by either messing up the jump to the platform or not getting your heading right when setting up for the shooting jumps. Doing the short route, I recommend just one save point: just before sliding down the slope to start the confrontation. Confession time: I killed Lara twice, both times from ending up in the sludge. All in all, India in general is not too difficult. Temple Ruins has its nasty moments where even veteran raiders will want a saved position to fall back on if necessary and you do need to have a good touch on the controls to win the boss fight, but once you've got India complete you should have the skill and experience set you need to tackle the rest of the game with confidence. After India, I usually do the intermediate zones in the order Nevada, South Pacific, London; that's how I (like just about all the walkthrough authors) rank them in terms of increasing difficulty, plus (spoiler alert !!) you'll probably want to bite the bullet on losing your equipment and supplies sooner rather than later. Depending on how I feel once I've completed the game, I may go back and explore some of the paths not taken initially or even try the intermediate section in a different order. But for now - on to Nevada: watch this space. Level Stats: Time: 00:08:09 Secrets: N/A Kills: 11 (10 Snakes + 1 Boss, that'll learn you to diss Lara, Tony) Ammo Used: 366 Hits: 297 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 462 m Cumulative stats: Time: 01:58:00 Secrets: 15/15 Kills: 70 Ammo Used: 1436 Hits: 1164 Health Packs Used 0.0 Distance Travelled: 7.59 km Inventory: Pistols Shotgun + 12 rounds 14 x Desert Eagle Clips 22 x UZI Clips 14 x MP5 Clips 1 x Rocket Grenade Launcher + 8 rounds 24 x Harpoons 122 x Flares 5 x Large Medipacks 23 x Small Medipacks
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