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  1. so maybe this will be taken down or some.....but i just wanna say what i think of the new TR and lara croft. i have not played the new TR and ROTTR (that sounds weird) i have seen some game play of both games and i have to say the graphics look amazing. the gameplay is new and diiferent and i guess that is a good thing, but i did not really get the TR feeling with any of the games even though lara gets into tombs eventually. lara herself, it looks like they did not only changed her apearance but also her personality and backstorie. overall i just don't like it, i would actually
  2. hey morpheanne, sorry for the late reply. damn i remember being extremely active on this forum in the beginning days. but now my life has changed so much.
  3. i guess i will explore the forum sometime soon, even though i am busy most of the time hope to see more familiar people on here
  4. thanks tom, i am glad you remember me :-) i just rememberd my old acounts password!
  5. i dont get what angelina has to do with tomb raider anymore, she only played lara twice and after that everybody saw her as "the reall lara croft" while she looks absolutley nothing like lara with her blue eyes and black hair, also she not the most atractive woman in the world, there are lara models who look much better then her.
  6. so a bloodrayne 3? danm, i played bloodrayne 1 and loved it, i looked all over for bloodrayne 2 but never found it, i guess i was too late in buying it so it was off the market. it kinda bugs me that i will be able to play part 3 while i could not play part 2.
  7. hey i remember you too now i see your name BPanther, thanks for your kind words, i am glad i can be part of the forum again.
  8. this post is supossed to go in the newcomers topic, the section is just above the off topic section on the main forum page. (sorry, i have a moderator history )
  9. ah good old TR2 and TR3, i play them very often still because THAT is the tomb raider games i fell in love with. kinda of a shame that you guys are already halfway going trough the game i would love to have joined in, but i guess i am too late.
  10. hippo

    The Rant Thread

    yay!!! the rant thread! what to rant about? lemme see..... i hate it how i have both a fysical and a mind sickness (i dont know how to spell "dezice" right now ) both pain and fear rule my life because of those two, and the pills i have to take. i hate it how people always look down at others because they dont have what those people do have. i hate it how everybody thinks that when you are over 20 you SHOULD have a relationship because that is "standart" in a humand life. and i hate how that is NOT standart in my life. and above all i hate phone companies; "good day sir, we have very good ne
  11. hippo

    Members' Pics

    i remember i posted more then one picture of me trough the years on this forum, i wonder where all those pictures went? deleted when the site changed? i have no good pictures of me as i am now, i look horrible on pictures anyway!
  12. i never knew how to use the level editor either, i actually only loaded it up once and then my computer froze and i had to restart everything, after that i never tryed to use it again. it is kinda silly they just gave away classic TR game making to the fans i think, i have no intrest in all in making my own TR games. (yeah i know, what am i doing here? )
  13. heh, i was really looking forward to seeing the trailer, but i am not a youtube member so i can not watch it because it can only be watched by youtube members. maybe i am way too late though and this is old news or something haha
  14. it is funny to see the kurtis trent fanclub is still alife and kicking, even though kurtis did not aprear in any game after AOD, at all. so the point of kurtis in TR? there is, i think, no point at all. he plays a role in the game and you get to play as him, but at the end he dies. also i did not like playing the caracter since he was too heavy and could not make those feather light jumps that lara makes. if there is some special move or jump he could do in the game then i never found or know how to use it. and stopping bullets? hubblewhat? i am, for one, glad that he did not return in TR (s
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