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  1. Just as a single player - that way I can go at my own pace.
  2. We saw Clash of the Titans over Easter and we all enjoyed it - good adventure romp with great effects. It's a remake of an earlier movie (1981) and is pretty similar to that story with regard to characters, creatures etc. as well as a few new ones. So maybe that was where God Of War got the inspiration. Saying that, when you do a film about the Gods, you are limited as to what Gods there are. Although the Kraken (which was in both versions)is actually a Norse myth.
  3. Has anyone seen Avatar and what do they think? The whole family is off this week and we thought we'd go to the cinema.
  4. Hi Tim and Britney Welcome to the forum. (I'm from the UK)
  5. Hi Reggie - Have a good Christmas, hope the studies (and the exams) go well.
  6. Have a good time Shrensh - so you'll back for Christmas in the UK this year.
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