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  1. Just as a single player - that way I can go at my own pace.
  2. We saw Clash of the Titans over Easter and we all enjoyed it - good adventure romp with great effects. It's a remake of an earlier movie (1981) and is pretty similar to that story with regard to characters, creatures etc. as well as a few new ones. So maybe that was where God Of War got the inspiration. Saying that, when you do a film about the Gods, you are limited as to what Gods there are. Although the Kraken (which was in both versions)is actually a Norse myth.
  3. Has anyone seen Avatar and what do they think? The whole family is off this week and we thought we'd go to the cinema.
  4. Hi Tim and Britney Welcome to the forum. (I'm from the UK)
  5. Hi Reggie - Have a good Christmas, hope the studies (and the exams) go well.
  6. Have a good time Shrensh - so you'll back for Christmas in the UK this year.
  7. AngelR

    The Sig Station

    Nice work Morph, they're both great,
  8. Hello and welcome to Gossipgirl and welcome back to Vision Burn (I remember you too)
  9. AngelR

    The Sig Station

    overlays blends??? Spoken by someone who knows what she's talking about lol
  10. Thought I'd replied to this obviously not. Anyways welcome - I remember you too, nice to see you back.
  11. I've heard lots of good reports on this. We've just had a new pc which came with upgrade to 7.
  12. We upgraded too, and since then we have an intermittent problem that pages stop loading and we have to restart the computer to be able to log back on to firefox.
  13. AngelR

    The Rant Thread

    Oh I'm sorry BP - I knew you hadn't come to the UK with Ben but I didn't realise that you had expected (and even booked) to come with him. That's really rough. It's a shame your new boss doesn't appreciate the fact that a contented work force is one that not only works harder but is more loyal and willing to go that extra mile - for a decent boss. J7 - BP has to work with this guy - as director the decisions are his (however unfair)and if she tried to go over his head it would probably just make it worse, and even less flexibility as he would then do everything even more by the book. I work for local government (who run the schools here too) and people in the 'real' or commercial world just can't see why the same rules don't apply.
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