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  1. I'd say they are pretty much priceless for a TR fan good for You to have them all! I sure am jelly
  2. ^kinda excited to see Andrew Garfield in all that latex
  3. These were my thoughts exactly. On the other hand, you have to admire Hazanavicius' cast choice; Dujardin's role was, in my opinion, what supported the whole story
  4. YES I had my doubts about Anne Hathaway's casting, too, but I've seen some promo pics floating on the Internet and I must say that to me she makes a decent Catwoman. I didn't much like her outfit, though, I thought it looks kinda too robot-ish. Let's just hope she'll pull it off better than Halle Berry. Me, I've just seen The Artist. Good enough, but not really Oscar-worthy
  5. Hello Jasstr very nice vid, keep it up!
  6. i hate it how drunk i am at the moment and how angry about the whole goddamn world around me it makes me feel arggg like really
  7. mmm, Sweden, perhaps? Or Norway, as someone said before, anyhow, Scandinavian areas I love Norse mythology and seeing it as a part of storyline again (this time in a greater detail), would make me immensely happy. Underworld barely touches upon the subject. would be cool as well, yes!
  8. I did! Installing the patch worked wonders. There is still a slight lag from time to time, but it's a trifle really compared to what it's been like before I'm already halfway through the Thailand level or so and it's so lovely, couldn't be happier!
  9. Xena is by far my favourite, really cool for mspaint
  10. Thankyou for the quick reply, Shrensh, it's much appreciated. Wow, so there actually is a patch! This is so great, I'm downloading it this second and hopefully it's going to fix my glitch once and for all thanks again for Your help! Truth be told, I haven't really. I bought my pc less than a year ago and I guess I took it for granted that it should all work fine. Anyway, now that you mentioned that, I think I'm going to check it now, just to make sure, thanks!
  11. Yes! Do give it a try, the acting is top-notch and you can definitely feel this claustrophobic vibe in the air (the whole action takes place practically in one room only)...it's interesting to try, don't get discouraged
  12. Woah, I had no idea! All the best, Lara & LCO, celebrate it well!
  13. I've just watched Carnage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxX02-KdsXM hysterically funny
  14. Definitely too short, yep, but oh so enjoyable. The Ghana level has to be my personal favourite, although Kazakhstan and Peru were a kick-ass, too (ah the shooting! ah the bike ride!) Other than that, I liked the whole story, it was nicely told, the new characters were awesome, the cinematics did not bore at all, even though there was quite a lot of them. I thought Lara's design was cool as well, after AOD it was so refreshing that she got some decent moves and skills aaaaand she was perfectly sarcastic at times (especially on the headset with Zip and Alister), which perhaps is not that relevant but for me it added a lot to the climax. Oh, and Croftmanor, what a treat, in my opinion, much better than in Anniversary. Sure, there were a couple of things that bugged me, besides it being too short (and too easy at times), like some random graphic glitches and stuff, but nada really that bad... but no, wait, come to think of it, I remember that the kid version of Lara creeped the hell out of me, like...I wanted to set the thing on fire, just, gah.
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