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  1. While I don't cater to the console game genre and prefer PC games overall, I'm sure they all have their merits. I, personally, have played Underworld countless times on my PC. The only lag that I've ever encountered (and it's minor and lasts only a few seconds) is when Lara retrieves the Hammer. Other than that, I haven't encountered any problems with the game. Like StellaLune and her seasickness, I have a problem with heights, and for those of you who have played it, there is a Tower in the game that actually had me feeling giddy with fear. I know, it's only a game but on a wide screen large monitor, it looks pretty awesome. It's too bad that you aren't able to use the Hammer against more foes or use the extra items to greater benefit. Let's face it, Lara must have had unbelievable strength after collecting ALL the items, and yet apart from moving an item or two and wielding the Hammer, it was pretty much wasted. Strange as it may seem, I still continue to play it again and again, hoping that one day I'll recover ALL the treasures (I don't use the walkthroughs for them, even though, I'm sure I could find them all). What fun is there in using the Walkthroughs for everything, after all?
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