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  1. Lukatombraider12

    Tombraider 1 & Tombraider Anniversary Comparison Group Play

    Well, hi. Long time no see. I will be playing Anniversary!
  2. Lukatombraider12

    Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Hey guys! We have just finished Caves Of Caliya! Unfortunately, Eldin won't be able to post anything because of Internet problems until further notice! Anyway, this level was kinda annoying with these mazes but in the end I managed to find my way around fairly guickly! Had to reload several times on Tony fight because he set me on fire! :@ Well, I actually I enjoyed playing this level. We chose Nevada next! So, good luck guys and see you next time!
  3. Lukatombraider12

    Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Hey guys! Eldin and I have finished The River Ganges! It was really enjoyable! It's very easy and secrets aren't hard to find! I guess it's a good relief before The Caves Of Caliya! Good luck to all of you guys with your game!
  4. Lukatombraider12

    Tombraider 3 Group Play

  5. Lukatombraider12

    Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Hey, guys! Eldin and I just made it past through Temple ruins! We are staring the third one tommorow! Good luck to all rest of you guys!
  6. Lukatombraider12

    Tombraider 3 Group Play

    Hey guys! It's Lukatombraider12 from Youtube and I'm Eldin's best friend and we call each other Medo! Ok, so I started playing TR3 with Eldin as well and I have completed the first level and I'll post some screenshots I took along the way. Oooops, wait, they are too big! Oh, well, anyway, I enjoyed playing and I'll continue!