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  1. So Nike thinks we as people are too lazy to tie shoelaces, I'd rather spend $350 for a new phone.
  2. I'm ready for the season to begin. Can't wait to see what the new offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, has in store for the Panthers. Also the Panthers picked up former Broncos running back CJ Anderson. Putting him with Christian Mccaffrey in the backfield, they could be the new version of "Double trouble". If y'all aren't familiar with that, the Panthers had 2 running backs. Johnathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams they both rushed for over 1,000 yards in the same season, this was back in 2008. Anyway I'm ready for football, go Panthers!!! #Keeppounding
  3. A sequel to Leon: The Professional would be great, but they got to have Natalie Portman reprise the role of Mathilda
  4. So I decided to give PlayStation Now a go, I have a week to try it out. So I started with a game I heard about, its called Beyond: Two Souls. So far I've found the game to be pretty intense. I know its not a particularly new game, but I don't want to give it away too much.
  5. I bought my PS4 a few weeks ago. In that time I thought the best game so far was Rise of the Tomb Raider. Well I am wrong on that, the best game that I'm playing now is Horizon Zero Dawn: complete edition. Nintendo has Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. This game is just like it, having a completely open world to explore. I don't regret buying it off the playstation store. I started playing it yesterday and I had to make myself stop playing it last night or i'd probably been up half the night. Its that good in my opinion. It got a lot of high review scores, and I believe it.
  6. 53. Invictus ( I hope its right because there isn't anything else I recognize)
  7. I've always liked Charlize Theron, ever since she was the star character in the movie Aeon Flux
  8. 13 Police Academy 14 Platoon 17 Dreamgirls 22 Angels in the outfield 46 Dick Tracy
  9. 21 The Mask 33. Million dollar baby 40 Necessary roughness 59 The Natural
  10. So the local news programs here in NC have been asking Panthers fans who'd they cheer for in Super Bowl 51. Even though they;re division rivals, I have to pick the Falcons. I don't want to hear anything about the Patriots winning another SB. Tom Brady has never lost a game to the Falcons in his career, but this could be the first for him and i want it to happen. Although should the Falcons win it, that would leave the Panthers as the only team in the NFC south to not have won a SB.
  11. Cam Newton is ruled out (concussion) for tonight's game against the Buccaneers. It will be up to Derek Anderson to right the ship, and get the Panthers back on the winning track. After last weeks loss to Atlanta, the defense went through some changes. Its the secondary that must perform better.
  12. Looks good boss. The new layout on the page is great.I'll have to look around each section
  13. Blade

    The Rant Thread

    Well i should've known better than to take a job with a company that is moving to a new location. Today was the "end of the road", as i was told after i had clocked out and asking whether i would be kept on to work. So i'm not going back to Taco Bell just yet, i'm going out tomorrow to put in applications. I'm looking into Target, Sam's Club..pretty much any retail store. My dad gave me a bit of advice when i do put in applications.He said i should ask for the store manager, and i should introduce myself and tell the manager i put in an application and that i hope they will consider hiring me.
  14. Football season has officially started tonight. Panthers at Broncos on NBC at 8:30pm/7:30pm central time. I am not looking at this game as a rematch, as Cam put it the Broncos are "our next opponent" Broncos have a rookie QB starting i do believe, gonna be interesting how he performs against the Panthers defense. Likewise i want to see the Panthers offense light up the scoreboard like they did last season, with Kelvin Benjamin back at WR, the Broncos D will have their work cut out for them. I'm not going to predict a score, i know how that can go. I'm looking forward to tonight, its been a lon
  15. Blade

    The Rant Thread

    This really isn't a rant. But i wanted to say something on here instead of facebook. So most of you know i've been working at Taco Bell most of my life. Yesterday i got a call from a representative of Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were having a job fair, to hire in new associates for their new store. I went to said job fair. i filled out an application there, and after a short interview, i was filling out paperwork as a newly hired associate. I go to the new hire orientation on September 1 from 10am-12pm. Then on September 19th i officially start working at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I'm getting o
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