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  1. Stellalune

    Cant find camps 😱

    Lara can't use her weapons normally in most parts of the Hidden City. I think it's a story point rather than a bug, unless your game is acting much differently than mine. If there are things you need to do with rope arrows, she should be able to target the rope coil areas with her bow, though.
  2. Stellalune

    why isn't it showing 100%?

    Re the golden items, I apparently received the golden shotgun while I wasn't looking. (I've been replaying and haven't unlocked the shotgun yet so only saw the gold version when I reloaded my 100% save.) So I have 5 weapons now, still no knife though. Maybe the "mobile app" connected to the shotgun was originally supposed to be Instagram, but then they just gave it to people anyway. Mysteries abound!
  3. Stellalune

    Does Anyone Recognize This?

    Sorry but I'm confused. The area on the left side of the map you screencapped doesn't have any collectibles to find. It's that empty area at the start of the game when Lara makes her way down to the first campsite after the plane crash. Is the whole rest of the Peruvian Jungle missing icons as well?
  4. Stellalune

    [rant] I absolutely certainly 100% DID press X

    I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to do it, but I'll probably try once I get this first draft done. So figure Thanksgiving weekend...maybe. Good luck!
  5. Stellalune

    Check Out This Magical Black Wolf - SOTTR

    LOL! That is AWESOME! I love a good glitch that doesn't ruin your game.
  6. Stellalune

    Inaccessible Gold Glitch Hidden City?

    I don't understand the design decision to not have any human enemies respawn. I guess there's always New Game+ but still. That was one of the cool things about the reboot and Rise. You could go back into areas you'd cleared and there would be different weather, a few enemy patrols, etc.
  7. Stellalune

    Paititi Collectibles (Maybe Spoilers)

    @Zebedee boing I know what you mean. I love that there's a lot to find, but when you're down to one or two items and running in circles, it gets tiring. If you want to show on the map which one you're looking for, I'll try and remember where it was. Still in Kuwaq Yaku in my second playthrough. EDIT: One of the reasons I like to use this forum and not--ahem--certain others, is that it's a small community and everyone's so nice. No flames here--unless you count fire arrows.
  8. Stellalune


    What Big T said. ^^ If you're still unable to find the way, seeing a screencap of where you are on the map and what it looks like in the game can help us help you.
  9. Stellalune

    Cant find camps 😱

    That's bizarre but I'm glad it worked out. I guess I got lucky as far as encountering minimal bugs during my first playthrough on PC. The longer the game is out, the more bugs I'm hearing about. I hope they're working on patches.
  10. Stellalune

    FYI: Xbox One Rare Achievement: Petting Llamas

    @EmbodiedBook I'm so sorry. I was joking, hence the grin emoji. But I should know by now that kidding around doesn't always come across in writing. It's not a secret achievement or anything, so no worries. And I love the llamas too! They're adorable!
  11. Stellalune

    why isn't it showing 100%?

    AFAIK, there are only 4 golden items, the ones shown on the Square Enix TR site: https://tombraider.square-enix-games.com/en-us I'm happy to compare item lists. The problem is I don't remember where every item was found. I'm only up to Kuwaq Yaku in my second playthrough, but this time I'm taking more detailed notes and screenshots as I go. I also kept my 100% save in case I need to go back and check anything, but unfortunately, the maps just show that there was an artifact, relic, mural, etc., in a particular location, not specifically what it was. I don't have time to type out a list right now, but I recorded a video of everything in the Artifacts menu if you want to run down the list yourself. Sorry, it's a little sloppy, but at least you can pause and look at each entry under each category. Hope that helps. Let me know if you want my weapons/outfits lists too. I didn't buy every weapon/outfit from the various merchants, so I know they're not required for 100%, but I'll gladly compare notes.
  12. Stellalune

    why isn't it showing 100%?

    I don't think the archivist maps, explorer backpacks, weapons, or outfits count toward 100%, but the campsites, survival caches, and other major collectibles do. FWIW, when you're in the zoomed-out map view (where just basic features not individual collectibles are visible), even if you hover over each location, you will only see the percentage completion for the whole game. You need to zoom in to at least the second most detailed magnification to see the percentage for each area. Not saying you didn't do this, just trying to cover all bases. Also, don't forget Cozumel. I have also heard from a few people who found every item but the game glitched out on them and didn't count some of their relics/murals toward 100%.
  13. Stellalune

    bug - cannot craft outfit

    It totally is. 😒
  14. Stellalune

    Inaccessible Gold Glitch Hidden City?

    I don't know if this is relevant, but the gold icon (like the various Challenge Tomb icons) goes from grayed out back to white even after you've found the gold. So it looks like you haven't found it even when you have. Same with the jade pickup at the north end of the lake. Not saying anyone forgot what they did, but maybe the gold pick-up is glitched in general.
  15. Stellalune

    bug - cannot craft outfit

    I've seen a few forum posts (not here) about bugs like this. Hopefully they'll patch it at some point. It's a drag, but at least you don't need them for 100%. It would be nice though.