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  1. I noticed that too, but I have no idea what they have planned. I know a lot of fans are hoping for Croft Manor. Guess we'll see.
  2. So this is new.... Northern Shaft Key or rogue starfish? You decide! XD
  3. Heya, @Kiwi-Frank. Welcome to the forums! Here's your save after the mudslide. Good luck going forward. Feel free to post here if you run into any more trouble. save1.dat
  4. Cool. Thanks for the info! I'm thinking they may have scanned it from a magazine and the original render was never released. My memory is not what it was but I don't remember ever seeing it.
  5. @Tom@LCO and everybody. I'm looking for a higher-resolution version of this classic render. I think it's from the TR3 era, but I can't remember where it was originally published. Another player asked me about it because she had only a memory of it, no picture, and she's thinking about using it as a reference image for a tattoo. I sent her this version and suggested she check the LCO gallery section since there are a bunch with the black dress, red dress, etc. Thanks for any leads!
  6. Thanks! I promise not to abuse the privilege by posting links to sketchy sites or too many pics of my ducks.
  7. The final DLC pack, The Path Home, is set following the end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider after the dust has settled and the battle is over. It is only available to Season Pass holders. Follow this link for a chance to win a Season Pass download code for the platform of your choice. Winners will be announced Monday, April 22. The Path Home launches on April 23. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PathHome P.S. @Tom@LCO I hope it's OK to post this here. Feel free to move, delete, etc.
  8. Yeah, that sounds good. I swear these games are designed for controllers and the keyboard controls are just tacked on as an afterthought. I don't think they realize how cumbersome and finger-twisting all this can be.
  9. You're welcome! I'm glad it worked for you. I probably added too much info about the other weapons, etc., but hopefully that'll be useful when you get to that point in the game.
  10. Hi, @manda3d. Welcome to the forums. When you hold the right mouse button, Lara aims the weapon she currently has equipped. If you then press left mouse, she fires normal ammo. If you hold the right mouse button and press the middle button, she fires special arrows/ammo. In order to craft ammo, you need to have the weapon equipped but NOT hold Aim (right mouse). Just press and hold the left mouse button without aiming to craft normal arrows or press and hold the middle mouse button without aiming to craft fire arrows. Of course, you need to have the necessary resources in your inventory or Lara won't do anything. Lara has the skill to craft fire arrows at the beginning of the game. You don't need to unlock it. Later, when you unlock the skills that let you craft special ammo for the pistol, rifle, and shotgun, you'll do the same thing: Select the gun, but don't hold Aim. Just hold middle mouse to craft special ammo. Then to shoot that special ammo, hold Aim and press middle mouse. Just to further complicate things, if you have a mouse with a wheel, spinning it cycles through the available weapons, so things can get messy if you're trying to shoot special ammo and accidentally spin the wheel and change weapons. If that bugs you, you can go into Options > Key Mapping, scroll down to the options for Next Weapon and Previous Weapon, then click on the mouse wheel icons and replace them with a different key. I usually play with a controller, but that makes a HUGE difference for me if I do play with keyboard and mouse. Good luck!
  11. In order to use a rope arrow to make a line, you need to stand close to the wooden post at the end of the path (since that's where Lara will anchor the end of the line), aim at the rope-wrapped beam down below, and press Alternate Fire on the controller (I think that's R2 on PS3, R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox) or Space on the keyboard to fire a rope arrow.
  12. The same thing happens to me! I embarrass myself constantly pressing Horizon Zero Dawn or Assassin's Creed buttons in TR!
  13. Once you've unlocked the ability to use focus herbs (Scales of the Serpent Skill) and have some herbs in your inventory, press F3 or hold L1/LB and press Square/X to use them (just like using health but different button). Then as long as the effects last, whenever you aim, time slows.
  14. I don't have a tip for a specific location, though if I think of one, I'll let you know. It's not hard if you use Focus herbs to slow time. Just need to make sure the dudes aren't wearing helmets since you'd then need to land 2 headshots on each. If you are playing NG+, you might even be able to get it in Cozumel in the area with the forklift (https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR11walk/details/cozumel-5.html#3) If you fail, it's easy to reload the checkpoint and try again. I got it there without Focus, but it's MUCH easier with.
  15. @ChILd_ReBoRn I can't see the picture, but I'm glad you were able to work it out. :)
  16. That's great! Mind if I add it to my walkthrough? With credit, of course.
  17. Congrats on the anniversary and happy birthday to our heroine! 😁❤️🎮
  18. It's possible to kill the bear with just regular arrows. You need to keep moving so it doesn't get you, heal if necessary, etc. It's definitely easier with poison though. Do you have an earlier save you can load, preferably before dealing with the Trinity soldiers so you can save all of your poison for the bear? Even if you didn't create your own previous saves, if you're playing on PC or Xbox One, you can reload your last campsite save or backup save. If XO, open the Load Game screen and hold both trigger buttons to show the hidden saves. On PC, the backup saves will be on the regular Load Game screen near the top. Also, if you're playing on PC, you can download a save file from my site: https://tombraiders.net/stella/savegame/TR10saves.html.
  19. What Big T said is basically correct. Go to the Load Game screen and hold both Trigger buttons (LT and RT) to bring up a full list of saves, which should include a Last Campsite and Backup save. You may have to replay a bit, but at least you won't be forever stuck.
  20. I've only ever played Origins, so I can't compare it to any of the others. I was attracted to Origins by the ancient Egypt angle and ended up getting hooked. Odyssey is very similar to Origins in terms of gameplay and definitely "grind-y" like most open-world RPGs. I'm enjoying it so far, though, but I've only just finished the second story section/area. I haven't experienced the particular bug you mentioned. The mechanics seem different than what you described, but I've definitely seen a few minor bugs. Nothing like Tomb Raider or RDR2, though. 😄
  21. Awesome! Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing your notes. I'm taking a little break to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey but I'll get back to TR soon.
  22. Nice! I will definitely give it a try next time I replay that section. Thanks!
  23. That's been my experience too. Once you've killed the jaguar the first time, Lara will continue to crouch, like there's danger, but the jaguar never seems to respawn. I haven't playtested it extensively, but I've tried returning to that area before heading into the City of the Serpent, then again after finishing the story. Still no empress jaguar. It feels like a bug to me.
  24. Glad I could help. One warning about that: After completing the first DLC pack, The Forge, I forgot to reload an earlier save before moving on with the game, so all of my saves after the Cenote have that DLC done. I plan to replay again before I post a full collection of save files, but if you get to the end of San Juan and haven't already completed The Forge yourself, you're welcome to send me your save, and I'll play through the landslide section for you.
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