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  1. I'm playing on an XBox 360. I'd like to know how much XP it takes to earn one Skill Point. The only indication in any official game material is a rough idea that the "Skill Point Sheild" is partially filled when you look at it via the map display or, fleetingly, when additional XP is acquired. I don't know if this informantion is available in the display of the game information in other formats, but from some comments I've read on the few fora I've visited about this issue, it seems like that the amount of XP acquired, or at least since the last acquired or used Skill Point, is somehow displayed in the PC and perhaps the PS formats, but I just can't be certain. Also, is the amount of XP required to earn a Skill Point the same at all times in the game, regardless of how far the player has progressed? Or does the amount of XP required for an additional Skill Point increase as the player progresses through the game. If the latter, does anyone have an idea of what those amounts for variousl levels of progress may be? The practical reason for wanting to know this is to have some data about how much XP I might need at various points in the game. Knowing that information would help me decided if I needed to spend additional time in any one area "hunting" or doing other things to boost XP enough to gain an additional Skill Point before moving, say, to the next area where an as yet obtained skill may be useful. Thanks.