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  1. I can confirm that I lost the 2nd DLC "The Pillar". I think I'll pass.
  2. This does work and the invisible wall is no longer there If I do this, will I lose the DLC "The Pillar"? It happened to me about a day after I downloaded it (and played the DLC).
  3. I've run into this problem as well. The only thing that I can come up with so far involves the possibility that you've completed the whole story (100% not necessary) and that will involve some fast travel from a spot that you may not have reached yet.
  4. Okay, Stella, here's your target: 17 hours. That's how long it took me when I played this game a long time ago. I don't think it'll operate on Windows 10.
  5. Yep, I'm still alive. Just out of curiousity, what happened to all the other stuff that was on the website (music, links, files, etc.)?
  6. Okay, if I've completed a game at a particular level of difficulty, then decide to start a new game at a different level, would this wipe out all that I've accomplished on the previous game (i.e., reset all unlockable content, etc.?)
  7. I didn't have any problem at all. Either it was gonna die or I was. Better him than me.
  8. Let the record show that I completed the entire game in three days and three hours, approximately. No, I didn't go for everything. I normally just concentrate on getting through to the objective the first time around.
  9. I obtained my copy on Friday, 11-22-2008, at 5:00 PM Central USA Standard. I preordered and paid for it in full the moment word got out.
  10. I had to do this twice. My computer fried after I completed it the first time. The second time, I started in mid-February. Today, I finished it. Total time: 9 hours, 5 minutes, 52 seconds.
  11. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Reflection #1) I Play TRA On Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Home Premium without and with Service Pack 1. #2) TR1 original had Save Crystals but TRA kept the Checkpoints like in Legend. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this was a good idea? I say no. I liked the idea that I could save anywhere at any time, thus avoiding the loss of progress that this system incurs before the next "savepoint". #3) Out of the following new features that were presented in TRA, Which of the following was your favorite and least favorite? - Wall Run - Adrenaline Dodge - Balancing Over Poles Of the three, ranked best to worst: Wall Run, Adrenaline Dodge and Balancing on Poles. Also, which one did you master the fastest, and which one became a little bit more complicated for you to get use to? Balancing and Dodge, in that order. #4) Interactive Cutscenes made a return, YAY or NAY? If NAY please give a brief explanation. Nay: It limited the actions that I could do and made the game feel like it was strictly a console program (Nintendo, Sony, etc.) and less like the computer game that I played lo those many years ago, where I could choose and screw up on my own without any help. #5) Cistern and the Tomb of Tihocan have been merged into a single level. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they should have just kept them as two separate levels? These should have been separate. They were two distinct levels with their individual personalities. #6) Worst remade level was Final Conflict because it wasn't true to the original. #7) Best remade level was St. Francis' Folly because not only was it close to the original, it improved upon it. #8) Did you get to collect every Relic? Or are you still on the hunt for them? If you are still on the hunt for them...which ones are you missing and where? I have found every relic. #9) Which Relic did you find first? The first one listed. #10) Which Relic was your favorite? Not sure. #11) Relics are used to unlock new outfits. Which outfit was your favorite and least favorite? - Wet Suit - Classic Lara - Camouflage - Catsuit - Legend <----------- - Golden - Doppelganger - Scorched Natla - Croft Manor Sport #12) Lara's Wet Suit in TR2 read SOLA on her chest, did you noticed that in TRA SOLA was substituted with designs? That's a surprise to me. Then again, I might not have remembered it. #13) Did you get to collect all Artifacts? Or are you still missing some/most of them? I've got them all. #14) Did you like Winstons new look? Yes or No and Why? I liked it. It made him look more like an integral part of the family #15) Do you miss Lara's Obstacle Course? Yes. #16) Did you manage to complete Croft Manor's Time Trial? If yes, do you remember the time you made it in? Yes, but I don't remember. I had to redo the game when my old computer blew the motherboard. #17) Unlike in Legend, in TRA you can go outside of Lara's mansion, Do you feel like they could have added the Quad Bike area like in TR3 or just overall added more things to do outside? I think both. #18) Hardest boss battle was Natla because the timing for the using the adrenaline dodge to jump forward and over her when she charged was difficult to master. #19) Easiest boss battle was the T-Rex because it was the easiest to dodge, provided I had the time. #20) Legless mutant make-over...Liked or Didn't Liked? Why? Neutral. it was similar in some respects, different in others. The point where there was a secondary target to shoot at the arms stuck in the wall made things difficult. #21) T-Rex make-over...Liked or Didn't Liked? Why? Loved it. Made it a true danger. #22) Natla's make-over...Liked or Didn't Liked? Why? Loved it. Made her seem more real as a human. #23) Pierre Or Larson in TRA? Both were improvements. #24) My favorite level was Sanctuary of the Scion because it was intricate enough. #25) My least favorite level was Obelisk of Khartoom because much of the original was missing from this level. #26) The easiest level was The Caves of Vilcabamba because there wasn't much involved to accomplish; just a straight, linear level. #27) The hardest level was Natla's Mines because the tasks and maneuvers to accomplish the objective were difficult. #28) Anything else that you would like to add or say, please do so now. I would have loved to have seen the full original layout in this engine and see how it would work out. I'm wondering if they'll end up doing the same to the other TR-Originals
  12. I've completed everything through Natla's Mines (all artifacts and relics), and I've finished Croft Manor in Time Trial mode. Unlocked a few things, but no extra cheats yet.
  13. Completed it last Wednesday. Here are my thoughts: In some parts, the task was easy to do. In the latter sections, it was hard, if not downright impossible. It seems to me that the objective was to start you off slow, get used to what you're doing, then throw in additional things, a bit at a time, as you progressed. Then they give it all to you at the end. By that time, you're ready, but it'll be a hard challenge, so patience ends up being the key. The graphics are fantastic, as is the layout. I wish they were able to create the original exactly with the new engine, but this will do nicely. Throwing in some new surprises definitely made up for it. It's definitely non-linear in a lot of spots, so it's piqued my curiosity. The combat is hellish. I never was a fan of cameras moving independently of the character as it created some confusion and disorientation. That's always a Bad Thing when you're trying to survive. "Third person" point-of-view is nice, but I still have a "first person" mentality. I'd like to see what I'm shooting at. Saving is a pain. Limited places cuts down on your options. I prefer the old unlimited saves, anywhere at any time. Dying and then having to go far back and run through a ton of stuff again makes it agonizing. The story is definitely better when it's this detailed. I felt like I was really involved in this. I got to know the antagonists a lot better this time. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this an 8, and that's from an "old man who played the original" perspective.
  14. The answer is.... Special: Style Units Level: Total completion (100%) with all artifacts and relics. Got this information from a website. That answer is... Costumes: Cammo Suit: Relic from Temple of Khamoon Catsuit: Relic from Sanctuary of the Scion Classic: Relic from Lost Valley Croft Manor Sport: Athenian Owl from Midas' Palace Golden: Griffin-Head from Midas' Palace Legend: Relic from Mountain Caves Cheats: Infinite Breath, Sunglasses, Textureless Mode: Finish Easy Game. Show Enemy Health: Complete all Peruvian levels in Time Trial Mode. Golden Shotgun, Silver Mini SMGs: Beat all Atlantean/Lost Island Time Trials. Inf. .50-cal. Pistol ammo, She Enemy Health: Beat all Peruvian Time Trials. Inf. Mini-SMG ammo, Inf. Health: Beat all Egyptian Time Trials. Inf. Shotgun ammo, all weapons on demand: Beat all Greco-Roman Time Trials Music: Croft Manor theme: Complete Croft Manor ...and, of course, the extra level mentioned above.
  15. Finished it last Wednesday. That third checkpoint inside the pyramid gave me all sorts of hell. Of course, I didn't get all the goodies in this run. Now I'm going back for them, and I've completed the Mountain Caves in time trial mode.
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