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  1. been owning them Noobs still in Multiplayer Plus Helping a Friend Level up also We are Level 55 now just 5 more to go till We unlock Lara Then think about Presigeing to 3 60 or not (Maybe or Maybe Not)
  2. LaraCroftGamer

    STEAM version(Tomb Raider 2013) progreams/issues

    new patch is already out plus Nvidia driver so that fix the game and graphics for people but the game is still broken in Muilplayer side We always have everything up to date most of the time good thing wait a second you can't blame CD and SE for the pc issues well on second tough you can in a way cause they decied to go with AMD Brand for the game indeed of going with intel core i5 and Nvidia for this way like they did with Legend Crystal Dynmics And Squre Enix Next Time Don't Go with AMD as the Game brand no more please you don't something like this to happen every again also Let Nvidia And Intel show them some Love Most games We see on PC is AMD Game Brand(Saint's Row 3 Tomb Raider and lots more)can't think of at the moment but yall understand rite
  3. LaraCroftGamer

    PC Patch Released Today!

    yeah Nvida has the new Driver out Last Night For All Nvidia user Graphic cards Enjoy!!
  4. LaraCroftGamer

    STEAM version(Tomb Raider 2013) progreams/issues

    wow have you tried updated your Graphic drivers and or any other updates like windows and micorosft updates also bio for your motherboard and see if that helps
  5. LaraCroftGamer

    Tomb Raider saves most wanted

    @Stella no I was not angry I was just annoyed kind of by it that's all the only reason being like I said in my seconded post (The game just came out and everything) if they need a Game Save that's not a problem Exspectly if the game is broken or as I also stated some where if your game is screwed up or glitched then go head find a Save Game there is nothing wrong with finding and using game saves as you can see (We posted ours in there for some users) but only if your having serious or problem in the game or if you just want to play around with them. (if I made OP scared or upset I'm sorry for flipping out on them like that)
  6. LaraCroftGamer

    Tomb Raider saves most wanted

    well you guys can share yall game saves but to be honest unless your stuck or the game is glitched imo I don't think there no need to download any player's game save plus the gam ejust come out a week ago and no DLC maps or anything and people are already asking for PC Saves anyways here is our game save:http://www.mediafire.com/?z9zk4z26ie2zcls please not that this is our Game finished completed(not @ 100%) for any one who does not have time or just wanna Save time feel free to download our save ok (Requires STEAM client and STEAM profile to work Disable STEAM cloud saveing in the game's Prepartly to do this Right click (Tomb Raider Game) Click Prepartly in the updates tab uncheck (Enable steam cloud syncing for Tomb Raider to find your STEAM game look here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\45531448\203160\ also if your gonna use another players Game Save it's Strongly Recommened that you First Back Up your Game Save in case something goes wrong with the game th egame save if the game save is corrupted or anything like that you can always recover your own game save Good luck and have fun Your Welcome
  7. LaraCroftGamer

    Tomb Raider saves most wanted

    not gonna happen unless your stuck or your game is screwed broken or messed up We or any one else is not gonna gave you or posted a or any Link to game saves for Tomb Raider 2013 STOP ASKING FOR THEM!!!
  8. yeah I know Everybody is doing good and enjoying the game on there platform of choice We Finished Game man it was Epic And Fun(Waiting For DLC now) anyways We are now playing Muilplayer And Helping Other's Leveling Up and stuff ummm I can't find the spoiler button on this forums so I try my beat not to gave away for any one who did not beat the game yet ok here goes if u did not pay attention at the ummmm cutscene what her name oh sh*t I forget her name oh wait a seconded it's Sam mwhahaha well if you see her body(Bent out or in) WARNNING this me doing that to her body point out only I can do that to her oh and I find a way to Bend Lara also Mwhahahaha @Stella if u beat the game already (or not I would Highly Recommend you or any one else to not worry ok) after I'm done Bending Sam Stella you have her alright We Out Time to go own Noobs!!! Peace oh I forget to mention For Muilplayers See here if you need or want Help Leveling Up
  9. Whats poppin Tomb Raider Muilplayers Gamers I have something to share with everyone who is inrested in Leveling up faster here is Our Version That We Spent Time Developing and createing and also Testing with Friends Leveling/Ranking Up Faster In Tomb Raider's Muilplayer Everything you need to know is all in there check back for fututer Updates or edit or even changed ok Good Luck have fun !!!
  10. @LaraCroftfan where are u stuck at ?
  11. LaraCroftGamer

    STEAM version(Tomb Raider 2013) progreams/issues

    ok im back sorry about the long wait but I already have my NVidia card up to date the game patch on the other hand is not working(Updateing to new patch) Game version is now 1.00.718.4 now I check all arouned and can't downloaded the new patch and STEAM is not update the game auto like it shoul deven when I do exit STEAM client log off or even restart pc
  12. whats up Lara Croft online Tomb Raider Forum memebers im new and i am in need in some help with the gam eon the pc side the game crashed and freeze after 10 mins of play in the singel player only Muitplayer works fine an deverything but for some odd reason not sigel player and i tryed contant Squre Enix about this issues but they wanna ignore people