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  1. I have changed the save slot but still have no autosave when 100% finish, used the fast travel so many times to every place... btw, i have started the new game (hard mode) and this time stuck on 98% complete of the game. The mine sweeper round i only can find 9/10 of mine... i watched youtube and follow the ways to find the mines lot of times, but really can't find the last mine, and i believe that it's a bug ....
  2. Can someone help me? i stuck on 100% completed the tomb raider 9 but no autosave. Normally, it will autosave when 100% finish the game and can play again. Since no autosave of 100% completed save file this time (tomb raider 9), i can't use the 100%completed save to play again. I have 100% of all skills, weapon upgrades, all collectibles, and all challenges. I got all the posters in the Cliffside bunker too (the only spot you can't quick travel to and have to access via the beach). And the game show i'm 100% complete but still no autosave. plz help!! thanks a lot!! plz forgive my english a
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