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  1. Oh! I am an extreme cat lover myself! Those two fluffy precious angels are gorgeous! Oh you are so very lucky. Alessandra gave them beautiful names. Patches and Misty. <3
  2. I'm just trying to rationalize why they started it all over. I think part of the reason is to bring new players in, and sex appeal is another thing, people would still know her age despite her looks.
  3. If they hadn't re-booted the series, Lara would be pushing 45 this year. It's still Lara Henshingly Croft, however this takes place before she would have gotten her title and riches, even by the old timeline of the old Lara. I'm quite sure all the old adventures we know and love will happen again to our favorite gun toting heroine. They may make re-makes of the old games or make new adventures we didn't see before and we would assume the other adventures happen in the proper timing from this first game of the re-boot. Don't worry.
  4. They were showing how Lara began her journey to the lady we all know and love. I wouldn't have expected her to be all gung-ho and wearing the same clothing she wore in the first Tomb Raiders. Not to mention the outfit (for the most part) that she was wearing was better for the environment she was in. I'm glad they got her body, hair color, and eye color (brown) correct.
  5. Those are all great locations. I'd like to see Lara back in Nevada again, or as someone else said Mongolia, China, Japan, Taiwan, maybe a really snowy location. And yes, I would also love to see her in Egypt again with current day graphics!
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