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  1. I had a drunken roommate in the past. He was normally cool but came home after an all night drunkfest when I was getting ready for work. Something set him off and he attacked me. Bad mistake for him as I out weigh him by 74 pounds, lolz. Needless to say he was booted and the cops arrest him at the hospital.
  2. Hey there. Sorry so late at getting back to you. LOLz, my Fireworks class is really cool. It is like PS but you can do awesome things like animated gifs and stuff. I was able to get Adobes web premium through school for a real cheap price. I'm still playing around with a lot of it. ^_^

  3. Sqweenix cried foul. The video is taken down.
  4. Lol that's the type of thing I would like to learn, it be pretty fun to learn PS hehehe ^_*

  5. I agree with you. After about 4 months you've paid again for what you paid for the game to begin with. Playstation should maybe do something like XBox does with their XBox Live.
  6. One of my classes is learning that. One of my next classes is learning Adobe Fireworks. I'm looking forward to it. It makes me think of photoshop on steroids.

  7. I want to study HTML on the side.

  8. I'm studying web development. I hope there is a good future with that.

  9. and what are you studying?

  10. It's accelerated, two 6 week sessions per semester. I wish it was a normal pace but it's ok. I'll just get done faster.

  11. Well I'm starting adult scool in Jan 10 to May, Healthcare Essentials and Medical Billing Insurance, so yeah I'm getting ready for that :-) Isn't college online tricky? or is it better?

  12. Anyone get this yet? I was wondering if it's worth the $12.99/ month online fee. The graphics look hot as it requires some good graphics on your comp.
  13. I love the Fable games. Esp. the silly voices. I love the commands voice when he says "Follow" or "Stay".
  14. I'm good, going to college online. It's really tough but fun.

  15. Hi how have you been?

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