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  1. Hi All, Joined 20013 but can't remember anything more and so on so can't explain why I haven't been in for some time. 80 years old now so that might explain a lot LOL. Have been TRing since day one and playing games since 80s. (Little Big Adventure). I use Stella's guides/downloads etc. all the time. I play on PC with game on tv screen while wife screams abuse and advice from sofa. (I must admit she is usually better at finding solutions to puzzles/tombs than me - even though she is nearly 83). Having a great time with Shadow of TR currently at Trial of Eagle or whatever it's called. See
  2. 2 days??? I've been going at this for about 5 weeks and am also about to chuck it all in the bin. I have tried every key combination on keyboard and x box controller at all different speeds etc. and still getting nowhere. What with this plus enemy after enemy you have to defeat and not to mention stupid Steam, after about 14 years it's time to find a new hero. Bring back the old Lara. Edit: Sorry, this is not at Endurance but at Chasm Ziggurat - but the above still applies.
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