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  1. I'm playing Resident Evil 2; I've been rather excited about the new RE games coming out. I felt like taking a trip down memory lane. I forgot how fun these old games are! Lol. And I can't wait to play the HD remastered Code Veronica and RE 4. I'm more excited about Code Veronica, I've fallen in love with Claire Redfield all over again. So much so I think am gonna buy RE: Darkside chronicles for the Wii. I haven't played it yet. I'm also considering buying myself a Nintendo 3DS to play the new RE: Revelation and Mercenaries 3DS when they're released Omg, I'm also mega excited about Resident
  2. Amazing! Happy anniversary LCO and Happy Birthday to the lovely Lady Lara Croft too x
  3. I don't mind them changing the story (again!). Lara's background history has so many different iterations. Movies, comics, games each one had a different story only sharing the Tomb Raider name and the Lara Croft character. But if CD are changing her too much it could lose the spirit of tomb raider and what Lara Croft stood for. If they're making her this frightened, scared young inexperienced little girl (wearing jewellery and earrings!) That doesn't resemble Lara Croft in any shape or form! ... I want the tomboy Lara! Who rides motorbikes off cliffs and can SWIM!... At the moment it seems to
  4. It was said in the pod cast from game informer that CD might not include swimming in this new installment. I hope this isn't the case! I can't imagine a tomb raider game without swimming. I'm afraid CD is changing TR too much
  5. I was thinking the same thing, why include Underworld without anything new added to it. Most PS3 fans probably already have it for the PS3 .... Some new outfits (The ones that were only available on xbox 360) at least. But there are other features included on the trilogy pack that I'm pleased with. I can't complain too much... I am excited about it and can't wait for the release!
  6. I'm looking forward to legend and anniversary. I was wondering if underworld would have added special content too, beneath the ashes and Lara's shadow would have been an amazing little treat but I wasn't holding my breath for that, its a pity really. I'm still a bit sore from not having it in the first place.
  7. *Gasp* She's simply stunning. Excellent work
  8. I'm playing on PS3. I've completed GoL with all relics artefacts and weapons, earning myself a gold trophy. But now when I reply from the beginning the opening scene seldom starts and cuts to In-game cinematics instead of the opening comic book style intro. I've only ever seen the ending once. After killing Xolotl, it goes straight to level stats then to credits... Has anyone else had this happen?
  9. Umm, perhaps Cupid's bow hehe...
  10. I wonder if Alison Carroll will be donning a new Lara outfit to promote the guardian of light. That I would like to see. Back to classic colours. :-D I'm very pleased that Keeley Hawes is still lending her voice to Lara. She's by far the best. I hope she stays for forever! Hehe
  11. I think I'll start with single player mode to get a feel for it and take my time to explore the areas. Then co-op after. I find that sometimes people can be impatient when playing co-op and can ruin your first time gaming experience. They also may have already finished the game and spoil it for you when you want to figure out the puzzles for yourself. Another thing is that, sometimes AI can be rather stupid, lol.
  12. This Looks really fun! I'm not too sure about Lara being so tiny on the screen. There seems to be too much going on around her.I will just have to wait and see how it feels when playing it. Any idea when the release date is or when we will see the demo?? The co-op part does it for me though, I can't wait to play with another player
  13. I certainly hope so too!... But despite that awful blonde hair it's an excellent screenshot. I'm impressed with everything else, I really do hope they're pulling our leg with this.. Pfft! A blonde Lara! It's absurd!
  14. Thanks Ms.Croft. I'm so glad they're releasing it on the PS3.
  15. This is brilliant! Plonked myself right smack in the garden lol I love it!
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