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  1. I know how long it's been since the game came out, so I won't bother with the whole questionnaire thing. Fact is I loved TRA. I played it like I did the original, on PC, and the only thing I have to say that is noteworthy is to answer your question about checkpoints. The checkpoint system is actually an improvement on the save crystal system, so it's superior as far as that goes. That said, I don't like the checkpoint system at all, in any game, because its only purpose is as a gimmick for making the game harder so the game developers don't have to work as much. It can take hours to learn entire sequences right, which means they can use the checkpoint system to extend the number of gameplay hours they've developed undeservedly. Oh yeah, and one other thing: I hate interactive cut scenes. They only exist to give the player something to do during the movie, and since you are told whiich button to press every time, only provide a challenge when they limit the time they give you to react, which means that sometimes you can't get past a certain point even though you know exactly what to do, for no better reason than that a cutscene was playing. It's a departure from normal gameplay, too, which makes it a cheat. I don't like it when the game developer cheats. To my mind, the only one who should be allowed to cheat is the gamer. Others may look down on gamers who cheat, but I like to know that a game is still interesting even though one is cheating. I consider it the mark of a great game. I meant what I said though. TRA was the best Tomb Raider game since game 5, better than Legend or even Underworld. Lara has always been at her best when far from the modern world, and the more she has to do with society, the less entertaining she is. Not saying that can't or shouldn't change, though. Obviously SOMETHING needs to change. I mean, near as I can tell, I'm the first one to comment on this site in over a year. I'd like to see that change.
  2. Boy, you guys are all about God of War, aren't ya? In "locations" I proposed an artifact to send Lara back in time to explore the ancient world, perhaps to see the original 7 manmade wonders. I was thinking of linear sequences like usual to progress the storyline, with open-world environments in between for her to earn goals that get her to the next sequence. She would travel the Mediteranean Sea a lot. Now that she keeps a log, she can use it to keep track so the larger environment won't be as confusing as it once would have been. So, yeah, time travel thingy. Call it Chronos' Hourglass?
  3. Hang gliding over a volcanic eruption, so that volcanic venting creates a lot of updrafts. And speaking of how Prince of Persia does walls, maybe they could incorporate parkour into her movements a la Mirror's Edge. If it was something always active and not just a special mode that could only work for specific sequences, it would be a good replacement for her old gymnastics moves, which I very much miss.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I loved dodging bullets and shooting back, all while somesaulting side to side. But I also think her world needs to somehow become more open. TR did more with less space because Lara could explore more of her world than other games would allow. Something needs to be done to break her out of her box of linear gameplay. I don't know how to do it without dispensing with puzzle solving though, and I'd hate to see that go. What she needs is a way to make use of several open worlds, perhaps separated by linear sequences. After all, surely there are times when she needs to resupply or to make connections. Food for thought.
  5. This sounds like an attempt to use the Tomb Raider concept in an open (open world?) environment. On one hand it makes sense. TR originally did well because it seemed to expand what the player could do within a game, thanks in no small part to her physical prowess. Lara could somesault in any direction while shooting, grab ledges and climb, while the average FPS (king of gaming at the time) would block the player's progress with a shin-high partition. This made TR's levels seem more expansive, though in reality they were the same size, if not smaller than, levels in other games. Then again, other games used sprites to represent all living things, and TR used fully rendered 3d objects. Now that open-world gaming is big, it makes sense to take advantage of it. The problem is that Lara's progress has always been linear. She moves forward by following clues and solving puzzles, and if you give her too much room to explore it will confuse the player about what to do, where to go. That doesn't really fit any open-world scenario, so in order to bring her fully into the 21st century open-world market, the game designers need to come up with something new, a new way of applying the open-world concept. I'm all for that, but I imagine it's gonna take some trial and error before they come up with the right formula. What I'm saying is: wait and see. Let them experiment, then make your voices be heard. Change is never easy, but I hope it'll be worth it.
  6. I looked for anything named Horus or Corsica but came up empty. Actually, I'm kind of surprised the I can still read the discs they're on. I never did learn to use the level editor. Maybe it's time I did. I've been thinking that using games to teach skills could actually change the way everyone thinks about learning. Hmmm..
  7. thetrellan


    Nice composite. Lara needs a good horizontal flip, though. No, my mind is not in the gutter. Flip her so the light sources match.
  8. thetrellan


    I completely disagree. Revelations was nice in its way, but very disatisfying. When TR1 came out it expanded the horizons of what a game could be, it was what open-world games are today. TR4 was the opposite of that. She couldn't go 2 feet without triggering a loading screen. So while it was beatiful, it really needed to be so much more. I propose she go back to Egypt for an artifact which, when she finds it, activates and sends her back in time to 1000 BC, where she sets off on a journey of the ancient world in search of the artifact that will send her back to the present. We could see a series of open-world environments, breaking new ground with the first ever game to do so. Let us explore ancient Rome or Greece the way we want. Maybe open each environment in a linear fashion, if they must, but bring this series fully into the 21st century. After all, Assassin's Creed obviously isn't gonna give me my Egypt fix, so it's time someone outdid them. And while they're at it, give her back her somersaulting ability, for cryin' out loud. That was always one of the coolest things about her. I understand it became predictable, but they could've reinvented it instead of getting rid of it entirely. Maybe something like a move where she knocks down a door by hand-springing into it.
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