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  1. FROM THE HUTS TO THE BRIDGE AT THE TOP OF THE FALLS: All right, then, back to the goal at hand. Cross over the ledge at the front of the hut and jump onto the wooden platform in the middle of the stream. Jump from there to grab the rickety wooden arch above. Pull up and jump onto the ledge ahead (i.e., the one where you lit your torch earlier). Climb up to the level with the lantern. Jump from the wooden cart to the climbable rock wall. Latch on with your axe and climb to the top. Cross this ledge and jump to latch on to the next climbable wall. Climb to the top and pull up onto the rickety wooden bridge. (screenshots) Turn left and start across the bridge. As you approach the middle, the bridge starts to collapse and the action shifts into slow motion. Jump forward and press and hold Interact to sink your axe into the cliff wall ahead. Then climb to the top. (screenshots) As you climb the steps beyond the bridge, Lara makes contact with Reyes and Alex by walkie-talkie and promises to check in again when she finds the communications console for the radio tower. on my pc a can not jump to the rock en klimb? i use the keyboard and than the W (forwarts) then the space en the E to use my pick in the rock, and i fall into the river about 100x????????? my nam e is Paul and i am Dutch! help me, please
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