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  1. Do we have many readers here? Just finished "Darker than an Angel" by Tyler Boundy. It's was different... In a good way. Fun, light read, which is exactly the type of books I like. Kind of a mix between "The Hunger Games" and the show "Le Femme Nikita". Looking forward to the sequel! Now, onto "Insurgent". Wasn't 100% thrilled with "Divergent" but let's see where this one goes.
  2. Bought Resident Evil 2 off of PSN. I have the original two discs but they aren't the Dualshock version and I SUCK. I need easy mode. -_____-
  3. Just got it the other day and finished the Flooded Passage way. As said, it is very different and I really enjoy it. Keely is awesome! Also I just learned that Lara can perform a front, back and side flip! Teehee! I first pulled them off at random (like the swan dive when I first got TRL) but I am sure to perform them it is directional then A and B together. Is this correct? I ask because sometimes I can make her perform them and other times she just jumps, lands and then rolls but I think this is because of my timing.
  4. Just saw the trailer. Although I am major confused... *Looks around* What? I don't know who that other guy is or if he has been in another game before but other than that, it looks exciting. I am interested in seeing how the combat is. I really liked the way FF13 pulled it off. The charging bar that is. I don't like REAL turn based rpgs. Also I would like to see if the original combat system from the early FF13 trailers will be introduced. Thanks again Morph.
  5. Thanks Morph! She looks great. I am excited hehehe ^-^
  6. I look forward to it! I haven't seen the trailer yet but if it has Lightning I am happy! ^-^
  7. Well supposedly there is a clip of Lara getting crushed by a boulder.
  8. I don't know if I am any help. Trying saving manually when you get to the room with the four plates. IF that doesn't work, try beating the rest of the level and see if it saves at the beginning of Jan Mayan, that is of course if it doesn't automatically save after you get to the final room in Mexico.
  9. Read the whole article earlier (Lots of info in that magazine lol) and I must say I am very excited. Supporting what Ms. Croft said about the 18+ rating, it says in the magazine that an M rating is a for sure or something of the like.
  10. Agreed. Thank you Tom! I want AJ again! *Sob*
  11. I will probably play both, that is if it has split screen as I can't get xbox live. Play with a friend first then play single player. ^-^
  12. Rumours have been going around saying that Kimmy is going to be Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider movie. I read it on msn when I logged in so... *Finds random link* Here: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212306856.shtml There are many different articles of this... Anyways what does everyone think? I am undecided.
  13. I am going to check the real Raccoon City out! LOL *Heads to wikipedia*
  14. I saw this a while back... I am quite interested in it... Happy to hear Keeley again (Pure awesome sauce!). Also I look forward to the room with the spikey balls falling and the ground breaking *Girly scream*. I don't have online so I will have to play alone. Yay Lara is all mine! Hmmm... Maybe I will get a friend to play split screen. *Drags friend and tosses on couch with controller* Play!
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