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  1. I want one of those blasters and two of those Stormtroopers armor uniform!! But honestly, what are those Stormtroopers armor uniforms for? In the movies, a blast from a blaster and they are down. Those stormtroopers armor don't seem to be good at stopping anything.
  2. Ain't that the truth! I had to go online and search "Rise of Skywalker" voice over to find what it was being said. It's Luke's voice. It didn't even sound like him. Not once during the entire trailer did I think: hey, that's Luke that's talking!
  3. I couldn't understand 90% of the voice over in The Rise of Skywalker trailer
  4. added to the remaining unsolved images below. 1. 1980's Best Picture 3. Teenage burglars 8. To Love or not to Love, that is the question 16. Speed = 4 mph 30. What are you doing? I am making popcorn. 33. Terrorists at the Super Bowl 34. Cross country car pool to meet his West Coast dream girl 35. Famous horror from the master of horror 36. Ghosts caught on videotape 37. Don't go into the woods 40. Los Angeles is the setting of this 1990's Academy Award winning film 41. Recent crappy remake of a classic 1980's horror film 42. Famous bank robbers 46. First film ever to use CGI 50. Musical about an arranged marriage 51. From delivering pizza to robbing banks 54. She is stalked by a ghost 56. Recent shark film 59. Based on a play by a famous playwright 60. Infidelity, blackmail, murder and haircuts 63. Bring him some scalps in this World War 2 film 65. One day a year, for 12 hours, it's legal 66. Man recounts a story of 5 mysterious sisters he met as a kid 67. Dude! 68. Mid 2010's big sci-fi flop from the mouse company 70. Vietnam war film 71. Big ears! 72. He has to spend 30 millions in 30 days 73. Journey remake 74. What does she want to be when she grows up? A hitman. 76. Disaster films spoof 79. Recent World War 2 spy couple film 80. That famous radio and TV comedian duo 82. Single mother teaches her son that there are no such thing as monsters 83. Women in the space program 84. Until recently, it was the highest grossing film of all time 85. Murder at the vatican 86. 1980's Army comedy 87. He just wants to have the perfect family Christmas 88. Magicians robbing banks 89. Home movies making kids 93. Body switching 94. Big ape 95. They maybe small but they are deadly 97. Prequel to the quest for the jewelry trilogy 98. This is just so obvious, I won't even bother to give y'all a clue.
  5. Well, thanks for ruining the movie for me....
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChJ_afRiUzo April 2020 is a long way away
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