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  1. j7wild

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    I will wait for the tor r en t
  2. j7wild

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    2 brothers! One destined to be King. One NOT. The latter wants to be King. The former doesn't want to but then he has no choice but to follow his destiny (the recycled destiny plot again!!) and challenges and fight his rogue brother to save his kingdom and the Earth world. The SAME OLD PLOT over and over again with these annoying Comic books based movies. Also... if they are underwater creatures, why do they have legs?
  3. Keep it coming, Sir T! You are on a roll!
  4. Gosh! Did y'all give up already? Where's Sir Tom "Siskel Ebert"?
  5. Clues to the remaining unsolved images: 8 Gun lady biopic 9 Artificial Intelligence uses human consciousness 10 French comedy about a naive and strange waitress 12 Body snatcher comedy 14 Recent post cold war spy thriller 15 He is stalking his favorite comedian 16 U.S. Marshal falls for the thief she is tasked to apprehend 18 he is going to need a boat, a VERY VERY BIG boat 19 Very strange, very disappointing and also very recent sci-fi mystery 20 I'll have what she is having 23 1980's Comedy about family, children, and just being parents. 31 1980's comedy. Teenage geniuses. 38 Cake comment 42 Man during the day, wolf at night cursed movie 46 Nothing like a murder mystery dinner party among friends 47 Modern retelling of Ten Little Maidens 50 Classic thriller with stolen diamonds, rogue government agents, and Nazis. 52 Another movie based on a horror short story 53 He is part of a famous bank robbery gang 57 Strange going ons at a small countryside town
  6. Images updated with clues on Page 2
  7. j7wild

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Calibre (2018) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6218358/ Two lifelong friends go hunting in the Scottish Highlands. That is all I can tell you without spoiling it about this dark, not for the squeamish, bleak Netflix thriller that questions our humanity. Rated 90% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.7 out of 10 on IMDB. I highly recommend it and rate it a 4.75/5
  8. https://www.wsj.com/articles/thai-cave-rescue-divers-make-final-push-to-save-remaining-boys-coach-1531203706 The Doctor/Nurse and the 3 Thai SEALS divers that have spent their time in there with the soccer team and the coach since they were found last week are still in there.
  9. j7wild

    Everything about Movies and DVDs

    Where's my baseball bat? These unoriginal copycats just don't know when to quit while they were ahead, don't they?