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  1. Okay, hate to admit it, but was in the wrong spot. Thought I was in the Temple, but am really in the village. I had to use a save game to get past the Russian (who else could survivor a gut shot?). Had a heck of a time getting the save game loaded, but thought I was doing it right! But hadn't. Spent hours going over every screen shot I could and then read all the walkthroughs and finally found out how stupid I had been. Thanks to all who tried to help me.
  2. this is the temple area where Lara finds Roth with a wounded leg.
  3. You've go the right spot..but I've tried the arrows and the gun..nothing happens. oh well..will keep on trying! Thanks!!
  4. I'm at the spot where Lara has dragged Roth to a shelter and then needs to shoot some lanterns. I've shot the darn things with gun and arrows, but nothing happens. Plus..how in the heck do you get into the cleft by the waterfall? I got the GPS but she can't gt into the cleft.
  5. Is there any cheat to kill this guy? You would think a gunshot to the stomach would slow him down! I'm playing on a PC plus I have RA so quick keying is out of the question. I've been trying for t hree days now...
  6. While I love the game, can't kill the damn russian at the moment, but I don't like the Lara. She looks too..baby faced! Not tough enough!
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