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  1. Nice deal that, very good. Gold levels next please, Enix! The thought has just occurred to me that I don't own TR1 gold (even though I remember playing it, I have no idea how!). Might have to try and get one on Ebay to complete the set.
  2. I just spotted that the original games (Well, 1-5 at least) have appeared on Steam yesterday. There are a lot of classic games that just aren't being published and seem to get "lost", so it's great to keep the games available in this way imo. One thing that caught my eye are the requirements... they are the same for every game: Minimum: OS:Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 Processor:1.8 GHz Processor Memory:512 MB RAM Graphics:3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9 DirectX®:9.0 Hard Drive:2 GB HD space .. Which is pretty funny considering the original requirements for Tr1 were for a P133 or thereabouts as I recall!! I'm guessing the steam version of TR1 runs in dosbox which would explain that, but I don't know why they are so high for the others. I wonder if they will make the "Gold" levels available on Steam. I hope so. I guess most of us here have them but they are very hard to get hold of these days.
  3. More Red Letter Media Star Wars reviews...wahey! This part is is a bit disappointing, when I heard about this deal I was hoping that the originals might see the light of day
  4. Meh... "a reboot".. that last resort of writers who don't know what to do next? Whilst I'm looking forward to playing a new game, I can't say I'm thrilled from the description. I'm actually excited about the "Lara Croft and the.." series at the moment.
  5. Shrensh, you're a genius! The Alt+Tab solution worked a charm. Have no idea why, but all that matters is it worked! we've finally been able to foil Xolotl's evil plans for world domination Hope they fix this in a patch mind you, would be a pain if it happened during online co-op
  6. Cris and I had a bit of a marathon session on this today and finally got up to Xolotl's Stronghold... We're valiantly battling away with him over the field of spikes, but we've got a big problem which is that every time we both die (which is quiet frequent, given the amount of spikes), the game shows the usual loading screen, then respawns us, and we both die instantly - it's as if we've been respawned onto spikes even though there aren't any. The game then gets stuck in a loop of reloading and then killing us instantly, and it all happens so quickly that we can't even quit back to the main menu. The only option is to alt+F4 back to the desktop, load up the game, and start the level from the beginning. This is a bit of a nightmare to do, considering we die fairly regularly! The only alternative is to try and beat the boss without us both dying at any point, which is quite a big ask too!! Has anyone else come across this bug? we've loved playing this game and it's frustrating not being able to finish it for such an annoying reason... Have had a look on google but found nothing yet..
  7. Ok, we just outran this little fishy... Which was fun!! You really have to hammer the roll button to keep ahead of him.. We've missed quite a few achievements but Cris managed to almost sort a level while I was at work today..
  8. The bandwidth speed you choose on steam isn't actually that important so don't worry too much there. It's a little odd that it didn't connect tho', do you have a firewall that could be blocking it perhaps? I haven't posted here for a while but this game is absolutely class. I hope it sells well because I really want to see them continue making these co-op adventures. It's fully of clever puzzles to keep it challenging but easy enough to just pick up and play. Cris and I will be playing a bit more tonight I'm sure so will dro pback in here to chat more about the game!
  9. Glad you're enjoying it, It's getting great reviews too! Looks like it'll be a loooong time before I ever play this, so maybe I'll go back and play grim fandango again or something haha. Have you tried playing online yet? I added Tim Schafer on facebook and his latest status said you can play with him which must be funny.. TimOfLegend is his name.
  10. This game should be well good. I didn't check if it was coming out on the PC yet (I hope it is) - but every game Tim Schafer has ever made has been brilliant, the guy has the best sense of humour I've ever seen
  11. I recon it should be Sophie Winkleman. Up and coming talented British actress. She's got the looks, and as she is about to become part of the British Royal family, she certainly has the claaarss. Not enough experience with big films tho I guess..
  12. The most recent ones we saw were Milk, which was great, and Benjamin Button, which was easy-viewing and enjoyable. Me ma keeps telling me to go and see Slumdog Millionaire but we haven't gotten round to it yet...
  13. Fair point, I know what you mean about the 'smoosh' thing.. I've always disalbed that on Vista and Xp, although I also tend to make my taskbar 2 'layers' high so it happens less often anway. I've just checked on Windows 7 and you can choose between "Always smoosh", "Smoosh when taskbar is crowded" and "Never smoosh", so it looks fairly easy to disable. One thing I'm a bit funny about is having everything in the right order.. when I'm working I have a lot of things open and I like to keep them in a particular order on the taskbar.. so I'm quite pleased that now, it's very easy to drag and drop the order of things on the taskbar.. in fact, I'm stunned that they never thought of that before! As for the bit about clicking the icon not opening a new instance of the program... you're right.. that does suck. I don't know if there's any way around that but it'd be worth looking into!!
  14. I think it's excellent. Very sleek, and it's the most stable beta OS I've ever used. Almost everything I've tried on it so far has run straight away. I actually didn't mind Vista, i think a lot of people criticise vista just because they follow the bad press it got. In regards to what you said Shrensh, I also love the quick launch toolbar and was a miffed at first that it had gone. However..I found that the new system actually works as a quick launch toolbar really... I think it is possible to go back to the old method too but need to double check that. I wouldnt criticise it with regards to it not finding your LAN driver Tom, for the simple reason that it's the manufactures who program the drivers from the new versions of windows, and then they pass them onto MS to include them. With it being a beta version, most manufacturers have had very little time to program new drivers yet (although many vista drivers will work fine). I'm sure in the final version it will have your LAN Driver. It didn't find BPanthers ATI video card driver but again, that's only because ATI haven't made one.. we had to modify an ati beta driver manually to get it running, but I know that a final working one will be in the final version of windows 7.
  15. I agree with BP (bet you didn't see that coming). I have always played with the keyboard in the past but these more recent games are designed solely for the controller.. you can tell that keyboard controls were added as an afterthought because some of the maneuvers they expect you to perform with your keyboard are banned under UN Laws on torture. In most game shops you'd be able to buy a PC controller that is shaped like a PS2 controller to make it easy to pick up. Me and pather use an XBOX 360 one which is quite pricey but durable and easy to configure
  16. Sorry to hear you had the bug Shrensh, but I must thank you for posting about it - as I read your post juuuust before I came to that bit which was very handy
  17. Incidentally, just in case you are interested in buying the game, I'd just like to point out that everything I said in my post above was a joke
  18. Just to clarify actually.. Eidos is just the publisher of all TR games. They didnt design or make any of them. Basically, in the old games, Core did all the hard work and Eidos nag them to finish it faster, burn the game to a CD Rom, design a pretty box, and make the money. Then as Eidos pushed Core a bit too hard and Core couldn't handle it*, so they replaced Core with Crystal.. and do the same thing. So they're not really trying to be better than Core.. They're just trying to make more money (and doing a pretty crap job of it, it has to be said). *that's not meant as a dig to Core Design.. I think AOD would have been a reasonable game if it hadn't been so rushed in the end and Core had a more clear idea of what they wanted to do with it at the start.
  19. Good idea man, that way people can avoid any big spoilers until they're ready
  20. Yup.. Eidos is in serious financial trouble.. They have made a loss of £100 million in 2008. Desperate is the right word. Sad thing is.. they don't need to be like this.. It's a good game. I try not to base my opinion too much on them because I don't trust them.. but if the game has bad reviews with the big sites, I will usually avoid it. If it has good reviews, then i'll invesitage further to find out what gamers are saying.. How do you mean mate? The quote from Eidos PR firm suggests that the reason they are trying to stop bad reviews is because early reviews like the ones you mentioned have dragged the metascore down and they need it to be pushed up. To be honest, the reason why I believe this reviewer who works for gamespot is because he's risking his job (very seriously) by posting this. As Shrensh briefly mentioned - another guy at gamespot already did get fired for giving a bad review to an Eidos game.. It's seriously out of order imo.
  21. Exactly. I'm really glad this news leaked, as I'm convinced this goes on more than we're made aware of, but if stories like these do get leaked, it might help prevent it in the future. To support the above story tho', take a look at this .- there are currently three reviews for the PC version of TRU on metacritic. What score did they ALL give it? Hmmm... Coincidence?
  22. This story starting to appear on numerous sites now... This is completley unnacceptable if you ask me. It has always seemed obvious that publishers twist reviewers arms for good reviews (Far Cry 2!), but it simply cannot happen. It's either a good game or it's not.. they have to deal with it. They want a good review? they should give their developers more time to make a good game, or find new developers. I'm impressed with TRU and think CD have done a great job, but as for Eidos.. they seem to be struggling financially and as far as I'm concerned, they are digging their own grave.
  23. I'm on Croft Manor now.. Although panther is much further on.. I'm actually avoiding the office at the moment because if i see where she's up to it'll spoil it. you'd think she might have some work to do soon so I can get a go!! (jk honey! ; )
  24. There's some good "falling death" animations actually.. and she dies off much smaller falls than in the previous games. Only problem is that sometimes she seems to get stuck in the walls on the way down!
  25. That's very annoying!! I hadn't tried playing with the mouse, but I always did until quite recently so I'd be in the same boat. It's my one frustration, when they port games between consoles, but they don't adapt it properly for the PC, they just treat it like another console... hopefully there'll be a patch for that, or as ya say, can find something in the registry. I'm just up to costal thailand now. Not started it yet but think I might play now. That is.. if I can ever decide whether I want to wear jungle shorts or jungle pants.. decisions decisions..
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