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  1. I haven't played it since because I can't get past him so there is no point
  2. Yeah then I am no good at it because I cannot get past this part. I have the stab him with the pick axe thing down and shoot him quickly but he NEVER dies!!! I run around in circles for HOURS and he just doesn't drop..
  3. WOW even Feral Interactive doesn't bother to answer me about this.. I guess its thanks for nothing on all fronts
  4. I have tried everything Every weapon, every time I press the dodge attack thingy he get me by the throat at throws me.. I have tried to finish him while he is "down and out" but then he just throws me again. I just wanna save game so I can get past this section because I don't think I will be able to do it myself :(
  5. I have an issue in coastal thailand whether Im playing the treasure hunt or the game, every time I get to a certain point the screen goes black. I can still hear everything ok but can't see a damn thing. Im using a MAC and its only just started happening recently. Any suggestions? Its driving me mad !
  6. Does ANYONE at all have a save game file that will help me get to AFTER you kill that stupid giant guy who seems intent on smashing you in a pulp?? I cannot kill him!!!! Im using a Mac version of this game and I love it but need to get past that a*****le~! If anyone has one please email me wasp_2011@hushmail.com. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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