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    I love to play action games, adventure games, and stealth games...some of my favorite games are<br /><br />1. tomb raider series<br />2. thief series<br />3. splinter cell series<br />4. myst series<br />5. indiana jones series (a true classic)
  1. I have been off the forum for a little while as im sure some of you have noticed. But...nevertheless I am back and I had to comment on this. I have seen some of the concept art and where they are thinking of taking TR9 and I must say I am impressed and very excited. It really seems like they are returning more to the roots of what TR is all about from way back in the days of Core Design's TR 1 in 1995/1996. If anyone hasnt seen the concept art or TR9 content that has been leaked let me know and I can find a link. But, I am very excited. And...I do love lara so much lol
  2. Hey i was wondering if there was any news that mentions what will be in croft manor... if there is a thread about this already let me know...havent been here for a little bit. thanks -TRFAN
  3. i need 5 empty soul gems first....i now have 4 of them but the last one i have no idea where to get...because i am low on money on the game... i got one from mellisande (the witch by the river that has the cure) her basement....i got another 2 from a display case in choral....and i bought one... that leaves one more soul gem but i dont know where to find it or how to get it because i do not have the money for it. any suggestions?
  4. any news on how the levels are going to go??? 1. multiple levels for each region like TRA/1 - 6 or... 2. like legend one per area
  5. yay...info soon... i agree...dont want them to say too much but i still need more news lol
  6. i need help... has anyone been able to get the cure relatively easily?? any tips or suggestions??? many many thanks as always.
  7. thats not really considered a level IMO, but rather just like a bonus that we can see what they experimented with.
  8. there will not be a demo until like a week or two before the game, maybe even a day or two before. thats what CD did for both legend and anniversary.
  9. i know some people will disagree with me, maybe you guys will though, but I would rather not have kurtis back. I think it was just to add someone in the story that would play a bigger role in AOD part 2 or 3...but since AOD parts 2 and 3 will no longer happen, kurtis has no part in the series anymore.... he didnt do much in AOD so i dont think they really needed him, they could have done away without him.
  10. i agree, i believe it would be more benefical for pickups in TR 8 for secrets instead of just the bronze, silver, or gold medals...hopefully CD will do that.
  11. i agree that side missions within each level would be pretty cool. I like that idea
  12. i dont really like swearing in games too much and i dont think thats the tomb raider style so i hope they dont go overboard
  13. i agree...i didnt notice the music at first, but a tomb raider forum that i was a member of at the time pointed it out... actually thats the main reason why i left that forum...they were way too picky and started to act like jerks and put down CD and CORE all the time and they were just disrespectful. but yea i think the music really fit the environments in legend and it was subtle, however i do agree that there should be more silence...but still of course have music in the game, just in certain parts
  14. i agree with what was said earlier...they should have mostly silence... with some music in the important parts briefly. for example, you are walking down a corridor and suddenly a swinging blade pops out of the wall...that would be a perfect part for music but before and after that part you have silence again. but no music constantly like legend...but with the silence just like crackling sounds or things like that.
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